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Foster Christmas Sponsorship Sign up!

SHFS is looking for families to sponsor a foster child (or children) this Christmas.  Sponsors can choose to offer a financial donation or a list will be provided for you to shop yourself. Sponsors are asked to purchase Christmas gift(s) and some essential items (clothing, pajamas, socks, etc) for these children to receive at Christmas.
Each foster child or Foster parent will complete a form with their interests, sizes and needs that will be shared with the sponsor. If a monetary donation is provided a SHFS volunteer will shop for you.  

If you choose to shop yourself; all items must be dropped off at SHFS locations (Cambridge, MN , Blaine MN and Somerset, WI) the week of December 3rd 2018.  Must be dropped off no later than Dec. 9th.

Drop off locations:

  • 208 Hair Lounge on Main:  208 Main St S, Cambridge, MN 55008
  • Hanks Bar:  2391 65th St, New Richmond, WI 54017
  • Stone Mountain Pet Lodge:  9935 Radisson Rd NE, Blaine, MN 55449

If you choose to make a monetary sponsorship, please donate online at this LINK! 

If you wish to just make a donation to help support this program, please donate online at this LINK! 

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Available Slot

Please assign me a child to sponsor - 1 Child (Suggested sponsorship $75-$100)

A child will be assigned to you as soon as a child in need is registered.

10 slots filled - more available
Michelle Pascoe
Sarah Sadique
Janessa Zenzen
Roberta Collins
Amanda Rosemark
Molly Schmidt
Diane Morgan
Kandi Ketz
Kelly Hartwig
Kassy Points

Please assign me a child to sponsor - 2 Children (Suggested sponsorship $150-$200)

A child will be assigned to you as soon as a child in need is registered.

1 slot filled - more available
Tammy St.Sauver

Please assign me a child to sponsor - 3 Children (Suggested sponsorship $225-$300)

A child will be assigned to you as soon as a child in need is registered.

1 slot filled - more available
Laura Schoenrock

Please assign me a child to sponsor - 4 Children (Suggested sponsorship $300-$400)

A child will be assigned to you as soon as a child in need is registered.


#1 10 Month Old Boy (Suggested sponsorship $75-$100)

Size 12 months, needs clothing, and likes light up toys.

Meghan Langley

#2 - 22 Month Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-100)

Size 2T/Shoes (6), Likes Pretend kitchen, dolls, toys. Needs socks, diapers (size 5)

Tara Lamere
We are so excited to shop for this lil lady!

#3 - 8 Yr. old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $75-100)

Size 8/Shoes (2), Likes Dinosaurs, guns, Minecraft, needs Shoes, sweatpants (athletic pants), winter hat and gloves

Sara Henke

#4 & #5 - Sibling Group - 3 yr old Girl & 2 yr old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $150-200)

3Y/Girl - Size 3T/shoes (7), Likes Disney movie Vampirina, Minnie Mouse, dolls, crafts, needs Clothes, winter coat, and potty chair. 2Yr/Boy - Size 24Mo/Shoes(7), Likes Large building blocks, activity board. Needs Shoes, clothing, and snow pants.

Nowell Francis

#6 & #7 - Sibling Group - 2 yr old Boy & 4 yr old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $150-200)

2Y/Boy - Size 4T/Shoes(10), Likes balls, cars, books. Needs shoes, hat, mittens. 4Y/Girl - Size 4T/Shoes(10), Likes dolls, dress-up, books. Needs long sleeve shirts, mittens, shoes.

Kate Chies

#8 - 11 Yr. Old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-100)

Size L/XL/Shoes (9.5). Likes art, reading. Needs clothing, shoes, other.

Chelsea Vilina

#9, #10, #11 - Sibling Group - 9 yr. Boy, 4 yr Girl, 12 yr Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $225-300)

9Y/Boy-Size Med/Shoe 8, Likes Reading, trucks, rocks. Needs jeans sz 9. 4Y/Girl-Size 5T/Shoes 10. Likes Princess, books, Dora movies. Needs jeans.12Y/Girl-Size Women S/Shoes 10. Likes Crafts/reading, Am. Girl. ALL need Winter boots, snow pants, socks

Jenna Grace

#12, #13-Sibling Group- 4 Year old boy, 5 Year old girl (Suggested sponsorship $150-$200)

4 year old boy wears size 3T shoe size 11 likes Leggos (regular size), Dinosaurs, Trucks. Needs pants (adjustable waist), shoes & sweatshirts. Girl size 5T shoe size 11.5 likes Elf Legos, playdough, Frozen. Needs Shoes, sweatshirts, Dresses.

