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Mitzvah Day 2019

Temple Adat Shalom Family

March 3, 2019 11:15-2:30

Thank you for your interest in Mitzvah Day 2019.  Our theme this year is helping the homeless.  You can either give ahead via our Mitzvah Day Drives, Donate money via this link https://www.adatshalom.com/payment.php?payment_type=donate&donation_type_id=5347218 or sign-up to help out that day.  OR, you can do all three.  If you have any general questions, please feel free to contact one of our co-chairs:

Robin Daus: 858-354-2288 [email protected]

Allison Weisman: 858-395-4094 [email protected]


Mitzvah day Drives for everyone—bring in on Mitzvah day or drop off at TAS prior

            Toiletries— Help us collect men’s and women’s toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, razors and shaving cream, small sewing kits. There is a collection box in the TAS courtyard.

            Canned or dry dog food

            Cosmetics for teenage girls

            New socks (for our Bags of Hope)

            Single old socks (for the dog and cat toys)

   Canned or boxed food for the homeless



Projects --   Leader will contact you before Mitzvah Day with more details. 


 1. JFS Safe Parking Dinner —JFS provides a safe place for overnight parking for the newly homeless as well as a nightly dinner for about 60 people. We will be making them a nutritious dinner as well as needing people to help serve later this evening. Sign up for one or both tasks.

               Ages--10+ to cook, 15 participants

            2nd sign-up to serve 5-8 pm, must have own transportation to JFS on Balboa Ave (8804 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92123), 7+ with parent, 10 participants.  

            Leaders—Carol Blumenthal [email protected] and Irene Kneeter [email protected]

     2. Bags of hope—Join our 7th graders in preparing bags with toiletries, food and drink for people living on the streets. These bags will be distributed to families attending Mosad Shalom to give to homeless people.

                Ages—all, with adult if under 8, 15 participants

            Leader—Nancy Flexer [email protected]


     3. TASTY event--Do you like cats and dogs? If so, this project is for you. Help our TASTY and Jr. TASTY group make cat and dog toys for shelter animals. Bring canned or dry dog food donations also and we will bag them up for the shelter as well as the JFS Safe Parking participants

               Ages—TASTY, Jr. TASTY and all ages, 20 participant

Leaders—Sam, [email protected] and Kira, [email protected]



 4. Blood donation—Give us an hour of your precious time and you will give someone else the gift of a lifetime! Donate blood on Mitzvah Day by signing up ahead of time at redcrossblood.org.

                 Ages--17+ or 16 with parental consent

               Leaders—Cara Haberman [email protected] and Diane Arocha, [email protected]



 5. Temple Beautification-- Come and help us plant succulents at the entry and exit of our beloved TAS. Wear a hat, bring sunscreen, gloves, a water bottle and general gardening tools if you have them. With your help, our temple grounds will look spectacular!

                 Ages—13+, 20 participants

            Leaders—Greg Gocal [email protected] and Keith Liker [email protected]

      6. Knitting hats Calling all knitters and crocheters! We will be making warm hats to give to our homeless community. Bring knitting needles and crochet hooks if you have them and we will supply the yarn. You can even start knitting now and bring your finished or partly finished projects to Mitzvah Day.

Ages 6+, 15 participants

Leaders--Janet Pollack [email protected] and Jeannie Liberman [email protected]

      7. Toiletry bags for ICS— Everyone can help on this project as we bag up the toiletries that we all bring for ICS. Please save large and small toiletries to bring for this project

            Ages—all, 20 participants (10 kid, 10 adult)

            Leader—Jessica Charton and Stella Read [email protected]


     8. No Sew blankets -- Help make a lovely no-sew blanket to give to our less fortunate brothers and sisters at the Polinsky Center, to show that we care. The project involves the use of sharp scissors that can cut through thick material, so this job is not intended for small, young children. However, they are welcome to participate with parents as the project involves an easy-to-do task like tying knots once an adult cuts the fringes.


  Ages--6+ with adult, 10 adults, 10 kids

Leader—Angelica Teal, [email protected]



     9. Sack lunches for ICS-- We will be making approximately 200 sack lunches for ICS participants. Kids will also decorate the paper bags we put the lunches in so come with your creativity!

