Through the Looking Glass 2019 WCA Benefit Gala

Candy Bar Donation

Please help us create an amazing Candy Bar for the 2019 Benefit Gala by donating a bag of candy.  Guests at the gala will be able to fill up a bag of candy to enjoy or take home.  All items need to be turned in to the elementary school office by March 15th.  Students will receive a FREE DRESS DAY for the donated items.  When turning in candy, students will receive a free dress day pass from Paula at the front desk.  Free dress day is scheduled for Monday, March 18th.  Remember, for every $10 donated you earn 1 volunteer hour.

Most items can be found in bulk on,, Costco and Sam's Club.  You can use the link in the item description for specific items if needed. 

Created by:   Kim Penn
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Available Slot

Jolly Ranchers (5)

5 lb bag -

All slots filled
Dana Smithers (2)
Tina Kolb (2)
Tanya Filsinger

Skittles (5)

2 lb bag or larger -

All slots filled
Amy Overton (2)
2, 2 lb bags
Marci Bagley (2)
2 2lb bags
Stephanie Dionne

M&M's (5)

2 lb bag or larger

All slots filled
Tara Weber (2)
Lori Johnson (2)
Grace Davis

Jelly Beans (10)

Prefer solid colors

All slots filled
Lee Bliss (2)
Stephanie Dionne (2)
Getting 1 lb cherry, 1 lb lemon
Christina Werner (3)
Nicole Reynolds (3)

Lemon Heads (5)

1 lb bag or larger -

All slots filled
Kelly Paiz
Kelly Paiz (3)
Joy Tupper

Rock Candy Lollipops (10)

One dozen packs -

2 of 10 slots filled
Stacey Chamberlain (2)

Old Fashion Stick Candy (5)

80 per pack various colors -


Gumballs (10)

Select color -

6 of 10 slots filled
Christina Muhm (5)
5lb assortment bulk
Jennifer White

Hershey Kisses (10)

2 lb bag or larger

All slots filled
Cindy Jewkes
Grace Davis (2)
Julie Noffsinger (2)
Julie noffsinger
Amber Tuttle
Taylor Goble (2)
Michelle Boroughs
Joann Nino
1 bag

Chocolate Candy (10)

2 lb bag or larger

All slots filled
Grace Davis (2)
Rachael Thayer (8)
Mars and Hershey variety packs

Laffy Taffy (5)

All slots filled
Jenny Benson (5)

Swirl Suckers (5)

Both Amazon and Oriental Trading have many options

2 of 5 slots filled
Meghan Robbins (2)

Candy Scoop-set of 12 (2)

All slots filled
Christen Files (2)

Cellophane Treat Bags with tie (100 per pack) (4)

All slots filled
Jenna & John Mayfield (2)
Christina Muhm (2)

Various Clear Plastic Candy Containers (20)

Must Be New. Options -

All slots filled
Jennifer Forrest (20)

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