South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement (SCORE) Program / Pot Luck Dinner Social

We wil be having a Pot Luck Dinner Social along with a Lecture. We will also be welcoming The participants of the CMNA sponsored Statewide Advanced Training at the SC Aquarium earlier in the day.

Zach Bjur from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will make a presentation on the South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement (SCORE) Program.

 The purpose of the SCORE program is to restore and enhance oyster habitat by planting recycled oyster shells in the intertidal environment to form new, self-sustaining oyster reefs ? all with the help of volunteers. This community-based habitat restoration project is an important endeavor because oysters play a significant ecologic and economic role in South Carolina; however, oyster populations are declining. It is important for the community to understand how oysters improve water quality, control erosion, and provide habitat for other commercially-important shellfish and fish species by learning about their biology and the human activities that can influence their well being.

Oyster Biology covers the distribution, habitat, and life cycle of oysters and the ecology of oyster reefs.

Zach Restoration and Enhancement describes human and environmental factors that stress oyster populations, as well as what humans can to do to restore and enhance these populations.


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Join us for an enjoyable evening!



Date: 11/09/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm EST

Location: SCDNR - Marine Resources Division, The Outdoor Educational Pavillion, 217 Fort Johnson Rd, Charleston, SC

Created by:   Rick Calvert

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May bring cupcakes.

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Devil eggs

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sweet tea and ice

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