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McFarlin Missions & Community Outreach

Angel Tree 2020

Welcome to the 2020 McFarlin Virtual Angel Tree!  Thank you in advance for sharing joy with a child this Christmas!


Please note:  If you have trouble navigating the Virtual Angel Tree, and simply want a child or children assigned to you, please contact Scott Meier ([email protected] or 405-819-4363, call or text)


There are 3 ways to give gifts for a child:

  • BUY:  Choose and child and then you can buy gifts at any store for that child.  When you are finished purchasing, bring the gifts to the church (UNWRAPPED).  Make sure YOUR NAME and the sponsored CHILD'S NAME is marked on the gifts where it can easily be seen. Purchasing gift cards for your child is okay.  Gifts need to be to McFarlin by Thursday, December 17.


  • ORDER:  Choose a child and then you can order gifts online and have them shipped to McFarlin.  If you use this option, make sure gifts arrive by Thursday, December 17.  If you use this option, please have packages sent to:
    • Your Name
    • c/o McFarlin United Methodist Church
    • 419 S. University Blvd.
    • Norman, Oklahoma 73069


  • DONATE:  You can make a donation and we will have someone buy the gifts for a child on the Angel Tree.  To make a donation go to www.mcfarlinumc.org/giving . Click the link to Give Online, and make the Angel Tree account.


  • DONATE 2:  You can also send a check to McFarlin UMC (PO Box 6390, Norman, OK 73070), Attn:  Scott Meier.  Put "Angel Tree" in the memo line.



Scott Meier, director of missions and community outreach // [email protected] , 405-819-4363 (call or text)

Created by:   Scott Meier
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Available Slot

Hunter...1 year old boy (Family #1)

PANTS: 18 mo; SHIRT: 18mo; SHOES: 5; WANTS: Toys for 18 month old boy; Fisher Price Laugh and Learn; Pampers Size 5 and wipes; V-Tech Turn and Learn Driver, learning toy and car; Little Tykes 3 in 1 Sports Zone

Ann Bower

Madison...13 year old girl (Family #1)

PANTS: 6 Women; SHIRTS: Small Adult; SHOES: 7.5 Womens; WANTS: Gift Card for make-up; Inuyasha Sesshomaru Patterns Mini Backpack (at Hot Topic); Inuyasha Kirara Throw Blanket (at Hot Topic); My Hero Academia Character Grid Fashion Facemask (at Hot Topic)

Charis Freeman

Jaylynn...10 year old girl (Family #1)

PANTS: Large; SHIRT: Adult Large; SHOES: 6 Wide; WANTS: Black leggings (adult large); Apple Gift Card; Black Mini Back Pack Purse

Jennifer Woods

Taty'ana...13 year old girl (Family #2)

PANTS: Size 7; SHIRT: Medium; SHOES: Women's 8; WANTS: Roblox Gift Card; Pajama Set; Foldable Fan; Pink Neon Lights for Bedroom

Sarah Oelke

Rycki...12 year old girl (Family #2)

PANTS: 5; SHIRT: Medium; SHOES: Women's 7; WANTS: Weighted blanket; "Friends" Coffee Mug; "Coca-Cola" Hoodie; Roblox Gift Card

Teddi Herr

Kamyrah...12 year old girl (Family #24)

PANTS: XL; SHIRT: 16 (youth size); SHOES: 8.5; WANTS: Socks, underwear, deoderant (spray), rubberbands for hair, coat, gloves, hat, body spray, earrings, likes "Spongebob"

Missy Louy

Jeremy...16 year old boy (Family #23)

PANTS: 32/34; SHIRT: Large; WANTS: Blanket

Laura Lauchner

Leland...13 year old boy (Family #23)

PANTS: Medium; SHIRT: XL; SHOES: 8.5; WANTS: Basketball, Bean Bag, Tablet

Dennis Hutton

Aiyana...12 year old girl (Family #23)

PANTS: Medium or 7; SHIRT: 7 Junior; SHOES: 5; WANTS: Coat, Bean Bag, Tablet

Cindy Bradley
Does she want a bean bag like a Jacky sack or a bean bag chair?