                  Ages--5+ with adult, 15 participants for making lunches

            Ages 2+ for decorating bags, 15 participants

            Leaders—Adam and Rayna Colton, [email protected]


      10. Cards of Support-- Everyone is welcome to make a card of support, or 2 or 3, to show the people at ICS and the JFS Safe Parking program that we care about them.

Ages—all, 20 participants + anyone else if they finish their other project early

Leader—Lauren Milana, [email protected]

       11. Menchtones at Seacrest--David Garstang and Cantor will lead the Menchtones to sing for our friends at a local retirement home.



            Suggested donation of $5 per person, $20 per family to help cover costs of materials for our projects.

To donate money, please click here: https://www.adatshalom.com/payment.php?payment_type=donate&donation_type_id=5347218


Date: 03/03/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:15am - 2:30pm PST

Location: Temple Adat Shalom

Created by:  Mindy Shanes
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Available Slot

JFS Safe Parking Cooking (15)

Ages 10+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

6 of 15 slots filled
  Jill Rappaport
  Dee ChristianScher (2)
  Dena Stein
  Deborah Kukrej (2)

JFS Safe Parking Serving (8804 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92123) (10)

Ages 7+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

All slots filled
  stefanie goldstein (2)
  Robin Halter
  Dee ChristianScher (2)
  Andrew Roth (2)
  Teri Mattal-Grady (2)
  Deborah Kukreja

Creating Bags of Hope (toiletry bags) (15)

All ages (Please sign up each participant separately)

5 of 15 slots filled
  Linda Frabl
  Deborah Kukreja
  Hiroko Goldstein
  Daniel Goldstein
  Julie Goren

TASTY Event (20)

All ages (Please sign up each participant separately)

7 of 20 slots filled
  Bram and Sandrine Silvestri (2)
we have to leave early
  Owen Seidenwurm
  Cece Goren
  Izzy Wolf
Soooo excited!
  Kira Degelsmith
  Sarah Goldstein

Blood Drive (20)

Ages 17+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

4 of 20 slots filled
  Jerry Rivas
Signed up for 10:45am red cross blood appt
  Rosemarie Litoff
  Greg Ninberg
  Juliet Goren

Temple Beautification (20)

Ages 13+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

3 of 20 slots filled
  Susan Lipson (2)
Will these tasks occur at different times so we can do both?
  Jerry Rivas

Knitting Hats (15)

Ages 6+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

5 of 15 slots filled
  Deborah Seibert
  Quan Greenberg
Is qty hats or people? I knitted 3 hats so far & will continue
  Sarah Shemirani
  Ruth Leiderman
  Marlene Garstang

Toiletry Bags (Kids) (10)

Kids (Please sign up each participant separately)

1 of 10 slots filled
  Rebecca Monarch
Adam Monarch

Toiletry Bags (Adults) (10)

Adults (Please sign up each participant separately)

4 of 10 slots filled
  Susan Lipson (2)
Will these tasks occur at different times so we can do both?
  Elaine Magid
  Norman Magid

No-Sew Blankets (Kids) (10)

Kids ages 6+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

4 of 10 slots filled
  Sharon Stanford
  Miriam Cohen
As discussed, 2nd grade participants will rotate between the age appropriate stations together as a group. Estimated time in 1 station is 15-20 minutes.
  Rebecca Monarch
Ryan Monarch
  Jessica Clark
Alannah Clark

No-Sew Blankets (Adults) (10)

Adults (Please sign up each participant separately)


Making Sack Lunches for ICS (15)

Ages 5+ (Please sign up each participant separately)

8 of 15 slots filled
  Andrea Lizerbram
  Shari White
  Evan White
  Noah White
  Lon White
  Barbara Marcus
Inviting the 6th grade class to participate together on this project
  Jessica Clark
  Elianna Ninberg

Decorating Sack LunchBags for ICS (15)

Ages 2+ (Please sign up each participant separately)


Making Cards of Support (20)

(Please sign up each participant separately)

1 of 20 slots filled
  Lorraine Thall

Menschtones (for members only) (12)

For Menschtones members only (Please sign up each participant separately)

2 of 12 slots filled
  Larry Pollack
  Jeffrey Frank

Teen Band (for members only) (6)

For Teen Band members only (Please sign up each participant separately)

3 of 6 slots filled
  Jonathan Levine
  Emma Litoff (2)
I (Julie Litoff) will come with Emma.

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