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Welcome to the Volunteer registration page for the 26th Annual Spirit Dinner at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. This webpage is the place you will sign - up for volunteer shifts for the annual holiday banquet that is held on Christmas Eve Day at the Holiday Inn, Route 100, Fogelsville. 

Volunteers are asked to register for the shift of your choice. Upon arriving at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, please check-in at the Volunteer Table in the Sam Adams Brewhouse to let us know you have arrived. Once you check-in, a team member will let you know the area you can join to volunteer your time.

Thank you in advance for sharing your Christmas Eve with those less fortunate in our Lehigh Valley.


Date: 12/24/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 8:15am - 3:30pm EST

Location: Holiday Inn Conference Center, Fogelsville

Created by:   Samantha Rutch- Chitswara
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Available Slot

Volunteers 8:15-10:30 am (2)

Registration Table

All slots filled
Josh Arndt
Todd Roseman
First time at this event

Volunteers 10:30 Am-1 pm (3)

Registration table

All slots filled
Lora Bittenbender (2)
Me & my 13yo daughter are volunteering together to run the registration table
Josh Arndt

Volunteers 1-3:30pm (3)

Registration Table

All slots filled
Andrea Torres (2)
My daughter and I
Ann Kichline

Volunteers 8:30 - 10:30 am (20)

All slots filled
Christine Zaun (4)
Sharon Grant
Help getting food from kitchen to serving tables
Jerry Judge (2)
I will be bringing my son!!
Sandy Crupi (4)
Rebecca Beltrame (4)
Julie DiGiacomo (4)
2 adults, 1 mature 14yo boy and 1 mature 12 yo gilr
Karen Loeb
Bringing my 5 year old daughter.

Volunteers 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (80)

All slots filled
Kelly Brelsford
Samantha L (3)
Jeanne Mackes (2)
Leandra Aubry (4)
Lisa Petrocelli (4)
Cara Radz
John Fitzpatrick (2)
Karen and John
Sharon Grant
Same as above
Ryan Skerchak
Zoe Briggs
Wynn Anderson
Sarah Brown
Lindsay Newton
Benny Pacelli (3)
Darah Donaher
Darah Donaher
Anthony Verna (4)
Tony, Alison, Lauren and Amanda
Lisa Pinter (4)
Scott Benner (3)
We would love to help serving food
Lisa Pinter (4)
Judit Young (3)
S Bertelsen (8)
Tina Zaun (4)
Amanda Welsh (2)
Jeff & Ruth Joyce (2)
Mark Lopez (3)
2 adults and 1 9 year old to volunteer
Nolan Zambelli (3)
My 9 and 7 old boys will be helping with me
Angie Schneider (4)
Dave Shellhamer (2)
Alex (2)
from Discover LV
Nancy Miller (2)
Sharon Bartz
Marie Bryk
my husband and I

Volunteers 12:00 pm - 1:30pm (75)

All slots filled
Jen Giordano (6)
Christina Williams (6)
We would like to serve food
Christina Williams
Serve food
Sharon Grant
Same as above
cynthia super (4)
Terri Carbone (8)
Jack, Terri, Molly, Meghan, Kelly, Ryan, Kevin and Katie
Lynn Marie Mantone (4)
serve food
Kate Barbella (4)
Serve Food
Lisa Pinter (4)
Chantal Fulton (3)
We can clear tables or help wherever we are needed.
Sangeeta Dorner (5)
Assist in dining room - set up/ assist with drinks, etc
Mike Wescoe (2)
Along with my wife, Faith wescoe
George Terri Arielle & Kyle Iacocca (4)
Serve food
Julie Farnsworth (4)
Suzanne Williams (5)
Sue Korzen
Would like to serve food
Angie Schneider (4)
Jean Manone
Wherever needed
Beth Higgins (3)
Rhonda Anderson
Tom Kushinka
Karen Kendall
Tanean Schaller
Happy to serve food
Patricia Petersen
Mark and Aubrey Petersen

Volunteers 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (70)

All slots filled
Robin Horn
Kiana Gilbert (2)
Me and my gf would like to serve the food.
Charlie Torres (4)
Lisa Finkelstein (4)
Suzanne Williams (5)
Diane Pappas (5)
Barb Taylor (2)
Yhadira Ramirez (4)
Blaine Flexer (4)
4 adults - Serve food
Erin Rizzetto (4)
Food service
Karen Kendall
I would like to serve food or work the meal side.
Mary Lu Ryerson (5)
4 of the Ryerson Family would like to serve food & 1 to help in Santa's toy room
Tanean Schaller
Happy to serve
Joe Lococo (3)
Donna Verdiglione-Hazan (2)
My son Anthony and I would like to volunteer to serve food.
Mary Geschel (2)
Food service
Ronda Koepke
Nicole Hinkle (7)
amy Guldner (6)
gift giving
Jason MacHose (4)
my 3 kids and i will help where we are needed
Aislinn Kari (2)
My 13 yr old daughter and I. We would like to serve food/mealside
Cindy Ritter

Volunteers 3:30 - 5:00 pm (30)

Clean Up Crew

27 of 30 slots filled
Tanean Schaller
I’m able to stay and help clean up
Frances Galarzl
The Christmas event was nice enough for me 2 help so i was grateful for having a good time with my family here
Luiz Santos
I came there every year and now i would love to help and I'm a hard worker and feel like this job would be good for me
Sharon Bartz
Shalon Buskirk (2)
Cindy Ritter
James Flynn
Derek Pinkham
Sally Moyer (5)
Family of 5
Marion Guarino (2)
Husband & Wife
Robin Horn
Paris Barton (2)
I am bringing my 21 year old cousin and I am 19.
DeeDee Bolton (3)
Me, my daughter and her friend would love to help. If you need any more help throughout the day please get me know.
Nina Cao
Carl and Nancy Smartschan (2)
Sallie Zahour
Family of 4
Brian Hardner

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