First Congregational Church of Winchester

Progressive Dinner: Saturday, November 3rd, 5:30 - 10PM

You are cordially invited to FCCW's Progressive Dinner - Back by Popular Demand!

Saturday, November 3, 5:30-10 PM

How it Works: We'll start all together for appetizers at Elizabeth & David Page's home, then split off into small groups for dinner, and then meet in larger groups at one of two host homes for dessert and socializing.  (Please note: this is different from last year when we ended the evening all together at Chidley Hall).

Please sign up to:

  • Host Dinner (for 8-10)
  • Host Dessert (for 25-40)
  • Bring an entrée
  • Bring a side dish
  • Bring an appetizer
  • Bring a dessert


Any questions, just ask Susan Rozmanith ([email protected] and 781-771-7211)

Date: 11/03/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 10:00pm EDT

Location: The Pages for appetizers, then small groups for dinner, then larger groups for dessert & socializing

Created by:   Susan Rozmanith

Will you be attending the event?
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Assign me! (10) - Fill me in where needed!
  4 of 10 slots filled
Carrie Ehrbar
Im happy to make a main dish, side or dessert. Whatever you need
Jason Ryan
Maryann McCall-Taylor
Carol And Dave Weir
Appetizer Host Home - Welcome the whole group from 5:30-6:30
Elizabeth & David Page
Dinner Host Home (12) - You provide a welcoming table, and your guests bring the entree and side dishes
  8 of 12 slots filled
Natalie Roche
Suzie & Jack Reno
Laura & Mike Bailey
Marsha & Ted Lamson
Sarah Gallop
Dick & Liz Sayre
jody collins skinner
I will also supply the main dish
Robin Delurey
I can also bring a dish if host homes are filled
Appetizer (6) - Bring an appetizer to the Page's house for all to share
  All slots filled
Teresa Cader
Karen & Lee Roberts
Laurie Roby
bruce lauterwasser
Marcie Troisi (2)
Main dish (12) - Bring an entree that feeds 8-10 to your dinner host's house
  6 of 12 slots filled
Betsy Goodell
also glad to host as needed
Jerry & Janet Vaughn
I will coordinate with host nearer time.
Anne Hoenicke & Peter Woolford
jody collins skinner
The Skinner house
Lucy Sanders
Thank you so much.
Linda Alexander
Side dish (24) - Side dish for 8-10 people to your dinner host's home
  14 of 24 slots filled
Lynne & Paul Rahmeier
I can bring more or less of side dish. Please advise if you're the one bringing the main dish.
Regina Campbell and Jan Pechenik Campbell
Will bring acorn squash filled with apples, nuts and brown sugar. Will omit nuts for those who are allergic
Patricia Brady
I'm actually happy to bring anything, so if you'd rather I bring a main dish and/or dessert, I'm good for that. Also, we could host a dinner, if you need hosts.
Jodie Mullane (8)
Terry & David Marotta
root vegetables plus
joan theuer
Pat & Tom Mahon & Hayden
For 10 people?
Dessert Host Home (3) - Welcome a large group (one-half or one-third of the party) for dessert and socializing
  2 of 3 slots filled
David DuBard
Jan & Brian Koss
Dessert (20) - Bring a sweet treat to end the evening
  6 of 20 slots filled
Petra Sansom
pumpkin mini-cupcakes
Cathy Crabtree
Marianne Carter
Roger & Sheila Marian
Frank Willwerth And Christine Atkins
Toll house cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies
Penny Sparrow
Responses:     Yes: 40     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 79     Maybe: 0

YES (40) -  

Penny Sparrow (1 guest)

Linda Alexander (2 guests)

Pat & Tom Mahon & Hayden (2 guests)
(or could do a dessert instead if that is more helpful)

Frank Willwerth And Christine Atkins (2 guests)

Peter and Connie Rosenberger (2 guests)

Roger & Sheila Marian (2 guests)

joan theuer (1 guest)

Marianne Carter (2 guests)

Carol And Dave Weir (2 guests)

Lucy Sanders (2 guests)

Marcie Troisi (2 guests)

Maryann McCall-Taylor (4 guests)

Jason Ryan (2 guests)

bruce lauterwasser (2 guests)
Karen & Bruce will be there

Terry & David Marotta (2 guests)

Laurie Roby (1 guest)
Will be bringing Mike Redding

Jodie Mullane (2 guests)
I can make a main dish as well such as chircken mirabella or chicken cacciatore.

Carrie Ehrbar (2 guests)

Robin Delurey (2 guests)
With my sister Janet

jody collins skinner (2 guests)

Patricia Brady (2 guests)

Regina Campbell and Jan Pechenik Campbell (2 guests)
Can't wait!

Cathy Crabtree (2 guests)

Petra Sansom (2 guests)
Andrew and Petra Sansom

Lynne & Paul Rahmeier (2 guests)

Anne Hoenicke & Peter Woolford (2 guests)

Karen & Lee Roberts (2 guests)

Jerry & Janet Vaughn (2 guests)
Let me know where I can help, if needed.

Betsy Goodell (2 guests)

Dick & Liz Sayre (2 guests)

Teresa Cader (2 guests)

Jan & Brian Koss (2 guests)

Sarah Gallop (2 guests)

Laura & Mike Bailey (2 guests)

Suzie & Jack Reno (2 guests)

Elizabeth & David Page (2 guests)

Kathleen Zagata (2 guests)

David DuBard (2 guests)

Natalie Roche (2 guests)

Marsha & Ted Lamson (2 guests)

NO (1) +