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FFGSC Volunteers desk calendar (qualifies for new point system)

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Please see the calendar for days we need help at the front desk. Bring a lunch or snack be ready to have a great day.  We only need two Volunteers on each day, Unless you are new, than pick a day that two members are on. The other two Volunteers will provide you with training. Please come in and leave for scheduled hours to support your partner. Because Dave will not be here to fill in. If you are sick please don't come in. Stay home relax and get well, I want the front desk to be a enjoyable experience for you. But please email me so I can find a replacement, so your partner is not at the desk alone. If you can't come in or want to leave earlier than scheduled time please pick another day. Dave will not be here to fill in and I don't want one person left alone at the desk. 

When you click on the days that your choose to sign up for you have to click on the little green box to insert a check mark you can click on several days if you choose , it will than take you to the next page where you have to fill in your name and email those are the only two requirements, than look (scroll) at the bottom of the screen and click the submit button and your done, you will get a email 2 days prior to remind you . 

Thursday's hours are 10 AM - 2:30 PM members of the Thu group have volunteered to set up the fields they have the codes to come into the club house to get necessary equipment , you don't need to come until 10 AM, Volunteers will set up front desk not the fields on Thu. only.  Thursdays 10 AM-2:30 PM- Sat and Sun 11:45 AM - 4 PM. With these cold days the trap machines need to be turned on to warm up for at least 15 min prior to using them because the oil is to thick till warmed, so if you would flip on at least one trap machine to warm up before you go into the club house.  If the weather is very bad with hard rain, sleet, snow, or ice don't come in but let me know (call or email me) so I can post that we are closed on the home page of our website ffgsc.com. 

We have a lot of renewals in Dec. they will be coming into the clubhouse to get their buttons and membership cards some will come in to sign up at the Club or get information about our club. Look into the computer to get their membership date you will need this to put on their membership card. 

We are pleased to tell all of our Volunteers that we appreciate them and their time. We now instituted appreciation awards to say thank you to our Volunteers. I am keeping track of the hours you Volunteer to the club by using sign up genius . 

There is no maximum that anyone can sign up for as long as there are slots available. Sign up genius will keep a record of Volunteers points based on the hours volunteered  All members that sign up for work events shall receive points unless they request not to be in the program. No member is excluded from Volunteering at the club and receiving points. Each member is to keep track of their own hours and notify the responsible  member that they would like to turn in their hours how many, and for what. That member will match up the hours request and delete them from further use. The Board Of Directors will approve and present awards at the Quarterly member meeting.

Six hours for every point, Points must be used within a one year period Aug 18 - Aug 18 , at that time they will start all over at zero. Started Aug 18, 2018

16.5 Points for Complimentary membership for FFGSC, for the next year. Which can be applied anytime of the year to extend your membership another year

T shirt for RSO’s with Their name embroidered and FFGSC in

RSO T shirt Colors will be  NRA  RSO colors RSO to receive this shirt 4.5

T shirt for Volunteers at front desk with their name and FFGSC embroidered on it Choice of colors 4.5 points

$40 gift Cert. for Lowes, 6.5 Points

$40 Gift Cert. for Cracker barrel, 6.5 Points

Eight 25 rounds of birds for trap or skeet, 5.5 Points

$50 Rocky Top 10 theater gift Cert 8.5 points

Embroidered Volunteer vest personalized in tans 6.5 points Silver metal stars (lapel pins) for vest rated by hours volunteered, one silver star for every 10 points turned in to redeem each star. After 5 stars the next star will be a gold star. Than back to silver

Thank you to all the volunteers, big or small. You all make a difference 

Created by:   marjorie philippe
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