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Speaker Series: Transplanting Traditions

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Date: 06/27/2019 (Thu.)

Created by:   Whitney Sewell

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Nikkima Santos (2 guests)
Thanks for the invitation

Gricelidy Marrero (1 guest)

Jessica Burroughs (1 guest)

Olivia Gambocarto (2 guests)

C P (1 guest)

Laura Maule (2 guests)

Kevin Sleem (2 guests)
My Wife

Tessie McDermott (1 guest)

Anne Kilpatrick (1 guest)

Amia Butler (1 guest)

Laketa Smith (1 guest)

Katy Clune (1 guest)

Pam Schwingl (1 guest)

Emily Ogburn (1 guest)

pat mann (2 guests)

Brenda Carpen (1 guest)

Whitney Sewell (1 guest)
So excited to hear the youth of Transplanting Traditions share their experiences!