AKC Scent Work

AKC Scent Work Class

prerequisite:  completion of Continuing Odor


This class is all about AKC Scent Work to compete in AKC Scent Work trial.  Also continue with birch, anise, & clove on the elements introducing odor cypress with buried hides.  NACSW also requires to do birch first, anise second, clove third and so does AKC, UKC, etc.  The more you do and understand the more you are equipped to trial in all venues. 

This course is six classes and one practice trial as we do for all of our NACSW courses.


Date: 01/09/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 10:30am - 12:00am PDT

Location: Port Orchard

Created by:   Paula S. Wilson, CNWI ([email protected])

Available Slot

AKC Scent Work Class (6)

Introduction to AKC categories & rules


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