BADASS Beer Group

BADASS Meeting March 2019

Join us for the BADASS March 2019 monthly meeting at Silver Branch Brewing in Downtown Silver Spring!

BEER THEME: Maerzen / Fest Beer (6A)

EDUCATION TOPIC: Decoction Mashing, presented by Mike

As always, bring your homebrews and snacks to share! If you happen to have an Oktoberfest or Maibock beer handy, please bring it. 

NO COMMERCIAL BEERS, PLEASE. Silver Branch is a commercial establishment, so save your commercial favorites for next time.  

Date: 03/19/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm EDT

Location: Silver Branch Brewing, 8401 Colesville Rd #150, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Created by:   Krista Nickerson

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Homebrews - Oktoberfest or Maibock
  2 slots filled - more available
Brian Taylor
Mike Lastort
Homebrews - Other
  8 slots filled - more available
Dan Kluckhuhn (2)
Gary, Claire, & Eric Sharp
Captain Badass
Mark Lewis (2)
Scott Paul
Scottish Wee Heavy
Adam Stine
  1 slot filled - more available
Adam Stine
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Jeremy Birch (1 guest)

Adam Stine (1 guest)

Scott Paul (1 guest)

Mike Lastort (2 guests)

Mark Lewis (1 guest)

Captain Badass (1 guest)

Brian Taylor (1 guest)

Jonathan Trow (1 guest)

Gary, Claire, & Eric Sharp (3 guests)

Dan Kluckhuhn (1 guest)

NO (3) +