ACT General Auditions

ACT General Auditions - Wait List - for Non-Union Actors

Sign ups will begin at 5:00 am on 10/7/2019

ACT - A Contemporary Theatre - will hold two (2) days of Equity Principal Auditions for local actors on:

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 from 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, October 22 from 12:00pm - 8:00pm

The representative for the theatre will be Margaret Layne, Director of Casting.

Although we are required at this audition to give priority in scheduling to AEA members and Equity Membership Candidates, in past years we have had the opportunity to also see 40+ non-union actors from the Wait List on each audition day, so members of the non-union community are strongly encouraged to sign up for a possible appointment!

Actors of all races/ethnicities, gender identities, disabilities, and neuro-diversities are encouraged to share their work with us. Most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and written with he/him or she/her pronouns, and that is reflected in the casting breakdown of available roles.  Despite that linguistic limitation, however, ACT casting strives to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, gender-queer, transgender, and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.  Race/ethnicity is indicated only when specified by the playwright as integral to character and/or narrative; otherwise actors of all races and ethnicities are considered for available roles. 


  • Two short, contrasting monologues: either one classical/one contemporary, or two contrasting contemporary pieces.
  • Song are welcome, but optional. An accompanist will be provided ONLY during the following time periods: 10/21 between 2:30pm - 6:00pm AND 10/22 between 12:00pm - 3:30pm.

Total presentation not to exceed three (3) minutes for AEA/EMC, two (2) minutes for non-union.


  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • AEA Membership Card and/or proof of EMC status, as appropriate

Wait Lists will be maintained for:
(a) EMC Candidates
(b) Non-Union Actors

Wait List applicants will be notified of appointments, as they may be available when all AEA members have been accommodated, but no later than Friday, October 18.

Equity members from outside Seattle may request an individual audition at a later date when they are visiting the city. Please contact Margaret Layne, Director of Casting, by phone at (206) 292-7660 ext. 1226, or via e-mail at [email protected].

Created by:   Margaret Layne
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Available Slot

Slot for (90)

All slots filled
Alice Palatnick
Blake Simpson
Andy Walker
Kate German
Jaime Nicole Riggs
Cass Neumann
Christie Lynn Devoe
I checked box for singing slot, but would be happy to take a non-singing as well if that's what's available
Mariah Lee Squires
Ingrid Buron
available the 21st. Prefer mornings (but later will work as well)
Rebecca Cort
Yena Han
Jessica Robins
Jessica Robins
Sara Geiger
Tom Stewart Stewart
Tom Stewart
Stephanie Colavito
Available both days, and will happily accept any time slot!
Cassandra Leon
Rachel Ruby Squires
David Naber
Sofie Kline
I am available both days, morning/daytime preferred
Talena Laine
Eleanor Moseley
10/21 any time works; 10/22 I have a matinee performance and am available after 2pm
Erica Lamothe
ACT General Auditions
greg delaney
Act General Non-Equity Wait List
Diana Trotter
I can take either day, any time, sing or not sing!
Paul Sobrie
Nicholas Parsons
Kate Hess
Kate Hess
Claire Idstrom
can do anytime (singing preferred)
Sue Slakter
Non union actor, non singing
Michael Ramquist
Non Union
Buddy Todd
Jacquie Stock
Jacquie Stock: Non-Union, no preference regarding day or time. Thank you.
Chris Quilici
Can do either day
Casey Bowen
Available Tuesday
Alex Sturtevant
Alex Sturtevant
Marianna De Fazio
Annie Willis
Camille van Putten
Either day, any time, singing preferred. Thank you!
Taylor Hanes
Shawn Backstrom
Andrea Benson
HanaSara Ito
Hannah Kathline
Melanie Hampton
Can do any time on either day!
Alyssa Hersey
I could audition between 10:00-11:30am or 5:30-6:00pm on the 21st or between 6:00-8:00pm on the 22nd - teaching an afternoon theatre camp those days, so my apologies for those scheduling limitations! Thank you. :)
Rachel Taggart
British Actor's Equity member, not currently union in US. Can audition either day, am or pm
Wendy Chinn
I'm available on any day for any time.
Eric Hampton
Can make other times work
Keith Ordonez
ACT General Auditions
Matthew Langenhop
Also open to non-singing slot
Melissa Henderson
Angela Redman
Liz Vital
Calder Shilling
Jason Robison
Jason Robison
Brianna Landrie
Chelsea Hoyle
Eric Wu
Eric Wu: Act and Sing. Only available 22nd. Prefer slot after 3pm, available after 2pm
Matt Bergonzine
Naleisha Rabena
Andreya Pro
Available during all slot times!
Dan Ruiz Salvatura
Available anytime!
Sera Barbieri
Erin O'Loughlin
I asked for pm on the 22nd, but my schedule is flexible on both days!
Faith Howes
Shauntal Pyper
Blanche Case
Kate Reinert
Jayne Hubbard
any slot other than the 10-1:30 on Monday!
Samuel Turner
Kelsey Boulton
Non-Union, Non-Singing
Charla Jennings
Any time
Valerie Miller
Ashley Koon
Rodman Bolek
Open availability both days
Lacey Krueger
Prefer Tuesday Oct 22 between 4pm and 630pm
Tom Livingston
Open availability; non-singing. Thanks for your consideration!
Christopher Sweet
Isis King
Available 10/22 afternoon as well
Jack Siebel
Leo Oppenheimer
Able to make either day any time
Aaron Parisi
Monita Huang
Lance Valdez
Bethany Buer
Andrew Forrest
Megan Twamley
either day, either time works!
Marina Pierce
Chelsey Sheppard
Fabiano Nardone

