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Central’s Angel Tree

Sponsored by the Board of Deacons

This Advent season, it is more important than ever to remember our friends at Calvin Community with a gift. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Deacons are continuing the Angel Tree tradition. Won’t you please consider choosing a resident at Calvin to share the Christmas spirit with? The residents have given us their wishes and interests to help you choose the perfect gift. Although they provided multiple ideas, you are only expected to give one item.

When you select a resident, please provide your name, phone number and email address.

Please wrap your gift and label the outside of the package with the number, letter and gender assigned to your resident. For your convenience, presents may be dropped off at Central’s East Patio on Sunday, December 13, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Drive through the east parking lot and we will collect your gifts. You may also bring your package(s) to the church office any day before December 13.

Thank you for participating in our Angel Tree, which has become a beloved tradition at Central. We are looking forward to brightening the Christmas season for Calvin Community!

Deadline for Drop-Off: 12/13/2020 (Sunday)

Time: 1:00–3:00pm CST

Created by:   Central Presbyterian Church
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Available Slot

304A: Male - Large; jacket, blanket

Randi McNally

304B: Male - Large; likes painting and horses

Paul Tavernier
Paul Tavernier

307A: Male - Large; sweatshirts, jackets, pj pants, likes planes and anything warm

Joan Middleton

307B: Male - Large; nice shirts, blanket, socks


308A: Male - Large; nice shirts, likes the Hawkeyes

Connie Klug
Connie klug

308B: Male - 3XL; sweatpants, movies


309A: Female - Large; warm shirts, socks

Kimberly Sanford

309B: Female - Large; sweaters and sweat outfits

Billie Sturges

310A: Female - XL; sweaters, socks, blanket

Lynda Pitts

310B: Female - XL; large jewelry, neon yellow


311A: Male - Medium; long sleeve shirts, likes sports


312A: Female - Large; religious books, necklaces, matching outfits, likes Nebraska Huskers


320A: Female - Medium; pretty outfits, jewelry

Billie Sturges

321A: Male - XL; nice shirts, likes Iowa State


322A: Female - Large; warm undershirts, sweaters

Barb Getting

322B: Female - 2XL; cardigans, socks


323A: Female - Medium; pretty shirts, socks

Ryle Egge

323B: Female - Large; undershirts, socks, shirts

Billie Sturges

325A: Female - XL; shirts, word find books

Mary Gordon

326A: Female - XL; cardigans, snacks, magazines, likes interior design

Jackie Romp

327A: Female - XL; pretty shirt, undershirts, coloring book, colored pencils


332A: Male - Medium; sweatpants, pajamas, socks, blanket, pudding

Hilary Fort

333A: Female - Medium; cardigan, word search book


334A: Male - 2XL; nice short sleeve shirt, sweatpants


336A: Female - Medium; hair clips, makeup, socks


337A: Male - Large; nice short sleeve shirt, snacks


338A: Male - Large; nice shirt, undershirts

Ray Getting

314A: Female - Small; stretchy top or pants, likes Iowa and the color black

Ryle Egge

201: Female - 3X; comfortable top (no sweatshirts,) likes the colors blue and pink


202: Male - Large (tall); shirts, likes the Hawkeyes and football

Linda and Lynn Bridie

204: Female - Large; warm blouse, likes the color red


205: Female - Large; stretchy top, likes animals


206: Female - XL; stretchy top

Linda and Lynn Bridie

210: Female - Large; soft stretchy nightgowns, likes the color purple


212: Female - Large; long-sleeved button-up top, likes the colors red and green


214; Female - XL; button-up blouse, likes the colors red, white and blue


216: Female - Large; stretchy comfortable tops, likes red and blue


218: Female - Large; long sleeve nightgown, likes blue, yellow and pink


324A: Female - Medium; religious books and socks


301A: Male - XL; socks, blankets, warm shirts

Mia Mulholland
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