Hunter...5 year old boy (Family #23)

PANTS: 5; SHIRT: 5; SHOES: 12; WANTS: Basketball, games

Ethan Becker

Harmony...8 year old girl (Family #11)

PANTS: 12; SHIRT: 12; SHOES: 5 (adult); WANTS: LOL Artist Set, My Life Make-Up Set, loves monsters

Sarah Oelke

Chailyn...13 year old girl

PANTS: 8/10 womens; SHIRT: M/L; SHOES: 10 womens; WANTS: Clothes, Queen Size Soft Blanket, Jacket (large)

Alex Laney

Briley...6 year old little girl (Family #10)

Family wants you to know this little girl is autistic. PANTS: 10/12; SHIRT: 10/12; SHOES: 2; WANTS: Leggings, Likes to Draw, Colored pencils, Likes Dinasaurs, Gift Card

Laura Lauchner

Naomi...7 year old girl (Family #14)

PANTS: 12; SHIRT: 12; SHOES 2; WANTS: Your Zone Rainbow Unicorn Pink Bed Set in Twin Size, Hatchimals Pixie, Crystal Flyers, Jenga Classic, Lego Jurassic Park, Care Bear Plush Purple, Minecraft Chicken Coop

Lane Krattiger
Krattiger, MacDonald, Vahlberg

Rudolph 2...a 7 year old girl

PANT: 7/8; SHIRT 7/8; SHOES: 1; WANTS: Baby dolls, LOL Dolls, Any Surprise Eggs, Arts & Crafts Supplies, Baby Alive, Waterproof Wrist Watch, Jojo Siwa Twin Size Comfort, Safe (Locking Safe)ers and Sheet Set,

Sue Swenson

Rudolph 1...10 year old boy

PANT: 10/12; SHIRT: 10/12; SHOES: 4.5; WANTS: Legos, Robots, Drones, Skateboard, 2 Xbox 360 Controllers, Electric Scooter, Waterproof Wrist Watch

Cara/Harper McCarty

Cindy Lou Who...7 year old girl

PANTS: 14/16; SHIRT 14/16; SHOES: 2; WANTS: Unicorns, Mermaids, Board Games, Wireless Remote Control Car

Sue Swenson

Star...10 year old girl

PANTS: 8; SHIRT: 8; SHOES: 3; WANTS: Board Games, Scooter, Board Games, Books

Sue Swenson

Wreath...5 year old boy

PANTS: 4T or 5T (adjustable waist if possible, he is tall and slim); SHIRT: XS or 5T; SHOES: 12; WANTS: Loves Super Heros, Ryan Toy Review, Roblox, Nerf Guns, Crossbow, Black Panther Claws, Twin Size Bedding, Nintendo Switch

Sue Swenson

Jack Frost 2...9 year old boy

PANTS: 12/14; SHIRT: 12/14; SHOES: 6 youth (7 men); WANTS: Likes to read, like Captain Underpants, Likes Dogman, Likes Goodbumps, Nerf Guns, Magnetic Building Blocks, Remote Control Airplane

Sue Swenson

Jack Frost 1...11 year old boy

PANTS: 14/16 Husky; SHIRT: 14/16 Husky; SHOES: 6 youth; Disney's Descendants, Disney's Zombies, Lilo and Stitch, Skates, Easy Bake Oven, Slime Maker

Kathleen Combs

Ashley...10 year old girl

PANTS: Large; SHIRT: Large; SHOE: 8; WANTS: Bicycle; Doll; Kitchen set; Black pants; Red shirt; Black shoes; White socks; Black belt

Cara/Harper McCarty

Eduardo...11 year old boy

PANTS: 14; SHIRT: Small; SHOES: 6; WANTS: Soccer ball; Basketball; Volleyball; Skateboard; Jacket; Shirts; Pants; Nike shoes; Socks; Winter gloves

Belinda and Gary Frost

Joy...10 year old girl

PANTS: 14; SHIRT: 14; SHOES: 9 (women's); WANTS: Like Unicorns, String Art Kit, My Secret's Safe, Snap Circuits Light Set, Dream Catcher

Judi Freyer

Candy Cane 1...10 year old girl

PANTS: 12; SHIRT: 14; SHOES: 7; WANTS: Drawing kit, Bath & Body Words Lotions, Markers, Journal

