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Parents Choice MA

Parents Choice Meeting

Please join a meeting for Parents' Choice in the Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Schools.  The Superintendent, Thomas Carroll, will be in attendance and we are hoping the Cardinal will join (likely via Zoom).  We would like to ask for the mask mandates to end on January 15th and to gain a better understanding of an exit strategy and off ramp to the overall Covid policies/protocols.  It’s time for health care decisions to be put back into the hands of parents, no matter what your choice on masks/vaccines.  We need MASSIVE participation for this meeting to be impactful.  Friends, family, public school attendees, anyone that believes in parental choice.  Strength in numbers.  We have 2 hours and there will be an allotted time for interested speakers and a Q&A.

WE NEED TO BE CONFIDENT IN OUR NUMBERS, SO PLEASE SIGN UP IF ONLY IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING.  We need an accurate head count.    PLEASE FORWARD THE SIGN UP GENIUS TO OTHERS INTERESTED.  After you sign up, if you haven't already, please fill out this quick 5 question survey.  We'll be using the results at the meeting as well as helping to plan future actions against the Archdiocese if they continue. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6W5TLSZ

If you have any questions please reach out to Chris - [email protected]



Date: 01/05/2022 (Wed.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Location: Crowne Plaza - Woburn, 15 Middlesex Canal Park, Woburn, MA 01801
15 Middlesex Canal Park, Woburn, MA 01801

Created by:   Chris McKenna

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 156     No: 0     Maybe: 14    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 200     Maybe: 15

YES (156) -  

Jen Beckwith (1 guest)

Eileen Harney (2 guests)

Sarah Duncan (1 guest)

Bridget Clark (1 guest)

Amy DoVale (1 guest)

Carlos Febres-Cordero (1 guest)

Robert May (1 guest)

Brigette Thornton (1 guest)
Thank you for leading this very important cause!

Guylaine Beaulieu (1 guest)

Sharon Sirignano (1 guest)
Our voices need to heard and our children need to be able to be children without mask !

Brinsley Fuller (1 guest)

Lidia Rego Soares (1 guest)

Stephen MacIntosh (1 guest)

Romana Doherty (1 guest)

Allison Fusco (1 guest)

Daniel Napierski (1 guest)
Yes. Catholic children in FL, TX, other States, Ireland, UK, Poland, etc all go to school without masks. It's not about safety only politics. You've had two years to prove masks work and all the evidence shows they failed.

Alison Williams (1 guest)

Laura BAker (1 guest)

Heather Flower (1 guest)

Natalie Spolyar (1 guest)

Mary Bennett (2 guests)

Christopher DeSimone (3 guests)
Ive watched my 16year old son who has played and loved sports. End up with bad headaches after practicing for football wearing a mask. He never complained of headaches until he was forced to wear a mask while playing an outdoor sport.

Carolyn Malloy (1 guest)

James Brook (1 guest)

Kristy Eagles (1 guest)

Sheila Dowd (1 guest)

Lena Likhterman (1 guest)

Kylie Byrne (1 guest)

Courtney Capozzi (1 guest)

Chuck Stokes (1 guest)

Melinda Day (1 guest)

Mark McCoy (1 guest)

Annette Hinds (1 guest)

Kimberly Herzig (1 guest)

J Merrigan (1 guest)

Nicole Hirtle (1 guest)

Paul Lynch (1 guest)

Lisa Stasio (1 guest)
Is this in Arlington or Woburn?

Christopher Tarantino (1 guest)

Brian Haugli (1 guest)

Shannon Kaulenas (1 guest)

Tracey Mannion (1 guest)

James Murdock (2 guests)
St Raphael Medford, and ACHS

Andrea Zanzotto (1 guest)

Kathleen Fitzgerald (1 guest)

Phil Beando Beando (1 guest)

David O’Neill (1 guest)

Jake Stambulskiy (1 guest)

Christine Keane (1 guest)

Valerie Andren (1 guest)

Mary Leahy (2 guests)
We need to stand up for our God given rights which is Freedom

Megan Borsari-Finn (1 guest)

Na Pascal (1 guest)

Gerald Powers (2 guests)

Alex Melino (1 guest)

MaryFrances Conrad (2 guests)

Kara Dulin (2 guests)

Jennifer Lovett (1 guest)

Markian Zaiats (1 guest)

Nataliya Zaiats (1 guest)

Allison Mcgoldrick (1 guest)

Gina Carme (1 guest)

Kim Haugli (1 guest)

Doug Fuda (1 guest)
Catholic schools must be a safe haven for parents who want to protect their kids from medical coercion and moral depravity promoted by the state.

