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A Celebration of Thanksgiving - Fr Chuck Barthel's 40th Anniversary

An Invitation to a Celebration of Thanksgiving

Dear Parishioners,

     The psalmist asks the question, “How shall I make a return to God, for all that God has given to me?”  The answer is “I will raise up the cup of salvation. I will fulfill my vows to you, O God, standing before your assembly.” 

     On Sunday, June 5, 2022, I will celebrate the 40th  Anniversary of my Ordination to the Priesthood for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  For forty years I have had the honor of gathering with a parish community each weekend in order to retell our faith story and to lift up our hearts in giving praise and thanks to God. Serving here  previously as an associate for two and a half years and now as your pastor for the past five years has certainly been one of the great blessings of these past forty years. Your prayers and presence have been an important source of strength and ongoing formation in my life and ministry. 

     I would be honored if you would join my family at one of our two parish weekend parish liturgies on 
June 4 / 5.  Did you notice that I said two liturgies?  We’ll have our regularly scheduled 4:30pm Mass on Saturday evening and we’ll be combining our two Sunday liturgies into one on Sunday at 10:00am. There will be a reception following each Mass in the Reilly Center.  As has been our practice for some time now, please RSVP via Sign-Up Genius by     May 20, 2022    so that the planning committee and I have a sense of how many folks will be with us.  I have also invited members of my extended family and friends from the seminary and other parishes at which I have served to join us for these celebrations.

     In addition to celebrating my anniversary, one of our parish’s favorite celebrations takes place this weekend > Pentecost!  It is also when the first major update on the Archdiocesan Strategic Planning Initiative will be announced.  Oh, and our parish feast day is on Monday, June 6.  So, there are a lot of reasons for us to come together and celebrate!

Rev. Chuck Barthel


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Created by:   Ann Garavaglia
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Location Available Slot
06/04/2022 (Sat.) Reilly Center (following 4:30pm Mass) 

I/We will attend (320)

145 of 320 slots filled
Ann Garavaglia (2)
Tom and Ann Garavaglia
Steve and Sandy Rustige (4)
Don and Jeanne Schepers (2)
Kathy and Steve Wieland (2)
Ann Howard (2)
Thank you!
Randy & Mary Anne Howe (2)
Laura Hamtil Klages
Ken and Jeanette Sloan (2)
Thrilled to celebrate with you!
Mary Factor
Ceal Parchomski
Michelle Martin (2)
Rick and Michelle say congrats!!
Diane Pugh
Rose Callahan
Glenda Tate (2)
Angela Smith
Robert Adamec (2)
Pat Tobin (3)
With Ginny Gregali and Joan Crawford
Sandra Hacker (2)
Ron & Ann Werner (2)
Carl and Saralou Hendrickson (2)
Suzanne Dace
Amanda Nielsen
Janet & Bob Shilts (2)
Ed & Kay Lewandowski (2)
Charlotte Herwig
Judy Peckham (2)
what a blessing Congratulations!!
Clare Ernst
Carol Kehrman (2)
Mike & Denise Garavaglia (2)
Marty and Kathy OBrien (2)
Sr. Amy Diesen
Pat & Jackie Wilson (2)
Mark & Nancy Muehl (2)
Congratulations on the 40th Anniversary of your Ordination!!
Jack Weis (2)
What a great day!
Alice Weis
Mark Fuller (2)
Mark and Betty Fuller
Lou and Bobbi Pfaff (2)
Arlie and Sue Schnarre (2)
Ann Madden
Paul & MaryAnn Zimmermann (2)
Laureen Wilder (2)
Joe and Laureen Wilder
Marilyn Keutzer (2)
Steve Keutzer
Gerald FelDotto (2)
Ed & Barbara Killius (2)
Margie Brenner
Georgann Spicer-Griffin
Congratulations Father! You are a blessing to us.
Kathleen Eiler (2)
Genevieve Eiler
Cheryl Degenhart (2)
Cheryl and Greg
Karen Karr
Barb Gavin (2)
Diane Abernathy (2)
Bill Ondr (2)
Gerry Van de Ven (3)
Melissa Coker (3)
Carol Musielak (2)
Donald And Valerie Eastwood (2)
Marlene Ahrens
Mary Lou and Bill Peters (2)
Jule Zach (2)
Jule & Toni Zach
Michael Jarvis (2)
Eileen Radley (2)
Lois Scully
Kathleen McAnany
Joe & Rose Rinke (2)
Joe and Rose
Gwen Tresch
Shelly Stick (2)
Jim Ann Noonan (2)
Judy Belford
Joan Gagnepain (2)
Pat Echelmeyer (2)
Elise Woodland (2)
Suzanne Giro
Delores Ebert (2)
Fr. Dale Wunderlich
Fr. Dale Wunderlich
Suzanne Dace
Lou Mantia
LaVerne Crosby (2)
Donna Coleman
norma nisbet
Kathleen Ziegler
Arlene Freeman
Bob & Leicha Schepers (2)
Kay Clifford (2)
Bob and Kay Clifford
06/05/2022 (Sun.) Reilly Center (following 10am Mass) 