Dana Morlock

Candy Cane 2...7 year old boy

PANTS: 10/11; SHIRTS: Large (boys); SHOES: 5; WANTS: Legos, Building Blocks, Pokemon Things, Avengers Things

Jackie Engleman

Tinsel...5 year old girl

PANTS: 6T; SHIRT: 6T; SHOES: 1 youth; WANTS: Like Frozen Movie Things, Kinetic Sand, Arts & Crafts, Barbie Items, Barbie House or Castle, Barbie Dolls, Elsa Frozen Dress and Shoes, Frozen Toys, Play Doh, Barbie Themed Backpack, Barbie Themed Clothing

Meredith DeMerchant

Jolly 1...8 year old boy

PANTS: 10/12 (Large); SHIRT: 10/12 (Large); SHOES: 4 youth; PS4 Call of Duty Black-Ops Cold War Game, PS4 Minecraft Game, PS4 Fortnite Game

Lynne Driver
Driver Famy

Jolly 2...5 year old girl

PANTS: 6-6X; SHIRT: 6-6X; SHOES: 12.5; WANTS: My Life Doll Bunkbed, My Life Personal Transporter, My Life Wardrobe, My Life Clothes, My Life Matching Outfits, My Life Horse

Sara Spurlock

Holly...9 year old girl

PANTS: 12/14; SHIRT: 14; SHOES: 4; WANTS: Loves to paint and read; Slime, Art Set, Clothing, Bike, Roller Skates

Abby Yeary

Falalalala...11 year old girl

PANTS: 16 girls; SHIRTS: 18 girls or Medium Women's; SHOES: 5.5; WANTS: Barbies, Arts & Crafts, Skincare, Loom Bracelet Set, Barbie Car or Accessaries, Legos, Headphones, 5 Surpise. Does Not Like Baby Dolls and Disney Princesses

Lindsay Hawkins

Santa...a 12 year old boy

PANTS: 34 x 30 men's; SHIRT: Men's XL; SHOES: 6 Men's; WANTS: Winter Coat, Lego Harry Potter PS4 Game, Lego Incredibles PS4 Game, Pokemon Books, Spiderman Far From Home Movie

Lilian Dixon

Elf 3...6 year old girl

PANTS: 7/8; SHIRT: 7/8, Medium; SHOES: 11; WANTS: LOL Dolls, Barbie, Make Up

Kristi Cooper
Kristi Cooper

Elf 2...7 year old boy

PANTS: 7/8; SHIRT: 7/8 Medium; SHOES: 3; WANTS: Dragons, Dinosaurs, Godzilla

Sue Swenson

Elf 1...11 year old girl

PANTS: 10/12; SHIRTS: Large or 10/12; SHOES: 4; WANTS: Art Supplies, Big Kid Skates, Clothing. Favorite Color is Blue

Kristi Cooper
Kristi Cooper

Stocking...9 year old boy

PANTS: 16 (athletic Style, no buttons); SHIRTS: 16; SHOES: 7.5 mens; WANTS: Play Station 4 Games, Hot Wheels, Nerf Gun

Teddi Herr

Deck The Halls...10 year old boy

PANTS: 16 Husky; SHIRT: 14/16; SHOES: 6; WANTS: Bicycle, Jacket, Transformers and Marvel Super Hero Action Figures, Magic Pad, Magic Tricks, Legos, Marvel Backpack, Marvel Waterbottle, Books, Art Supplies

Cara/Harper McCarty

ChaLia...16 year old girl (Family #41)

PANTS: 11 junior; SHIRT: Medium; SHOES: 12 womens, 9.5 mens; WANTS: Bath and Body Works, men's skates, Favorite Color Purple, scarf, hat, gloves, socks, underwear (Size 8), lavendar full size comforter set, pajamas

Christina Behrmann

Lahnecia...14 year old girl (Family #41)

PANTS: 1-2; SHIRT: Small; SHOES: 6.5 or 7; WANTS: Bath and Body Works, body pillow, lava lamp, Favorite Color Blue, scarf, hat, gloves, underwear (14 kids), pajamas, Ugg Furr Boots, Journeys Gift Card, Slime and Squishes, all white twin comforter set

