Delta Pickleball

Fall Outdoor Tournament

Our third and final outdoor tournament of the year will use a new format:

- eight to nine divisions - each with up to 12 players each
- mixed doubles, but only 3 levels
- men's doubles, with 3 levels
- above players have the option to pick their own partners
- women's round robin, with 2-3 levels, depending on # of sign ups. 

It will be a similar 'round robin' format with a minimum of 5 games per player, split over two days - Saturday Morning, September 21st for the Women's and Men's Doubles, and Sunday Afternoon, September 22nd, for the Mixed Doubles, all held at Cromie Park in Ladner.  This will allow players to enter both the Men's or Women's divisions and the Mixed one.

Games will start at 9:30am on Saturday for the Women's and Men's groups, and 1:00pm on Sunday for Mixed.  Players in each group will be split into playing level divisions.  Presentations and awards following after each group.  

Please arrive for registration a mimimum of 15 minutes before the start

As there are no bleachers, please remember to bring your own chairs.

The sign up has been simplified - please use the Pickleball "Level Assessment" chart from the Rules & Tips tab on our web site and enter the level # you feel you are currently playing at.  If in doubt between two levels, use the 1/4 (if you aren't sure you're a 3 or 3.5 enter 3.25).  Tournament director reserves the right to adjust the groups as required.  If all slots are full, please use the wait list option and indicate your level.  There are usually a few last minute cancellations, so there is still a good chance you will be playing. 

There is a spot to include your Playing Level.  For the mixed and men's doubles, enter your partner's name or leave blank and one will be assigned.  The quantity option is number of players - please always use '1' for a single player or '2' if you are also signing up a partner.  For partners, enter the playing level of the better player.

Registration is open for club members only, including those who played in our last tournament - cut off date to register is Monday, September 16!  Cost is $5 per player per group, payable in cash at the tournament sign in desk.

Location: Cromie Park

Created by:   Delta Pickleball
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (PDT) Available Slot
09/21/2019 (Sat.) 9:30am - 12:30pm  

Men's Doubles (24)

Partner's name may be entered after YOUR playing level - eg: "3.5 Jane Doe"

20 of 24 slots filled
Paul Wong (2)
3.5 with Isaac St.Cyr
Don Tuck (2)
4.0 Henry Lyszczyk
Sean McNamara (2)
4.5 Pete Darvill
Roland St. Cyr (2)
4.0 with Ray Russell
Ed Wong (2)
3.75 Howard Keller
Doug Griffing (2)
3.5 Lee Kosa
Rob Bougie (2)
3.5 Ron Graham
Dave Sowerby (2)
3.5 Dan Briggs
Jordan Luyt (2)
4.5 Frank Sawatsky
Dennis Tarr (2)
3.5 Parm Grewel
9:30am - 12:30pm  

Women's (12)

All slots filled
Nancy Prentice
Shelly Mica
Julie Gillis
Julia Hawkes
Sally Skinner
Linda Graham
Linda Wilby
Kathie Anselmo
Laurie Lynes
Erin Rohwer
Carol Adam
Carol Briggs
9:30am - 12:30pm  

Men's Doubles Wait List (4)

9:30am - 12:30pm  

Women's Wait List (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Carol Friesen
Lorna Ross
Barbara Hinson
09/22/2019 (Sun.) 1:00pm - 4:00pm  

Mixed Doubles (36)

Partner's name may be entered after YOUR playing level - eg: "3.5 Jane Doe"

All slots filled
Howard Keller (2)
3.5 Sally Skinner-Keller
Frank Sawatsky (2)
4.0 Nancy Prentice
Sean McNamara (2)
4.5+ with Kristina McNamara
Ron Graham (2)
3.0 Barb Bowers
Linda Graham (2)
3.5 Ray Russell
Don Tuck (2)
3.5 Rachelle Sawatsky
Geralynne Mitschke (2)
3 Al Mitschke
Cheryl Nelson (2)
3.25 Brad Nelson
Peter Corkran (2)
3.0 Monica Corkran
Doug Barham (2)
4.0 Mary Lee Barham
Doug Wilkins (2)
3.5 Julia Hawkes
Isaac St. Cyr (2)
3.5 Tina Klassen
Shelly Mica (2)
3.5 Henry Lyszczyk
Klayne Kozak (2)
4.0 Selena Kozak
Landon Kitagawa (2)
3.5 Maria Posehn
Laurie Lynes (2)
3.5 George Pierce
Mike Graham (2)
3.25 Wendy Graham
Patty Hoffman (2)
3.0 & Paul Wong

Mixed Doubles Wait List (6)

3 of 6 slots filled
Dan Briggs
Param Grewal
Level 3.5, willing to play with anyone.
Barbara Hinson
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