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Class of 2021

College Kick-Off Program for Juniors (Optional RSVP)

Dear Junior Parents,

The College Kick-Off program for juniors (junior parents invited) will be Tuesday, February 4th at 9:30 am. As you know, a sign in process exists at Maggie Walker where visitors must scan their photo IDs the first time they enter the building during school hours. During subsequent visits, visitors must type their names into the system upon entering the building and receive a printed visitors badge containing their photo. In an effort to maintain heightened security measures during the College Kick-Off program, all junior parents must sign in prior to reporting to the auditorium. To streamline the process, we are asking that junior parents WHO ARE ALREADY IN THE SYSTEM please RSVP using this program so that Ms. Valenta Williams can have your ID badge already printed for you in the Bluestone Lobby when you arrive. If you have NOT had your ID scanned into the system before, please arrive by 9:15 to allow time for this process. You may RSVP until 7:30 am the morning of February 4th and an RSVP is NOT mandatory in order to attend College Kick-Off. We are hoping that this process will assist parents in arriving in the auditorium on time (please also plan to utilize off-site parking at the James River Bus lot on Allen Street). If you have questions about the RSVP process or you are not sure if you are in the system, please contact Valenta Williams at [email protected]. All other questions about College Kick-Off may go to Kierstin Streitel at [email protected]

Thank you so much for your cooperation! We look forward to seeing you on February 4th.


Kierstin Streitel and Rachel Loving (Counselors/Event Leaders)

Date: 02/04/2020 (Tue.)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am EST

Location: Bluestone Lobby

Created by:   Kierstin Streitel

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 68     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 86     Maybe: 0

YES (68) -  

Ambikapathi Jayaraman (1 guest)

Preetha Agrawal (1 guest)

Manisha Ashar (1 guest)

Laura Dunn (1 guest)

Cindy Falls (1 guest)

Jennifer Dyson (1 guest)

Jennifer Rhoden (1 guest)

Laura Pollard (1 guest)

Winnie Brown (1 guest)
Nhu uyen Brown

Jessica Ganyuma (2 guests)

Jessica Hendricks (1 guest)

Sarika Malani (2 guests)

Colleen Williams (2 guests)
Colleen and Bill Williams

James Diaz (2 guests)
James Diaz and Tara Diaz (1 badge each, please)

Tina Davis (1 guest)

Srilatha Santhanagopalan (1 guest)

Jennifer Ostrum (1 guest)

Melyatta Powers (1 guest)

Kevin DeWitt (1 guest)

Kim Lee (1 guest)

Margaret Finck (1 guest)

Jinhua Liu (2 guests)

Charles Kemp (1 guest)

Beth Simms (2 guests)

Heidi Staley (1 guest)

Alison Feehan (1 guest)

Unsong Oh (1 guest)

Zach Sheley (3 guests)

Andrea McCoy (1 guest)

Brenda Daglish (1 guest)

Annu Barretto (2 guests)

Shunzhi Ye (1 guest)

Manisha Ashar (2 guests)
Please print 2 labels: for Manisha Ashar and Satish Ashar

Emory Flournoy (1 guest)

Beth Williams (1 guest)

Sarika Malani (2 guests)
Please print two labels for Sarika Malani and Shailendra Malani.

Erika Martin (1 guest)

Dietta Slayton (1 guest)

Laura Dysart (1 guest)

Salette Johns (2 guests)
Johns Selvarajou

Pamela DeWitt (1 guest)

Carrie Lindley (1 guest)

Heather Strickland (1 guest)

Gloria Keating (1 guest)

Christina Murray (1 guest)

Angela Seaborne (2 guests)

Carla Winters (2 guests)
Michael Winters

Jodi Cotton (1 guest)

Hasun Hamilton (1 guest)

Stephanie Theofanos (1 guest)

Laura Thorne (1 guest)

Kelly Tsow (1 guest)

Laure Ray (1 guest)

Alice Meyre (2 guests)

Wendy Fewster (1 guest)

Sophia Balcomb (1 guest)

Helen Rigsby (1 guest)

Erika King (1 guest)

Tracey Van De Putte (1 guest)

Natalie Smith (1 guest)

Chris Flock (2 guests)

Candace Boyce (2 guests)
Peter Eisenhauer should be in the system

Theresa Welenteychik (1 guest)

Kellie Huyard (1 guest)

Pradeep Sripathi (1 guest)

Colleen Hall (1 guest)

Deepthi Kalluri (1 guest)

Gina and Glenn Telfer (2 guests)

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