Christina Behrmann

KeAriah...11 year old girl (Family #41)

PANTS: 14/16; SHIRT: Small; SHOES: 8; WANTS: Bath and Body Works, Body Pillow, Lava Lamp, Favorite Color Pink, Scarf, Hat, Gloves, Underwear (14 kids); Ugg Furr Boots, Jouneys Gift Card, Bamboo Long Board, Slime and Squishes

Christina Behrmann

Levi...17 year old boy (Family #41)

PANTS: Large; SHIRT: Large; SHOES: 10 mens; WANTS: Men's Bath and Body Works, Pajamas, Socks and Underwear (Large), Robe, House Shoes, Favorite Color Red, Likes Wearing Jogger and Sweat Pants, OU Hoody, Tools

Karen Thurston

Marceline...6 year old girl

PANTS: 8; SHIRT: M (8); SHOES: 13; WANTS: Shirts (long-sleeve), Winter Coat, Hat, Gloves, Tennis Shoes, Barbies, Baby Dolls, Doll House, Hair Clips, Hair Ties, Headbands

Rick & Fannie Davis

Xavier...10 year old boy

PANTS: 10; SHIRT: Medium; SHOES: 3.5 / 4; WANTS: Minecraft, Fortnite, Kermit the Frog Stuff, Pants, Long-Sleeve Shirts, Winter Coat, Gloves, Hat, Tennis Shoes, Kermit the Frog Puppet, Legos, Beyblades Set

Traci Kay

Lillie...11 year old girl

PANTS: Women's Medium; SHIRT: Women's Large; SHOES: 9.5 women's; WANTS: Board Games (Life or Sorry), Art Supplies, Black Leggings, T-Shirts or Casual Shirts, Winter Coat, Black or Grey Converse Shoes, Barbie Dolls & Accessories, Play Doh, Colored Pencils,

Caroline Trommels
Morgan hager, melinda russell, and Caroline trommels

Adrien...4 year old boy

PANTS: 5-6; SHIRTS: 5-6; SHOES: 1; WANTS: Cars, books, Coat, Shoes, Belt, Socks, Fornite, Roblox, Paw Patrol, Mario Brothers, Dinosaurs, Bike, Nerf Gun

Lindsay Hawkins

James...a 5 year old boy (Family #30)

PANTS: 6T; SHIRT: 6T; SHOES: 8 Boys; WANTS: PJs, Socks, Toys that Light Up, Batteries, There Is a Blue Bear That Lights Up (Can't think of what is it called)

Hailey Hopper

Jonathan...5 year old boy

PANTS: 6T; SHIRTS: 6T; SHOES 12.5; WANTS: Nerf Stuff, Bow & Arrows

Nancy Hudson

Ryker...10 year old boy

Does Not Need Clothing; WANTS: Remote Control Car, Likes Spongebob, Likes Garfield the Cat

Melinda Russell

Kinsi...10 year old girl

PANTS: 10/12; SHIRT: Youth Medium; SHOES: 7.5; WANTS: Board Games, Watch, Hair Accessories

Mary Elizabeth and Sloane Mach

Braden...4 year old boy

PANTS: 4T; SHIRT: 4T; SHOES: 9 youth; WANTS: Books (cowboy), Toy Dumptruck, Sandbox, Football, Western Hat

Mary Elizabeth and Sloane Mach

Hank...1 year old boy

PANTS: 3T; SHIRT: 3T; SHOES: Not Needed; WANTS: Western Hat, Small Toy Trucks, Football, Diapers (Size 3)

Meredith DeMerchant

Ryker...6 month old boy

Does Not Need Clothing or Shoes; WANTS: Small Western Hall, Rubber Ball, Toys, Books, Diapers and Wipes

Meredith DeMerchant

Billye...11 year old girl

PANTS: 12/13; SHIRT: Large; SHOES: 8; WANTS: Jeans, Earrings, Necklace, Jewelry Box

Meredith DeMerchant

Cherokee...12 year old girl

PANTS: 12/13; SHIRT: XL; SHOES: 9.5; WANTS: Western Hat, Movies About Horses or Cars, OU Hoodie, Boot Socks (size 9-11), Pearl Snap Shirt, Hair Brush

