Parish Picnic 2019

Please let us know if you are planning to attend our parish picnic.  We are requesting that each family bring one item if possible - suggestions are listed below or choose 'other' to add something else.  The parish will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, veggie burgers, condiments (ketchup, mustard), and drinks (soda and water). Thank you and see you on the 15th!

Date: 09/15/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:30am - 2:30pm EDT

Location: St. Rita Church

Created by:   Elizabeth Kwiatkowski

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Appetizer (ex. chips, veggies, fruit) (15)
  All slots filled
James Elliott
Dan Scalzo (2)
Cathy L (2)
Potato chips and veggie tray
Elizabeth Burrows
Lisa Swovick (2)
We will also bring salsa for tortilla chips
Diana Kleps ??
Mark and Theresa Aldridge
chicken wing dip
Salad (ex. potato, pasta, green) (15)
  11 of 15 slots filled
Mary Ann Kwiatkowski
something GF
Giulio Bosco
Bean salad
Sharon Pucher
Pasta salad
Corinne Kohrt
Pasta Salad with Tuna
Corinne Kohrt
Asian Slaw
Christine Decker
Potato salad
Tony & Linda Barbeau
Macaroni or Potato Salad
Corinne Kohrt
Potato Salad
Linda Collins
broccoli salad
Linda Collins
Grape salad
Eileen Perryman
Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers
Dessert (15)
  10 of 15 slots filled
John & Anne Marie Matina
Patricia Kuby (2)
if too many desserts, let us know, can bring something else
Johnn & Anna Conti
Margo Chamberlain
Strawberry Pretzel Dessert
Tom Bayer
Janice & Bill Scahill
Heather Brown
Brownies or cookies
Aimee Santoleri
Princess Fame
Rolls (6-12 pack, hamburger or hot dog) (10)
  All slots filled
Joe And Julie Cohn (2)
1 hamburger and 1 hot dog
Ron Meagher
I have a pop up I can bring.
June Frosino
Jim Fien
Giulio Bosco (2)
Hamburger/hot dog rolls
Roseann Lesio
Mary Ellen Wagner (2)
Paper Products (plates, cups, napkins, forks) (6) - Please specify which and how many you are bringing.
  4 of 6 slots filled
Giulio Bosco
Plates, cups and napkins
Ernesto Carreras
Napkins and plates
Heather Brown
Forks, cups
Dan Clark
Napkins and forks
Other (please specify) (10)
Responses:     Yes: 38     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 99     Maybe: 0

YES (38) -  

Dan Clark (4 guests)

Patricia Janiak (2 guests)

Eileen Perryman (2 guests)

Justin Tubiolo (1 guest)

Princess Fame (2 guests)

Linda Collins (3 guests)

Aimee Santoleri (6 guests)


Mark and Theresa Aldridge (3 guests)

Heather Brown (5 guests)

Tony & Linda Barbeau (2 guests)

Diana Kleps ?? (4 guests)

Christine Decker (4 guests)

Lisa Swovick (3 guests)

Corinne Kohrt (6 guests)

Janice & Bill Scahill (2 guests)

Mary Ellen Wagner (1 guest)

Tom Bayer (2 guests)

JOHN OCONNOR (2 guests)

Elizabeth Burrows (4 guests)

Sharon Pucher (1 guest)

Roseann Lesio (1 guest)

Cathy L (1 guest)

Margo Chamberlain (4 guests)

Ernesto Carreras (3 guests)

Giulio Bosco (4 guests)

Jim Fien (1 guest)

June Frosino (2 guests)

Johnn & Anna Conti (4 guests)

Patricia Kuby (2 guests)

Dan Scalzo (1 guest)

James Elliott (3 guests)

Jennah Michalik (3 guests)

John & Anne Marie Matina (2 guests)

Ron Meagher (1 guest)

John Schuler (2 guests)

Joe And Julie Cohn (2 guests)

Mary Ann Kwiatkowski (2 guests)

NO (1) +