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Linton Springs Elementary

Linton Springs Ice Cream Social

Thank you for RSVPing for Linton Springs Elementary's Ice Cream Social.  Please RSVP for as many individual ice creams your family will be getting, siblings welcome. We are looking forward to a fun evening. LSE's PTA

Date: 09/17/2021 (Fri.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm EDT

Location: Linton Springs Black Top

Created by:   Allison Gordon

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 95     No: 4     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 323     Maybe: 8

YES (95) -  

Becky Ronayne (3 guests)

MaryEda Coleman (2 guests)

Abbi Dowd (2 guests)

August Merker (5 guests)

Jamie Compofelice (5 guests)

Jody Jordan (2 guests)

Cindy Drnec (3 guests)

Jen DePaola (3 guests)

Michelle Haran (4 guests)

Steph Rawlings (1 guest)

Jesse Infante (3 guests)

Vera Carmack (3 guests)
1 child

Sara Gavin (3 guests)

Lori Manske (3 guests)

Liz Bauman (4 guests)

Amanda Elder (3 guests)

Alex O'Brien (3 guests)

Camden Shayne (2 guests)

Ashley Scible (4 guests)

Michelle Beasley (2 guests)

Jessica Crawford (4 guests)
4 plus a newborn but she obviously won't be having ice cream haha.

Stephanie Neagle (2 guests)

Kate Trice (4 guests)

Elizabeth Baldwin (4 guests)

The Erbys (4 guests)

Damaris Santiago (Pacak) (5 guests)

Brianna Taylor (5 guests)

Ella Weigle (2 guests)

Katherine Pierce (4 guests)

Deborah Hughes (3 guests)

Erin Jones (4 guests)

Paul Jarosinski (5 guests)
Please make sure you have peanut and tree nut free ice cream and toppings for my grandson, Luke Roland. Thank you.

Nicole Chaney (4 guests)

Katie Fortwengler (4 guests)

Julie Bilohlavek (5 guests)

Henry Strine (2 guests)

Becca Zarrelli (1 guest)

Kristin Schuman (4 guests)

Mary Kay Scheuch (1 guest)

Cara Ciano (3 guests)

Joann Abbott (4 guests)

Kristen McConnell (2 guests)

Amber Bush (3 guests)

Margaret Sarceno (2 guests)

Bryna Schaum (4 guests)

Meghan Kennard (4 guests)

Christina Landsman (6 guests)

Kelly Merchant (4 guests)

Amanda Leedom (2 guests)

Danielle Evans (4 guests)

Lauren Fox (4 guests)

Rosanne Schaeffer (2 guests)

Kelly Gatzke (2 guests)

Emily Bintz (1 guest)
One eating ice cream and 1 parent

Trish Phillips (3 guests)

Alyssa Heser (5 guests)

Laura Delisle (5 guests)

SachinKumar Patel (4 guests)

Laura Martyn (4 guests)

Mel (4 guests)

Emma Hetlyn-Thorne (3 guests)

Christiane Harrell (4 guests)

Yeimary Santos (3 guests)
One of my kids have dairy allergy. Would it be possible to have dairy free ice cream? Thanks

Maria Booker (6 guests)

Laura Vanadio (3 guests)

Heidi Pepin (2 guests)

Julie Lines (2 guests)

The Phelps (2 guests)

Sherri Lively (3 guests)

Jesi Oswiecimka (3 guests)

Gary Bender (2 guests)

Kim Oberheim (4 guests)

Christine Carroll (3 guests)

Carrie Nazelrod (4 guests)

A M (4 guests)

Lindsay Durr (4 guests)

Lee Ann Peterson (5 guests)

The Covers (5 guests)

Katrina Doolin (5 guests)

Sarah Eveler (4 guests)

Sarah Thomas (2 guests)

The Gittermanns (3 guests)

The Stubblefields (3 guests)

Shannon Greenalch (4 guests)

Ashley Mulloy (4 guests)

Alex Hollasch (4 guests)

Megan Vasco (5 guests)

Paige Delenick (3 guests)

Sheri Hudspeth (4 guests)

Rebecca Krage (5 guests)

Jenny Bottamiller (2 guests)

Sarah Crane (4 guests)

Secora Rosebrough (4 guests)

Dawn Bailey (3 guests)

Danielle Warren (3 guests)

NO (4) +  

MAYBE (2) +  

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