Lynne Driver
Driver Family

Snowman...a 6 year old boy

PANTS: 7; SHIRT: 5; SHOES: 12; WANTS: Legos, Toys, Clothing, Shoes

Stephanie Chapman

Ornament 1...a 8 year old boy

PANTS: 16/18; SHIRT: 16/18; SHOES: 4; WANTS: Five Nights At Freddy's, Alien, WWE Character "The Miz"; Minecraft

Stephanie Chapman

Ornament 2...a 7 year old girl

PANTS: 18; SHOES: 16/18; SHOES: 5 Women; WANT: Glowing Fidget Spinner, Box of Pokeman Cards, Tablet

Britney Welch
Britney Welch

Paisley...6 year old girl (Family #20)

PANTS: 7-8; SHIRT: 7/8; SHOES: 13 youth; WANTS: Baby Dolls, Princess Stuff, My Little Pony

Scott Meier

Dale...18 year old boy (Family #42)

Angel Tree Donations

Dylan...16 year old boy (Family #42)

Angel Tree Donations

Claudia...8 year old girl

PANTS: 12; SHIRT: 10/12; SHOES 6 womens; WANTS: Pants, Shirt, Coat, Shoes, Barbies, LOL Dolls, Toy Dogs, Books, Puzzles, Unicorns, Games, Bike, Diary

Kelli Bryan
Anna and Nora

Mechelle...7 year old girl

PANTS: 10/12; SHIRT: 10/12; SHOES: 5 womens; WANTS: LOL Dolls, Books, Pants, Shirts, Socks, Coat, Frozen things, Barbies, Mermaids, Bike, Diary

Meagan Barr

Zander...12 year old boy

PANTS: XL (no jeans, just sweat pants); SHIRT: XL; SHOES: 10; WANTS: Sweat pants, shirt, shoes with no laces, Among Us Plushie, Remote Control Car, Craft Supplies, Robots, Thigns to Put Together, Science Kit, Arts and Crafts Supplies

Angel Tree Donations

Landon...9 year old boy

PANTS: 10/12; SHIRT: 10/12; SHOES: 4; WANTS: Pants, shirts, gloves, hat, coat, Lego Sets (Harry Potter, Lego City, Starwars, Minecraft), Hot Wheels, Remote Control Helicopter

Karen Tobey

Melina...9 year old girl

PANTS: 16; SHIRT: XL; SHOES: 4.5; WANTS: Make up, soccer stuff, Art Supplies, Pants, Shirts, Dress, LOL Dolls, Barbies, Slime

Beth Sparks

Twinkle Lights...6 year old boy

PANTS: 6/7; SHIRT: 7/8; SHOES: 2; WANTS: Snuggle Buddy Sleep Sack, Scooter, Paint / Art Set; Binoculars

Kelli Bryan
Asher and Tai

Zayden...5 year old boy (Family #8)

Angel Tree Donations

Zarion...2 year old boy (Family #8)

Angel Tree Donations

Alli...14 year old girl (Family #21)

PANTS: Jr. 00/0; SHIRT: Jr. Small; SHOES: 6 womens; WANTS: Folding Chair for desk, Oil Diffuser, Cricut Stuff, Clothes, Perfume, Eye Shadow, Jewelry

Yvonne Maloan

Gavin...13 year old boy (Family #21)

PANTS: Medium, 32/32; SHIRTS: Men's Medium; SHOES: Men's 9: WANTS: Hoodie; Linen Joggers, Game Exchange or Walmart Gift Card

Rhonda Gentry

Bradyn...11 year old boy (Family #21)

PANTS: 10; SHIRT: 12; SHOES: 3/4; WANTS: Bigger Size Lego Set, Model Car, Plasma Ball, Experiments (science set), Small Robot to Build

Art Stroup

Blake...8 year old boy (Family #21)

PANTS: 7; SHIRTS: 8/10; SHOES: 2; WANTS: Minecraft Lego Set, Bendy Figure, Nerf gun, Roblox, WWE - Starwars - Pokemon

Kelly Cook
Brett and Kelly Cook

Jackson...7 year old boy (Family #21)

