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Happy 2019 to all of our Loch Raven Haven donors!  I want to personally thank everyone who was involved in our holiday project this past December!  Every year my garage is filled with generous gifts that are distributed to needy families in our Loch Raven High School community.  I was fortunate enough to deliver gifts to ten families this year and it was hearwarming and rewarding to be able to bring joy (along with your very thoughtful gifts) to needy families.  There were hugs all around! 

It's been a few months since the Sign Up Genius has been updated.  You can always log on to see the list of what we always stock in the room, but it's these email blasts that provide me the opportunity to let you know what is most needed in the room.  As you may already know, we have been stocking toiletries (as well as scarves, hats and even socks) in the Guidance office and school supplies in the main office....available to any student in need.  These items fly off the shelves, so here's a quick list of what is needed on a regular basis (and many of these items can be found at the Dollar Tree)....lip balm, small hand lotions, trial size hand sanitizers and tissues, facial wipes, deodorant, toothbrushes & toothpaste, trial size mouthwash, dental floss, small body wash, plastic toothbrush holders, plastic soap containers, umbrellas, mechanical pencils, pens, pencil cases.  We also stock the Guidance Counselors and Office Manager with Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.

Please check out the Sign Up Genius for the full list of items that we stock in the room...it's a pretty extensive list, but we try to anticipate the needs of students and their families.  Sometimes it just takes a quick look around our own house to see what we may take for grated as a staple, but that someone on a fixed income may not be able to afford.  We stock cleaning supplies, food, bedding (we currently have a request for Queen and Twin size sheets and bedding), clothing, shoes, purses, luggage and travel bags, jewelry, pet supplies, room decorations, backpacks and school supplies and much much more!

Donations can be dropped off at LRHS in the main office to the attention of Caryn Putchat or if it's more convenient, you can drop off your donations on my front porch at 6 Waller Court, only blocks away from the school. 

If you ever have any questions or know of someone who would like to be put on the Sign Up Genius email list, or if you no longer want to receive these notifications, please let me know.  My email is [email protected]  Thanks for your support!!

Created by:   Chris Diehl
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Available Slot

Alarm clocks

Quality battery operated or plug in


Almond Milk - sweetened and unsweetened

Individual boxes - shelf stable - can be found at the Dollar Tree


Appliances (small) - anything gently used you might be thinking of taking to Good Will

Gently used (or new) iron, hair dryer, hair straightener or other small appliances you have sitting around the house you are not using. I'm finding students are in need of more of these household items....thank you so much!!


Band-Aids - travel size packs


Batteries - AA and AAA

We currently have NONE

2 slots filled - more available
Joani Eng (2)
Packs of 36


New and gently used blankets, comforters, pillows - Currently need Queen and Twin size sheets and bedding

1 slot filled - more available
Sue Lake

Binders/composition books/loose leaf paper


Blankets - New or gently used

This is a popular and requested item by the students

1 slot filled - more available
Sue Lake
1-full/queen cotton

Bleach - small containers

I have found small bleach bottles at the Dollar Tree


Body Wash - men's and women's

Name brands please. We can't keep these on the shelves

12 slots filled - more available
Joani Eng (12)

Books - new or gently used

We'd love to create a small library for students to take or borrow


Brushes and combs/hair supplies

Other suggestions are hair clips and hair ties


Can opener


Canned Soup

Flip top cans


Canned Vegetables - flip top cans

Requested items include: Corn, white, black and red beans, green beans


Cat food - cans and small bags/boxes

6 slots filled - more available
Holly Voelker (6)

Cleaning Supplies

Liquid cleaners, scrub brushes, buckets, abrasive cleaners, etc.

5 slots filled - more available
Holly Voelker (5)

Clorox Wipes

We are currently out of these....very popular when families come and "shop" the Room

4 slots filled - more available
Lori Rogers (4)
Lori Rogers

Clothing - new and gently used items welcome

Due to the large amount of clothing we are only accepting new or almost new clothing as well as new underwear and socks (mens and women)



New or gently used small pots or pans


Decorations for rooms - suggested by students

Items requested: lamps, decorative pillows.... pretty much anything you think a teenager might like in a space that they can call their own!!

3 slots filled - more available
Lori Rogers (3)
Lori Rogers

Deodorant -Men's and Women's

Solid and spray (men's) requested


Dish Soap - item also requested by students


Dog Food - small bags, please


Ear buds - this was requested by students

There are currently none left in the Room


Face Wash - all types, name brands please

We are running low on this item!


Feminine Hygiene Products

We have plenty of tampons at this time but are running low on pads...maxi pads preferred, smaller ones accepted as well!


Fruit Snacks - any kind

These items are flying off the shelves!!

5 slots filled - more available
Holly Voelker (5)

Gently used Video Games

Students have requested


Granola Bars

Most popular are Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip but any and all are welcome!


Hair spray

Travel size


Hand mirrors

I just started buying these for the room and they are extremely popular! I get them at the Dollar Store.


Hand sanitizer

Regular size and travel size - both can be found at the Dollar Tree


Hand soap

Small pump bottles

4 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (4)



Hoodies - pullover type

Size Medium


Hot sauce - VERY POPULAR!

I just started buying these at the Dollar Tree (buffalo and hot sauce) and they were gone in one week!

6 slots filled - more available
Holly Voelker (6)

Index cards


Individual boxes of cereal/oatmeal/breakfast food


Individual juice bottles - apple, cranberry, Gatorade (small bottles), etc.

Ones that need no refrigeration


Individual LUNCH OR DINNER items

Mac and cheese, Ramen noodles, pasta meals, etc. - RUNNING LOW ON THESE LUNCH ITEMS!