Janel & Joe Kittel

#14- 3 year old girl (Suggested sponsorship $75-$100)

3T/4T clothing size shoes size 8 toddler. Likes playing Dress up, Anything Paw Patrol, and Music. Needs clothing, socks, pajamas

Meghan Langley
Hope we can help her have a fabulous holiday!

#29 4 Year old Boy (suggested donation $75-$100)

4 year old boy size 3T Musical/light up toys, bright colors, chewy toys. (Child has spastic quad cerebral palsy). Needs 12 inch crib wedge, z-vibe kit

Rachel Callahan

#15, #16, #17 Sibling Group 3 year boy, 6 year girl, 8 year girl (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300)

3 yr boy 5T sz 11 shoe. Likes Paw patrol, Legos, cars. Needs PJ's,socks. 6 yr girl 7/8 shoe sz 1 likes Dolls, my little pony, art. Needs leggings, socks. 8yr girl 10/12 shoe 4 Likes Dolls, arts and crafts Needs leggings, hair bows. All need long sleeve's

Kellie Wittstock

#18 5 year old Boy (Suggested sponsorship $75-$100)

5 Year Boy size 6/7, shoe size 11 Likes Crafts, dinosaurs, legos. Needs Winter clothing and shoes

Amanda Rosemark
We can't wait to shop for this little man!

#19 10 year old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

10 year boy size 16/18 shoe size 8, Likes Cars ,building,craft. Needs Mittens, scarf, socks

Ryan & Dena Telschow

#20, #21 Sibling Group 14 year old Girl, 16 year old Girl (Suggested sponsorship $150-$200)

14 yr. Girl size Large shoe size 11 Likes Reading,drawing,necklace. Needs Gloves,sweatshirt,sweater. 16 yr Girl sz. Medium shoe size 7 Likes Drawing,makeup,jewelry. Needs Boots,sweater,socks

Jennifer Fredrickson

#24 6 year old Boy (Suggested Donation $75-$100)

6 Year old boy pant size 7/8, shirt size 6/6x, Shoe size 1.5. Likes Pokémon, cars, crafts. Needs Warm Clothing

Ryan & Dena Telschow

#30, #31 Sibling Group 9 Year Old Girl, 18 Year Old Girl (Suggested sponsorship $150-$200)

10 Year old Girl sz 8/10 shoe sz. 4 likes: Cheerleading,art,reading. Needs: Black leggings, fluffy socks. 18 Yr Old girl sz XXL shoe sz 8 Likes:Makeup, reading,soft blankets Needs:Wet brush, makeup brushes, book “Then she was gone”, book “You will be mine


#32 8 Months Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

8 Month old girl: size 12 months, shoe size 3. Likes books, teethers & light up toys. Needs: Clothing

Kate Chies

#33 17 year old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

17 year old girl: Size 1x, shoe size 12. Likes: Books, Crafts, devotionals, sweatshirt, leggings, coloring. Needs: Gloves


#34 2 year old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

2 year old boy: Size 2T, shoe size 8. Likes: Tractors, coloring, puzzles. Needs: Clothing, shirts/pants, snowpants, shoes

Anna Bromwich

#35 3 year old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

3 year old girl size 4T, shoe size 8. Likes Books, stuffed animals, crafts. Needs: Black dress shoes, winter jacket, pretty dress.

Becky Moch

#36, #37 Sibling Group 5 year old Girl, 2 year old boy (Suggested Sponsorship $150-$200)

5 yr. Girl size 7, shoe size 13. Likes Arts, crafts/stickers, paw patrol (sky). Needs: Printed leggings, socks, winter dresses. 2 yr Boy size 4T, shoe 10. Likes: Garbage/Recycle trucks, Mickey mouse, books. Needs: socks, long sleeve shirt, hoodies.

Annie DeBono

#38, #39, Sibling Group 11yr boy, 10yr Girl (suggested sponsorship $150-$200) SAME HOME as #40,#41,#42

11 Year Boy size 14/16 shoe 7. Likes: Reading, writing, science. Needs: Shoes, sweater, pj. 10Yr Girl Size 14/16, Shoe size 6. Likes: Art, Science, Writing. Needs: Shoes, sweater, clothes, games, phones.


