ROSL 2019


2019 ROSL Snack Bar Donation Sign-up.  This list will be added to periodically as slots fill up.  PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONLY 1 ITEM PER CHILD.  We only have space for 90 kids at the clinic.  Please remember to enter your childs name & age.  Thank you!!

Date: 03/26/2019 (Tue.)

Created by:   Melissa Hayes
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Available Slot

Cases of Water (22)

19 of 22 slots filled
Melissa Hayes
Vanessa Kuhlman
Melissa Washington
Madison Stewart 11yrs
Stephanie Menzo
Sarah Menzo
Scott Zobl
Alessandra Zobl, Age 8
Denise Nader
Addison Nader- 12
Chyna Harmon
Lilly Harmon-Cawley 12yrs
Noi Brett
Thai Brett 13 years old
Christina Zimmer
Miles Zimmer- 8 years old
Timothy McGlinchey
Myles is 9 years Old
Eric Steiner
Carson Steiner age 9
John Young
Robert Young-Age 10
Sally Foster
Landen Foster - Age 9
Trish Donaldson (Desnoyer) (2)
Luke Desnoyer (11) and Wyatt Desnoyer (9)r
Tony Lupone
Olivia Lupone - 11 yrs old
Becky Novack
Henry Novack 7yrs (control pitch)
Jessica Cislo
Alex cislo age 7
Nicole Gnatek

Cases of Gatorade (12)

Kids LOVE BLUE!!!!!

9 of 12 slots filled
Robyn Henderson
Shawn Henderson
Lisa Austin
Aaron Austin - 11
Anil Masih
Eli masih age 10
DeMarrio Boles
DeMarrio Boles Jr - 8
Carrie Agazio
Riley Agazio 12
Jeanne Barcelona (2)
Jude Barcelona
Katie McCormick
Liz Quinn

Cases of Coke (8)

1 of 8 slots filled
Nicole Gibas
Troy Jesse

Cases of Pepsi (2)

All slots filled
Elizabeth Mulheisen (2)
Trevor (12)

Cases of Diet Coke (8)

1 of 8 slots filled
Julie Mayo
Joseph Mayo age 9

Arnold Palmer (3)


Case of Sprite (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Josh Brown
Christian Brown - 8 years old

Case of Variety La Croix (24 Count) (3)

Sams / Costco

1 of 3 slots filled
Nicole Scherbarth
Paul Scherbarth-11

Box of Peanut M&M's

GFS / Sams/ Costco

Tina Solocinski
Antonio Perez- 7yrs old

Box of Twix

GFS / Sams/ Costco


Box of Regular Skittles

GFS / Sams / Costco


Box of Sour Skittles

GFS / Sams / Costco


Box of Swedish Fish (3)

24 Count

1 of 3 slots filled
Noi Brett
Asia Brett

Box of Sour Patch Kids (3)

24 Count


Container of Individual Wrapped Dubble Bubble Gum (380 count)

Sams / GFS - 380 Count

Debbie Stoyanof
Connor Stoyanof

Box of Big League Chew (12 count) (12)

Sams / GFS - 12 count

1 of 12 slots filled
Denise Nader
Lincoln Nader- 8

Box of Variety Blow Pop Suckers (100 Count)

GFS / Sams / Costco /

Stephanie Peltier
Henry Peltier- 7 years old

Box of Caramel Apple Pop Suckers


Jennifer McCaffrey
Cole McCaffrey Age 12

Paper Plates - Regular White (5)

100+ count

All slots filled
Kathleen Cross
Meaghan Cross - 10 yrs.
Kelley Holloway
Rebecca Holloway - Age 14
Denise Nader
Mackenzie Nader- 15
Amanda Muckenthaler
Jack Age 8
Cindy Hatton
Riley Hatton age 9

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