PANTS: 7; SHIRTS: 8; SHOES: 1; WANTS: Drone, Bendy Figure, Nerf Gun, DVD Player, Beyblades, FGTV, Fortnite

Kelly Cook
Brett and Kelly Cook

Cassidy...18 year old girl (Family #21)

PANTS: 18; SHIRT; 2X; SHOES: Do not need; WANTS: Illuminated Bible (Old Testament), Small Mini Fridge, Clothes

Kelly Cook
Brett and Kelly Cook

Baya...8 year old girl (Family #4)

PANTS: 7 youth; SHIRT: 7/8 youth; SHOES: 13 youth; WANTS: Likes Purses, Make Up Kits, Hair Accessories, Journal, Stationary

Lee Hall

Ava...4 year old girl (Family #4)

PANTS: 5 youth; SHIRTS: 5 youth; SHOES: 11 youth; WANTS: Little Calico Critters, Cupcake Dolls, Little Tiny Toys, Small Bicycle

Terah Devine

Harmony...4 year old girl (Family #3)

PANTS: 6/7x; SHIRTS: 6/7x; SHOES: 9 youth; WANTS: Clothing, My Little Pony, Unicorns, Soft Blanket and pillow

Jennifer Woods

Aubrey...13 year old girl (Family #3)

No Clothing Or Shoes Needed; WANTS: Art Supplies (Specifically painting supplies), Crochet, Hair Accessories

Leslie Long

Serenity...2 year old girl (Family #3)

No Clothing or Shoes Needed...WANTS: Educational Books and Toys, Dolls, Age-appropriate Toys, Soft Blanket or Throw

Jennifer Woods

Josiah...13 year old boy (Family #6)

PANTS: 34; SHIRT: Adult Large; SHOES: 8 Mens; WANTS: Sweat Pants, Pajamas, Board Games (Uno), PS4 Cards (Football)

Kelly Cook
Brett and Kelly Cook

Julien...12 year old boy (Family #6)

PANTS: 14; SHIRT: 14/16; SHOES: 6; WANTS: PS4 Card (Baseball), Pajamas, Ear Buds

Chuck & Kelley Lackey
Chuck & Kelley Lackey

Kyrah...14 year old girl (Family #6)

PANTS: 4; SHIRT: 16/18; SHOES: 6; WANTS: White and Black T-Shirts, Black and Gray Sweat Pants, Socks, Crocs Size 6 Purple

Kathleen Combs

Davion...11 year old boy (Family #6)

PANTS: 14; SHIRT: 14/16; SHOES: 5/6; WANTS: PS4 Gift Card (basketball), Black Crocs, Sports Gloves, Socks, Hat and Gloves, Pajamas

Chuck & Kelley Lackey
Chuck & Kelley Lackey

Markee...8 year old boy (Family #7)

PANTS: 10 Boys; SHIRT: Medium Boys; SHOES: 2 Boys; WANTS: Bike (16 inch) or Hoverboard, Legos, Race Car Track, Basketball, Football, Hot Wheels, Board Games

Sara Housley

Zariah...6 year old girl (Family #7)

PANTS: 12 girls; SHIRT: Large Girls; SHOES: 3 Girls; WANTS: Easy Bake Oven, LOL Boom Box, LOL Dolls, Anything LOL, 16-Inch Bike or Electric Scooter, Any Board Games, Watch, Camera

Rebecca Rigsby

Sean...14 year old boy (Family #7)

PANTS: 38 Men; SHIRT: XXL Mens; SHOES: None Needed; WANTS: 2X Joggers Pants, Watch, Men's Cologne, Play Station Gift Card, Uno Game

Maryann Merritt

Blayke...7 year old boy (Family #32)

PANTS: 6/8; SHIRT: 6/8; SHOES: Does Not Need; WANTS: Playdoh Set, Light Up Bowling Set, Legos, Football, Basketball

Cindy Bradley

Kelik...14 year old boy (Family #50)

PANTS: Mens Large; SHIRT: Men's Large; SHOES: Mens 10; WANTS: Stuff to put on his skateboard (stickers), Skateboarder Posters, OU Stuff (especially football), Clothing (no jeans), Sweatpants / joggers, Pants, Coat, Walmart Gift Card

