The Friars Cove Lodge, Inc.

50th Anniversary Friars Cove Adult Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner

Hello everyone!

    It's an exciting time of year.  Number one, Christmas Is Coming!  Number two,  our dear old Friars Cove Lodge turned 50 years old this year!!!!  What better way to celebrate Christmas and our home away from home than with a 50th Anniversary Christmas Pot Luck Dinner.  Click below to get started!!!  It's The Party 50 Years In The Making And YOU'RE INVITED  Sec. Dave

Date: 12/08/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 6:00pm CST

Location: The Friars Cove Lodge
215 Kingston Dr, Addison, IL 60101

Created by:  David Calabrese

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Appetizers (6) - Lodge Birthday to Christmas to New Years we go! Here's something to snack on now Chow Down, Let's Go!
  4 of 6 slots filled
  Bill And Russina Grady
Cheese and fruit platter
  LauraSue Colella (2)
foccacia bread
  Dan and Nancy Danhauer
Hot artichoke dip
Salads / Soups (6) - So what if it's Green, so what if it's Hot, some Salads and Soups now would sure hit the spot!
  4 of 6 slots filled
  Debbie Sramek
Green Salad
  Mark Calabrese
  Amy Parent
  Phil & Pam Landers
apple-fennel salad
Main Courses (10) - It's Chicken & Pork Chops & Meat Dishes too, and maybe some Turkey to make us go Ooooooooo.
  7 of 10 slots filled
  Jenni Calabrese
Fried Chicjen
  Linda Durec
Roast pork with mushroom gravy
  Kathleen De Armas
I'll bring something vegetarian
  Jim & Karen Grady
Pasta Dish
  Phil & Pam Landers
swedish meatballs
  Greg And Karen Pinns
Greek lasagna
  Greg & Kathy Stopka
Ham Dish
Side Dishes (10) - The course could be Chicken, the course could be Meat but with Corn or Potatos, we're ready to eat!
  4 of 10 slots filled
  Jenni Calabrese
Cheesy mashed potatoes
  Lisa Knauf
green vegetable of some sort
  Sylvia Lzyne
  Marty and Judy Hausermann
corn casserole
Desserts (10) - They're crunchy and gooey and sweet through and through. Dessert plates a plenty, it's just what we do.
  8 of 10 slots filled
  Jenni Calabrese
Sheet cake
  Stephanie Ganakos
  Mark Calabrese
  Fran & Rick Mijares
Portillo cake
  Phil & Norma Heitz
  Amy & Tony D’Antonio
Cookie tray
  Connie & Mike Daleki
  Laura And Michael Capizzano
Bar (10) - Let us be happy with holiday cheer, I see a full bar and there's plenty of Beer.
  All slots filled
  Jenni Calabrese
Red wine
  Stephanie Ganakos
Red wine
  Linda Durec
bottle of wine
  Phil & Pam Landers
bottle of white wine
  Mark Calabrese
  Bill And Russina Grady (2)
12 pack of Stella and a bottle of red wine
  LauraSue Colella
bottle of wine
  Lisa Knauf
  Amy & Tony D’Antonio
Bottle of red wine
Responses:     Yes: 26     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 48     Maybe: 0

YES (26) -  

Jim & Judy Jaskoske (2 guests)

Laura And Michael Capizzano (2 guests)

Connie & Mike Daleki (2 guests)

Amy & Tony D’Antonio (2 guests)

Ron & Carol Calabrese (2 guests)

Greg & Kathy Stopka (2 guests)

Phil & Norma Heitz (2 guests)

Marty and Judy Hausermann (2 guests)

Sylvia Lzyne (1 guest)

Greg And Karen Pinns (2 guests)

Dan and Nancy Danhauer (2 guests)

Lisa Knauf (1 guest)

Doug & Debbie Proske (2 guests)

LauraSue Colella (2 guests)

Fran & Rick Mijares (2 guests)

Bill And Russina Grady (2 guests)

Jim & Karen Grady (2 guests)

Amy Parent (1 guest)

Mark Calabrese (2 guests)

Kathleen De Armas (2 guests)

Carol & Jim Knauf (2 guests)

Phil & Pam Landers (2 guests)

Debbie Sramek (1 guest)

Linda Durec (2 guests)

Stephanie Ganakos (2 guests)

Jenni Calabrese (2 guests)