#40, #41, #42 Sibling Group 17 Yr Boy, 12 yr Boy, 14 yr Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300) SAME HOME as #38, #39

17yr Boy size 32/Large shoe 10. Likes: books,games,gift cards. Needs:Clothing,shoes. 12yr Boy sz14/16, shoe 8.5. Likes:Books,games,science. Needs:Shoes,clothes,hats/gloves,socks. 14yr Boy size 14/16,shoe 9. Likes:Cars,books,games. Need:Clothes,shoes,socks


#43 13 year old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

13 Year Old Girl size women's 8/10, shoe size 10. Likes: Crafts, leggo's, Drawing. Needs: sweats, pjs, hair & nail product.


#44 Girl age 5 Months (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

Girl age 5 months. Size: 6/9 months Likes: Reading, Teething toys, Music. Needs: Socks, Bibs, Bath supplies.


#45 9 Year old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

9 Year old Girl. Size 8/10 shoe size 3. Likes: Reading, dolls, leggos. Needs: Dress boots, zipper hoodies, hair accessories.


#46, #50 Sibling Group. 7 Year old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100) SAME HOME as 47,48,49,51

7 Year old Boy. Size 6/7 shoe 13. Likes: Power Rangers, Trains, Leggos. Needs: Toys, Comfort Items.

Liz Sieben
Liz- I will ship to you

#47, #48 Sibling Group. 6 Year Old Girl, 3 Year old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $150-$200) SAME HOME AS 46,50,49,51

6 Year Old Girl. Size 6/7 shoe 13. Likes: Dolls, Leggos, stuffed animals. Needs: Toys, comfort items. 3 year old girl. Size 4T shoe 6. Likes: Dolls, coloring books, riding toys. Needs: Comfort items.

Liz Sieben
Liz- I will ship to you

#49, #51 Sibling Group (Twins). 9 Year old Girl, 9 Year Old Girl. (Suggested Sponsorship $150-$200) SAME HOME as 46,47,48,50.

9 Year Old Twin Girls Both Size XL (14/16) Shoe Size 5. Both Like: Crafts, Dolls, Outsize Toys. Both Need: Comfort Items & Clothing. (They do NOT like to dress the same).

Liz Sieben
Liz-I will ship to you

#52, #53, Sibling Group. 8 Year Old Boy, 10 year old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $150-$500)

8 Yr. old Boy Size 10 slim, shoe 4. Likes: Bay blades, Drawing, Math. Needs: Pj's, sweater/sweatshirts. 10 Yr Boy Size 12, Shoe 6. Likes: Games, Movie tickets, Football clothes. Needs: Sweaters/sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts.


#54, #55, #56 Sibling Group. 13 year girl, 13 year Girl, 16 Year Old Girl (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300)

2 13 Yr girls BOTH Size Small/5, shoe 6.5. Likes: Games, Hair stuff, Movie tickets. Needs: Bathrobe, pj's, hoodies.


#57, #58, #59 Sibling Group. 10 year old Girl, 7 Year Old Boy, 5 Year Old Girl. (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300)

10 yr Girl sz. 3jr/small, shoe 6.5. Likes:Crafts,makeup,movies. Needs:Snow boots,sports bra (36). 7 Yr Boy sz 7/8, shoe 1. Likes:Electronics,games,cars. Needs:Pj's,joggers. 5yr Girl sz 6, shoe 10. Likes:art,barbie,leggo. Needs:Dress shoe,tops,snow pants


#60, #61, #62 Sibling Group. 3 yr boy, 2.5 yr Girl, 5 Month Old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300)

3 yr Boy sz 3T, shoe 8. Likes: Cars,Books,Paw Patrol. Needs:Long sleeve, tennis shoes, pj's. 2 yr Girl size 4T, shoe 8. Likes:Dolls,books,ride-on toy. Needs:socks,pj's,dress. 5 Month Boy sz 6-9month Likes:Teethers,rattles,lights. Needs:socks,pants,shirts


#63 Boy 20 Months (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

20 Month Old Boy Size 2T/3T, shoe 9/10. Likes: Balls, cars, music. Needs: Pj's, pants, shirts.


#65 2 Year Old Boy (Suggested Sponsorship $75-$100)

2 Year Old boy size 2T show size 7. Likes:Cars books music. Needs:Shoes Clothes blanket


#67,#68,#69 Sibling Group 6 year old Girl, 3 Year Old Girl,2 year old girl. (Suggested Sponsorship $225-$300)

6yr.Girl sz.7/8, shoe 2. Likes:crafts,reading & games. Needs:gloves,hat, lotion. 3yr Girl sz 3T shoe 8. Likes:crafts,reading,balls. Needs:Shoes,mittens,hat. 2yr girl sz.3T shoe 7. Likes: dolls,crafts.reading. Needs: pants, mittens,hat


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