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Fall Quarterly Sampling

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your interest in the Upper Oconee Watershed Network's event. Each quarter, UOWN organizes volunteers to collect water quality samples from around Athens and provides critical insight to the health of our rivers and streams.

A few notes...

  • Light breakfast and coffee will be provided
  • Please bring shoes that can get wet
  • The event will occur rain or shine
  • No previous experience is necessary

We appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you on the 17th!


Date: 11/17/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm EST

Location: Sandy Creek Nature Center
205 Commerce Rd, Athens, GA 30607

Created by:   Bear Jordan

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Chemical sampling
  27 slots filled - more available
Biologic sampling - For AAS certified volunteers
  28 slots filled - more available
Responses:     Yes: 68     No: 4     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 87     Maybe: 2

YES (68) -  

Nicholas Sutherland (1 guest)

Ann Hollis Sanders (1 guest)

Meg Lemons (1 guest)

Brooke Hollis (2 guests)

Grace Craft (1 guest)

Caralee Bennett (2 guests)

Zubaida Adres (1 guest)

Briana Lesniak-Sellers (1 guest)

Charlie Appleby (1 guest)

Griffin Marchman (1 guest)

Arianna Granski (1 guest)

Chloe Bonds (2 guests)

John McTyre (1 guest)

Sarah Klinect (1 guest)

Sofia Lopez (1 guest)

Laura Dupont (1 guest)

Meera Morrisom (1 guest)

Madison Anderson (1 guest)

Daniel Gragson (1 guest)

Neely Swartz (2 guests)

Victoria Baldor (1 guest)

Zarah Punjwani (1 guest)

Olivia Allen (3 guests)

Chris Allen (1 guest)

Mika Fick (1 guest)

Carson Hulak (1 guest)

Daniel O'Connell (1 guest)

Grace Chester (1 guest)

Keona Stafford (1 guest)

James Kim (1 guest)

Casey Denny (2 guests)

ISABELLA Gonzalez (3 guests)

Sonia (1 guest)

Edie Roche (3 guests)

Rachel Turcios (1 guest)

Nallely Lepiz Madrigal (1 guest)

nancy Escalera (1 guest)

Eric Vela (1 guest)

Cameron Zengo (1 guest)

Shannon Lee (1 guest)

Joseph Feagle (1 guest)

Stephen White (1 guest)

Anna Pinneau (1 guest)

Elizabeth Sheppard (1 guest)

Jay Mrazek (1 guest)

Jamil Sewell (2 guests)

Jamil Sewell (2 guests)

kathy stege (2 guests)

Christopher Hernandez (1 guest)

Madison Breda (1 guest)

Kendall Clay (1 guest)

Dave Christman (2 guests)

Kyle Connelly (1 guest)

Jordan Ricketts (1 guest)

Christofer Zepeda (4 guests)

Adam Cook (1 guest)

Tara Downs (2 guests)

Patrick Russell (1 guest)

Taylor Mendez (1 guest)

Will Crumpacker (1 guest)

Daniel Ergle (1 guest)

Viktoria Kangas (1 guest)

Natalie Jones (1 guest)

Henry Fornuto (1 guest)

Cheonui Park (1 guest)

Abdullah Al Nahian (1 guest)

Alyssa Di Bella (1 guest)

Christina Canellos (1 guest)

NO (4) +  

MAYBE (2) +  

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