Rockford/Elizabeth Johnson

Jamie Annette...17 year old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: Womens 3/5; SHIRT: Womens Medium; SHOES: Womens 7; WANTS: Black Skinny Jeans, Make Up, Ulta Gift Card, Coat, Walmart Gift Card

Mary Ensey

Avahree...6 year old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: 5/6; SHIRT: 5/6; SHOES: 12; WANTS: Frozen Stuff, Big Girl Bike, Clothing, Shoes, Coat, Toys

Mary Ensey

Owen...6 year old boy (Family #50)

PANTS: 6; SHIRT: 6; SHOES: Boys 2; WANTS: Jumpy/Flippy Remote Control Car, Clothing, Coat, Shoes

Maryann Merritt

Ryker...4 year old boy (Family #50)

PANTS: 3T - 4T; SHIRT: 3T - 4T; SHOES: 10 kids; WANTS: Sports stuff, soccer ball, Bike and Helmet, Clothing, Shoes, Coat

Julie Carlson
Julie & Brian Carlson

Jaeleigh...3 month old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: 3 - 6 month; SHIRTS: 3 - 6 months; SHOES: Tiny; WANTS: Dresses, Messy Girl, Socks, Bows, Clothing, Baby Toys, Diapers (size 3 or 4), Wipes

Tomee Andrews

Isabella...14 month old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: 12 - 18 months; SHIRTS: 12 - 18 months; SHOES: 3 - 4 kids; WANTS: Dresses, Uniform Bears, Peppy Pig, Clothing, Shoes, Coat

Devin Couch

Tinley...19 month old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: 3T; SHIRTS: 3T; SHOES: 7 kids; WANTS: T-Ball Set, Baby Doll, Clothing, Shoes, Coat

Devin Couch

Leigha...16 year old girl (Family #50)

PANTS: 0 - 3; SHIRTS: Womens Medium; SHOES: 8.5; WANTS: Jeans, Tennis Shoes, Make Up, Walmart Gift Card

Sara Housley

Rudolph 3...4 year old boy

Angel Tree Donations

Rudolph 4...1 year old boy

Angel Tree Donations

Jolly 3...2 year old girl

PANTS: 3T; SHIRT: 3T; SHOES: 7 toddler; WANTS: Google Play Gift Card for Educational Games, Baby Doll Crib (for 18" doll), Double Stroller (for 18" doll), Bunk Bed (for 18" doll), Rocking Chair (to rock her baby doll in)


Gingerbread 1...9 year old boy

PANTS: 10; SHIRTS: 10; SHOES: 3; WANTS: Slime Kits, Art Supplies, Stem Kits

Sara Housley

Gingerbread 3...3 year old boy

PANTS: 4T; SHIRT: 4T; SHOES 9/10; WANTS: Disney Cars, Toy Horses

Kellehers/ for Bob Staples

Gingerbread 2...11 year old boy

PANTS: 16 or Adult Small; SHIRT: 16 or Adult Small; SHOES: 7; WANTS: Clothes, Socks, Undershirts, Boxers, Beanie (Champion, Adidas, or Nike)

Carol Whiteside

Ashley...10 year old girl

PANTS: Large; SHIRT: Large; SHOES: 8; WANTS; Black pants, red shirt, black shoes, white socks, black belt, bike, doll, kitchen set

Kristin Smithmier
Community Sunday School Class

Xiomara...4 year old girl

PANTS: 4T; SHIRT: 4T; SHOES: 10; WANTS: Likes red, blue, pink, and black; pants, shirts, unicorn skateboard, Barbie playhouse, Baby Doll that Cries


Anderson...9 year old boy

PANTS: 8; SHIRT: 8; SHOES: 4; WANTS: Shirts, Pants, Soccer ball, Skateboard, Like Paw Patrol


Vivek...18 year old boy

Angel Tree Donations

Sarek...17 year old boy

Angel Tree Donations

Eva...15 year old girl

Angel Tree Donations

Jack Frost 3...12 year old girl

PANTS: 10/12; SHIRTS: 10/12; SHOES: 6.5; WANTS: Art Supplies, Bluetooth Ear Buds, Black Skirt, Bluetooth Speaker

Brittany Karfonta
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