Beefin Up 2019 Health Challenge

Beefin' Up Health Challenge 2019


Beef is a great source of 10 essential nutrients that support a heart-healthy lifestyle including protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins. The nutrients found in beef provide our bodies with the strength to thrive and grow throughout all the stages of life. Start the New Year off by joining the Utah Cattlewomen's Association Beef Health Challenge and learn how beef's nutrients help fuel you and your family.

Sign Up Now!! Winner receives up to 400 lbs beef, cut and wrapped!* 


Prizes after every weigh-in!**

*Total winnings based on number of entries. Every 30 entries adds another 1/4 of a beef (approximately 100 lbs of beef) to the overall winner prize, up to one full beef, cut and wrapped! Spread the word!

**Winner of each weigh-in will be based on highest percentage of weight lost from previous weigh-in to current weigh-in. Weigh-ins are approximately every 3 weeks throughout the contest. There will be four chances to win weigh-in prizes!

UCWA Beefin' Up Health Challenge

February 15 - May 15, 2019

To sign up, scroll to bottom. Click the green "sign up" box, then click the red "submit and sign up" button. Be sure to read the rules and requirements, below!

Our Beefin' Up Health Challenge is simple!

General Rules:

1.       Start date begins February 15, 2019. Final Weigh In is May 15, 2019.

2.       Winner will be announced within 7 working days from the final weigh in date.

3.       Winner will be determined by the calculation: (Initial Weight – Final Weight)/ Initial Weight = Total percent of Body Weight lost. At each weigh-in, participant with highest percent of body weight lost will receive a prize.

4.       Participants must lose weight in a healthy manner through nutritious eating and exercise. Must incorporate beef into meal plan.

7.       Participants may not use any steroids, enhancement drugs or medications unless prescribed by a doctor to treat an existing condition.

8.       All individual weights, BPs, and measurement information will remain confidential and the property of Utah Cattlewomen’s Association (UCWA). Winners may grant permission to UCWA to share their results or they may voluntarily share their results with others.

9.       Each participant is fully responsible for any injury, harm, or loss while participating in the 12- week fitness challenge.

Participant Requirements:

1.       Completion of the weigh-in process and reading all the rules and regulations. By registering for the contest, participant agrees to all rules and regulations. Please be honest in your process

3.       Failure to participate in the contest requirements may result in disqualification. UCWA cannot be held liable for any harm, injury, or unknown pre-existing conditions that present during the 12-week fitness challenge.

4.       Optional: Share 1 beef recipe by emailing it to [email protected] We will be compiling a digital recipe book for participants to use after the contest.

Weigh-In Process:

  • Initial Weigh-Ins: Initial weigh-ins establish a participants official starting weight. The initial weigh-in must be emailed to [email protected] starting from 48 hours before February 15, 2019. If participant fails to submit their initial weigh-in, they will be disqualified with no refund. Note: weights are never revealed without a participants explicit permission, except privately and confidentially to UCWA, and are REQUIRED to participate.
  • Photo-Based Proof of Weight: For verified weigh-ins, participants must submit two photos of themselves on a scale. The first of the two photos must be a head-to-toe shot of the participant standing on a scale wearing lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear). The participant's face must be clearly visible. The second must be a close-up of the participants weight, as indicated by the scale, with a piece of paper in the shot showing the weigh-in word. The weigh-in word will be emailed to participant by UCWA on February 12, 2019 and serves as an official timestamp (i.e., to ensure the photo was not taken at a different time). Please be sure to use the current word received in email confirmation, as it does change throughout the weigh-in periods.   
  • Weigh-In Dates:  Participants must submit Photo-Based Proof of Weight to [email protected] within 48 hours of, and no later than, the following dates: Start Date- February 15, 2019; March 8, 2019; March 29, 2019; April 19, 2019 and Final Weigh-In Date- May 15, 2019. Participant will receive a new weigh-in word before each weigh-in date (i.e., to ensure the photo was not taken at a different time).
  • Scales: The same scale should be used for official weigh-ins, whenever possible. Scales should be digital or doctor’s scales and placed on a hard, flat surface.

 Thank You to our sponsors for their generous prizes! All proceeds raised from sponsorships and registration fees will directly help the Utah Beef Ambassador Program and Utah Cattlewomen's Scholarship Program. Thank you for joining our efforts to generate a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your families!

Entry fee $29.99

Proceeds will directly benefit UCWA scholarship programs for youth! Thank you! For questions contact Deb at [email protected] or call or text 435-823-0033. See rules above for details.

For recipe ideas, visit


Created by:   Utah Cattlewomen's Association
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