Andrea MacGilvray (1 guest)

Lisa Scapicchio (1 guest)

Trudy McCabe (1 guest)

Pam Johnson (1 guest)

Robyn Pregent (1 guest)

James Murdock (1 guest)

Vanessa Pompei (1 guest)

Margarita Nikolova (1 guest)

Joanne Meegan (1 guest)

Joseph Bacchi (2 guests)

Colleen Annes (1 guest)

Deb Mahoney (2 guests)

Flavia Vanzo (1 guest)

Tanya Hoffman (1 guest)

Aileen Slater (1 guest)

Kerry Radochia (1 guest)

Naomi Hastings (1 guest)

Annmarie Kehoe (1 guest)

Jennifer Kelly (1 guest)

Natalie O’Reilly (2 guests)

Leah Kelley (1 guest)
Absolutely will be there- thank you!

Tara O’Brien (1 guest)

Michele McAvoy (2 guests)

Lee DiMeo (1 guest)

Kristen Cosby (1 guest)

Christine Pothier (2 guests)

Peter Oxenhandler (1 guest)

Holly Tse (1 guest)

Mary Faria (1 guest)

Karla Spinale (2 guests)

Dolores McGee (1 guest)

Jacqui Pelletier (1 guest)
I would like to sign up to speak. I will not miss this for anything.

Tatiana Garcia (1 guest)
To stop illegal mandates and manipulations.

Karen McLaine (2 guests)

Megan Flaherty (1 guest)
I won’t be able to stay the full time but I’ll be there.

Cynthia Sturtevant (1 guest)

Jen El-khoury (1 guest)

Anthony Martyniak (1 guest)

Rayla CAMPBELL (2 guests)

Madeline Williams (2 guests)

Ewa Hopkins (1 guest)

Jeri Levasseur (1 guest)

Cj Gangi (1 guest)

Kristi McInnis (1 guest)

Eva Nicholas (1 guest)

Kristen Luongo (2 guests)

Katie McCarty (1 guest)

Angela Zuccaro (1 guest)

Lynn Winans (1 guest)

Maura MacLeod (1 guest)

Eileen Cahill (1 guest)
Saint Agnes School, Arlington

Joy Bethune (1 guest)

Renee Dorney (1 guest)

Megan Mantalos (1 guest)

Chris Downey (1 guest)

Gia Zermani (1 guest)
Looking forward to joining

Danielle Mazzeo (1 guest)

Caitlin Benoit (4 guests)
Caitlin Benoit and guests

Evangelos Kottas (2 guests)
Three things cannot be long hidden; The Sun, the Moon and the truth!

Paul Zermani (2 guests)

Lisa Guild (1 guest)

Nicole Ponzo (1 guest)

Allison Wright (2 guests)

Tonya DiGregorio (1 guest)

Heather Ward (2 guests)

Nicole/Jeff Semon (2 guests)

Daniel DeFillippo (1 guest)

Gia Cyrier (3 guests)

Donna Sweeney (2 guests)

Melissa Murphy (1 guest)

Mary Campos (1 guest)

Cheryl Gillis (2 guests)

Carla Salvucci (2 guests)

Janine Swartz (1 guest)

Lauren Sullivan (2 guests)

Molly Pope (1 guest)

Susan Felago (1 guest)

Jennifer Hiscoe (1 guest)

Rebecca DeFillippo (1 guest)

Lynda Walsh (1 guest)

Kerrianne Rush (2 guests)

Julie Hall (2 guests)

Kyle Robert (2 guests)

Francesco Spagna (1 guest)

Nancy Dawson (1 guest)

Anne Marie Sutton (4 guests)

Robyn Dillon Dillon (1 guest)

Jena Howard (1 guest)

Molly Henry (2 guests)

Jessica Vital (2 guests)

Monica McGrath (1 guest)
Unmask our kids!!!! We need to end this!

Chris McKenna (4 guests)

MAYBE (14) +  

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