I/We will attend (320)

250 of 320 slots filled
Judy Belford
Bob Smerek (2)
Steve and Sandy Rustige (4)
Janis Sonnenschein (2)
John and Janis Sonnenschein
Susan And Bruce Buerkle (2)
Lori Fick
Joannah Santiago (5)
David Mendias (2)
Sandy Hoffmann (5)
Sister Elizabeth (Betty) CSJ
Paula Mari Willenbrink (2)
I just happen to be in town for Fr. Chucks special Mass
BOB hughes
John & Mary Brutcher (2)
Thomas Serati (2)
Patricia Mueller (2)
Glen and Pat
Rita Santen
Congrats Father Chuck, on your 40 years of wearing that special collar!
Diane Wilcox
John & Kathy Davidson (2)
The Meyer Families (29)
Mary Ann Blankinship
Mike Heck (2)
Michael & Barbara Foley (2)
Anita Anton (2)
Alexandra Heck (4)
Joe/ / MaryK Spencer (2)
Ellen Adams (3)
Ellen, Eli and Evie Adams
Carollyn & Harold Messler (2)
Andrea Coverstone (5)
Katie Balek Kempf (4)
Loretta Lampen (2)
Jim and Loretta Lampen
Jim & Sandy Kopp (2)
Dave Baranowski (4)
Mary Ann Daust-Buehler
MaryAnn McWilliams (2)
M Scalzo (2)
Rodney Biehl (2)
Michele Venable
Patricia Dean
Richard Drury (2)
Carol & Dick
Ted Hartzler (2)
Mort Small (2)
Dorothy & Mort will attend
Rick & Robin Meyer (2)
Wendy Franklin (2)
Gary & Wendy
Glenn and Joan Waeckerle (2)
Lisa Roseland (2)
Lisa and Dick
Jerry & Judy Lesmeister (2)
Thank Thank you for letting us share in your celebration
Karen and Ken Obrecht (2)
Larry -Alice Sartori (2)
Frances Winker
John & Maureen Schumacker (2)
Tom And Judy Huck (2)
Sharon Barron (2)
Marisue Balek (2)
Andrew Hartmann (2)
Andy & Mary Jo
Sr. Pat Murphy-CSJ
John and Sue Giljum (2)
Paul & Sue Schulte (2)
Joe & Linda Licata (2)
Dan Schoenekase (2)
Looking forward to celebrating this special weekend
Mark & Lisa Raglin (2)
Mary Hubbard
Mary Loui Smith (2)
Happy 40th Anniversary
Linda Hohenberger (2)
Kathleen Riggio (2)
James and Kathleen Riggio
Mary Driskill
Linda Doyle (2)
Linda and Michael
Laura Messler (3)
Lisa Klempert (2)
George & Rose Schmitz (2)
Mary Simitjis
Gregory Roy
mike & mary mccoll (2)
we are singing in the choir
Mary K Spencer (2)
Dennis Allen (2)
Peggy Dolter (3)
Joe & Betty Follmer (2)
We are so happy to celebrate with you for your Anniversary.
Patricia Keller
Janet Bridwell
Sally Backer (3)
Dolores Seats (2)
Dino & Dolores Seats
Patty And Dave Coverstone (2)
Barb Leveque
Linda & Rob Telthorst (2)
Ruth Spray (2)
Ken & Barbara Barnes Barnes (2)
Suellen Nieva
Randy Howe (2)
Tony Yu
Fr. Denny Doyle
Rev. Denny Doyle
Terri Boehm
Leslie Najjar (2)
Gloria Wind
Mari Gilb
Susan & Steven Krieger (2)
Dorothy Owensby
Shelly Stick (2)
Patricia Turner (2)
Charles and myself will be there.
Don & Cathy Loyd (2)
Nancy and Claude Leezy (2)
Barrett and Sally Thiele (2)
Carl Cooper (2)
Thomas Bennett (4)
Tom, Regina, and boys
Suzanne Dace
Chuck & Cathy Gilbert
Denise Kennedy (2)
Kevin and Denise Kennefy
Bonnie Sansoucie
Mary Ann Luther (2)
John & Pike (2)
Carl & Ruth-Anne Cooper (2)
Carol Brophy
Megan Bennett (3)
The Bennett JR’s and the Baby
Jim Yamnitz (2)
Cindy & Jim
Mike Bennett (2)
Ed/Pat Olander
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