Slot for (90)

54 of 90 slots filled
Kayleah Lewis
After 6pm, please
Alyssa Woodbury
I can do any time on either day!
Justine Stillwell
Àngels Ratés
Sonnet Stockmar
Would prefer a time after 4pm. Thank you!
Tyler Bonnell
Either day, AM or PM works!
Kiana Norman-Slack
Megan D Connell
Can do AM or PM on the 22nd.
Sonja Usher
On the 22nd, I am available after 12PM. Otherwise, I will adjust my schedule around time-slot if selected.
Rebecca Herivel
Cortney Wells
Kenon Veno
Michelle Conklin
Berta Manevich
Abby Pierce
Non-union wait list
brandon jonesmooney
either day is fine
Brodrick "Brodie" Ryans
Brodrick Ryans... I can do either day.
Tyler Rogers
Available any time either day
Mahria Zook
Christian Quinto
Minna Lee
Justine Davis
Can do either the 21st or 22nd anytime before 1:50pm
Shalonia Rosen
I can do either day: I can sing but would accept a none singing audition slot
Boston Peltier
Clare Kuesterns
Abner Marcelo
Not available after 5pm on Monday and Tuesday
Andrew Galteland
Monika Elmont
I can do anytime on 10/21 and on 10/21 I can do the first slot
Amber Tanaka
Amber Tanaka
Savannah Lynn
Anytime between 11am and 1:00 is best!
Megan Becker
Jesica Avellone
I'm available both days before 2.
Alex Peri
Non-Union Waitlist
Sierra Pia
Natalie Berg
De’ Shawn Mason
Chelsea DuVall
Non-union artist
Robbie Cantrell
If an audition slot opens on either day, please contact! I am able to shift things in my schedule, however I would be most likely able to make it in the AM on both days.
Rachel Diccicco
Available anytime Monday or Tuesday after 3pm!
Natalie Thompson
Any time on either day
Kendra McDermott
21st 10am-2pm, 22nd 4pm-8pm
Aaron Jin
Prefer a singing slot if possible, would love to be considered for Choir Boy and Christmas Carol
Miranda Troutt
Available any time on the 21st OR 1pm- 6pm on the 22nd. I would like to sing, but will do two monos if no singing slot is available in my timeframe.
Dayana "Dayo" Vice
Hannah Morin
Casey Hartman
Available any time on the 21st and after 2pm on the 22nd, I would like to sing but would happily accept a non-singing slot
Kelliegh Kinst
I am available anytime during the 4:30-8:30 on Tuesday 10/22
Heather Matthews
Lauren Megan
Blair Burns
Blair Burns
Solomon Taylor
Sam Tsohonis
Adrian Cerrato
Molly Tollefson
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