BlueTOAD/BlueARGUS Online Training Sessions - November and December 2018


Happy upcoming holidays to everyone and welcome to TrafficCast International's online BlueTOAD/BlueARGUS training system. In addition to the in-person training sessions that we often present on location, we offer various training modules live online. Below are these sessions and their respective dates and times (eastern) for November and December 2018. NOTE - WE'VE ADDED A NEW COURSE FOR THIS ROUND OF SESSIONS INTRODUCING OUR EXCITING NEW SPECTRA RSU BlueTOAD model... #connectedvehicles #autonomousvehicles - SEE BELOW!

If you are interested in one or more of the upcoming online sessions listed below, simply select the session(s) that you would like to attend, click on "Submit and Sign Up" at the bottom of the page, and then enter your contact info on the following page.

Want to get a head start on your training? Check out our online BlueARGUS user manual: https://www.manula.com/manuals/trafficcast/blueargus-user-guide/1.0/en/topic/welcome

Need IMSA Continuing Education Units? Our courses qualify! Email Shannon Fain after a session to receive a certificate: [email protected]



Course #1 - Introduction to BlueTOADs, BlueARGUS, Devices, Pairs, and Routes 

  • An overview of our BlueTOAD system and how it collects data for use by our BlueARGUS user software
  • How to set up BlueTOAD devices in BlueARGUS
  • How to create pairs 
  • How to create routes

Course #2 - Speed Maps, Standalone Maps and Alarms 

  • Summary of real time data in BlueARGUS
  • How it the real time data displayed in the system speed map
  • How to create and use Standalone maps
  • How to setup real time alarm notifications via text/email to alert you to unusual traffic patterns

Course #3 - Breakdown of the Report Types and Report Scheduling 

  • A breakdown of the five (5) report types in BlueARGUS
    • Pair/Route
    • Comparison
    • Historical
    • Device
    • Alarm
  • How to manually create reports on an as-needed basis
  • How to schedule reoccurring reports that will be automatically genereated and delivered to you on a regular, user defined, basis

Course #4 - How to Create and Interpret Travel Time Reliability (TTR) Reports  

  • How to create Travel Time Reliability (TTR) reports, a powerful metric that allows you to see how predictable your transportation network is based on data collected from BlueTOAD devices
  • An overview of the three elements that make up TTR: Travel Time Index (TTI), Buffer Time Index (BTI) and Planning Time Index (PTI)
  • How to interpret TTR reports
  • How to schedule TTR reports

Course #5 - How to Create and Interpret Origin and Destination (OD) Studies 

  • An overview of our extremely powerful origin and destination (OD) feature
  • How to interpret the Demand OD Matrix output
  • How to interpret the Trip List output
  • How to set up and interpret data for an example corridor specific traffic analysis
  • How to set up and interpret data for an example large scale regional planning study

Course #6 - Spectra RSU Units - An Introduction to Our Latest BlueTOAD Hardware 

  • What is it? 
    • How it Works 
    • Day-One ROI – Value Added Benefits!
  • Connected Vehicle Applications 
    • What applications can be implemented, today
    • Current Industry Status / Interoperability
  • Path to Deployment
    • How to fund Connected Vehicle projects with BlueTOAD Spectra RSU

Please sign up at least two (2) days before the date of the session. After you signup, you will receive a separate email with an invite to the session via the web conferencing tool UberConference within 24 hours.

Created by:  Shannon Fain
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Training Course Date (mm/dd/yyyy EST)

Course #1 - Introduction to BlueTOADs, BlueARGUS, Devices, Pairs, and Routes

(Thu, 3:00pm)

27 of 90 slots filled

(Tue, 9:00am)

23 of 90 slots filled

Course #2 - Speed Maps, Standalone Maps and Alarms

(Fri, 2:00pm)

22 of 90 slots filled

(Mon, 10:00am)

16 of 90 slots filled

Course #3 - Breakdown of the Report Types and Report Scheduling

(Mon, 3:00pm)

16 of 90 slots filled

(Tue, 9:00am)

27 of 90 slots filled

Course #4 - How to Create and Interpret Travel Time Reliability (TTR) Reports

(Thu, 10:00am)

24 of 90 slots filled

(Thu, 3:00pm)

18 of 90 slots filled

Course #5 - How to Create and Interpret Origin and Destination (OD) Studies

(Tue, 11:00am)

28 of 90 slots filled

(Tue, 3:00pm)

21 of 90 slots filled

Course #6 - Introduction to Our New Spectra RSU Model

(Mon, 10:00am)

37 of 90 slots filled

(Wed, 3:00pm)

35 of 90 slots filled

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