1 slot filled - more available
Lori Rogers
Lori Rogers

Individual packs of cookies - any variety

This was an item requested by students - we are currently out of this item!

1 slot filled - more available
Holly Voelker

Individual packs of crackers, goldfish, pretzels, cheez itz


Individual tuna fish and crackers

This item was requested by students!


iPhone 6 Charger

This was just requested by a student. We currently have no phone chargers


Jello cups - any flavor

Popular item!


Lance's Cheese crackers


Lance's Peanut Butter crackers


Light bulbs

Dollar Tree is great for this item


Lint rollers (name brands please)

Requested by students


Lip balm - can't keep these items on the shelves

Chapstick, EOS, Burt's Bees

10 slots filled - more available
Lori Rogers (10)
Lori Rogers

Lotion - hand cream, body lotion, face lotion

Smaller size is best for stocking in the Guidance Office...very popular item (can be found at the Dollar Tree)


Mayonnaise (small jars)

To be used with cans of tuna


Mechanical pencils

Very popular item!!


Men's black ankle athletic socks

They are flying off the shelf!!

5 slots filled - more available
Lori Rogers (5)
Lori Rogers

Men's SIZE MEDIUM & LARGE boxer brief underwear

Just started stocking the room with underwear for the students and this is the most popular size - they are flying off the shelf


Men's white ankle athletic socks

We can't keep these stocked in the Room!!


Mini muffins from Entemann's - Little Bites

There are about 5-6 muffins in each pack and I believe there are six packs to a box. This is a new item that I added to the room and they are extremely popular


Neosporin/antibiotic cream

Dollar Tree is great for this item!


Oatmeal Packets - any flavor

1 slot filled - more available
Holly Voelker

Oodles of Noodles/Ramen

Requested by students


Paper towels

Single wrapped rolls, please - Dollar Tree is great for this item


Peanut Butter snacks/individual peanut butter


Pens - black and blue


Pillows - bed pillows - EXTREMELY POPULAR

We recently stocked several pillows and they were gone within a week of being in the room, so we know it's a needed item Thanks!

2 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (2)

Pop Tarts - extremely popular

Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry Frosted most popular


Portable speakers


Pudding cups - chocolate

Popular item! We already have spoons for students to grab and go


Q-tips - travel size packs


Razors - men's and women's

Please consider buying name brands


Reusable bags - like the ones you can buy at Marshall's or Home Goods or grocery store

Students use these to take items out of the Room...they prefer these bags as opposed to throw away grocery bags


Reusable plastic cups and bowls

I just started buying these items for the Room, thinking that students need something to eat their food in, and they seem to be going quickly. Nothing fancy or expensive is great! Thanks!

3 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (3)
3 sets of 4 bowls

Rice Krispie Treats


Room deodorizers

Sprays, room diffusers or gel type - this is a new item I have put in the room and it seems popular!


Scarves - all varieties of colors

These seem popular with the students....I have found Target has a great selection for $3 each (in the dollar section near entrance)


Scarves and Mittens - mens and women's


Shampoo and Conditioner for African American Hair


Shampoo and conditioners

Name brands please - any hair type


Shaving cream - men's and women's

We are running very low on WOMEN"S SHAVE CREAM


Sheet sets - this was another item just recently requested by students and their families

Variety of sizes, but we've had a request for Queen and Twin Size Sheet Sets

4 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (4)
4 sets - 2 new, 2-used twin

Shower puff (to be used with body wash)

Requested by students



Any and all kinds welcome...thanks!!

6 slots filled - more available
Holly Voelker (6)

Strawberry and Grape Jelly


Tide (or any name brand) Laundry Pods

We break these up into smaller ziploc bags for students to grab what they will need



Small boxes and individual travel packs


Toilet paper

Four pack only - Dollar Tree is great for this item


Toiletry bags - any size or color

Small plastic or fabric pouches to carry items like tampons, make up, trial size items, etc.


Toothbrushes - individually packaged, please

3 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (3)


Can't keep these items on the shelf - Crest has been brand most requested

5 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (5)
1-3 pk Crest, 2-Colgate

Towels and washcloths (new)

This is an item we would like to keep stocked in the room, so if you're considering donating please put this on your list:)

2 slots filled - more available
Sue Lake (2)
2 sets (bath, hand towel & washcloth

Trash bags - small boxes of these can be found at the Dollar Tree

Just started buying these and they were one of the items gone in a week...much needed item!


Travel Soap Containers

Plastic ones....can be found at Target or Walmart


Travel Toothbrush Holders

Plastic ones ...can be found at Target or Walmart


Tru Moo Shelf Stable milk

Regular (to mix with cereal) and chocolate


T-Shirts with the names of Colleges on the front

Size Medium - This was requested by students - Wednesday is College T-Shirt day at LRHS


Tuna fish (cans)


Umbrellas - very popular item that we can't keep on the shelf!

New or gently used accepted, any colors but we need some gender neutral ones too!


Water bottles - reusable


Water bottles and individual crystal light packets

This seems popular with the students! Any flavor welcome!


Water jugs - Gallon Size

Requested by students. Dollar Tree is a perfect place to buy these!!


Women's button down blouses

Work/Dress clothes needed for mock interviews and jobs


Women's hooded sweatshirts (5)

Sizes Large and XL - female student has been requesting these items


Women's Socks - women's ankle socks or colored socks

We can't keep these socks on the shelf! Feel free to buy in bulk....I break up the pack so students can grab one or more and go!


Women's underwear - Sizes M (6), L(7) and XL(8)

Different styles...bikini, boy shorts, briefs


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