JCHS Orchestra 2018-19

2018-19 Annual Orchestra Potluck Dinner

Hello, Orchestra Families!  Our Annual Orchestra Potluck Dinner is coming up on Tuesday, August 14th!!  This is your opportunity to reconnect with friends, meet the board members and student leadership team, welcome the new incoming Freshman and their families as well as hear about what's coming up this year for orchestra!

As in the past, The Orchestra Association is providing drinks and a Sundae Bar for dessert!!

Please take a moment to sign up to bring a dish (remember that the Orchestra Association is providing the Sundae Bar for dessert) to share by Friday, August 10th.  We look forward to seeing you there!!


Jennifer Natchus

VP-Orchestra Association

Date: 08/14/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: JCHS Cafeteria

Created by:   Jennifer Natchus

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 90     No: 0     Maybe: 3     No Response: 2

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 225     Maybe: 5

YES (90) -  

Eliza Crook (4 guests)
Sorry for the late sign up, was not initially planning to attend. We will bring food of some sort.

Fan Yang (2 guests)

Andrew Yang (1 guest)

Sasha Creighton (1 guest)
Bringing Lasagna

Victoria Hernandez (2 guests)

Evelyn Gardolinski (4 guests)
Bringing a baked potato dish

Lauren Shim (1 guest)

Angie Chen (2 guests)
Will bring a dish

Logan Baker (2 guests)

Diane Baker (2 guests)

Christian George (1 guest)

Mitzi Cantor (2 guests)

Micah Lingle (1 guest)

Andy Mao (2 guests)

Rajen Sheth (3 guests)

Serene Gan (4 guests)

Gaby Ardila (3 guests)

Maximilian Lou (1 guest)

Kavitha Kuppuswamy (3 guests)
We will bring Samosas.

Daniel W. Kim (1 guest)

Jennifer Kim (2 guests)
Korean style sweet and sour chicken

David Lin (1 guest)
Fried Rice

Clara Kim (1 guest)

Art He (1 guest)

Arya Sheth (3 guests)
My step mom will be bringing desert

Aidan Anchaya (3 guests)
Bringing Mac & Cheese

Tina Eyerly (3 guests)
Chicken Taco Chili

Yvonne Au (1 guest)
a pasta dish

Sarina Parikh (2 guests)

Jo Ann Yoon (2 guests)

Shirley Tong (2 guests)
Sauce with meatballs

Jasmine Omer (2 guests)
We will bring icecream

Jami Nakan (2 guests)
Potato Salad

Noah Koh (2 guests)
Fruit Tray

Emma Surbrook (4 guests)
We will be bringing Kale Salad.

Jeffrey Wu (3 guests)
Shrimp Fried Brown Rice (with Mixed Veggie, Scrambled Egg, and Onion), Edamame

Reshma Shah (4 guests)

Jessica Tang (1 guest)

Mehul Dhoot (2 guests)

Abigail Minnaugh (3 guests)

Samantha Yu (3 guests)

Martin Crook (3 guests)
Brownies! :)

June Brunny (3 guests)
Broccoli Salad

Michelle Au (2 guests)
Cal Walrath's mom, we will bring cookies/dessert

Jennifer Cantor (2 guests)

Rathna Totada (2 guests)
I will bring 7 layer dip and chips

Vatan Kapadia (1 guest)

Jason Meng (1 guest)

Chelsea Young (3 guests)

Rashmi Gupta (5 guests)

Sunny Bae (2 guests)

Margaret Wei (3 guests)
We will bring Pasta

Cecilia Woo (2 guests)

Sun Hwa Park (4 guests)

Joshua Wen (5 guests)
Our family will be bringing noodles.

Trey Malcom (2 guests)

Chiyoko Nagasawa (3 guests)
side dish

Mitchelle Matharu (3 guests)
We will bring Rice pudding.

Amie Wang (3 guests)

Jyoti Sharma (2 guests)
Indian pakoda

Hyunho Kim (1 guest)

Hanna Oh (3 guests)
I will bring spicy marinated pork (Korean BBQ style)

Himani Gupta (2 guests)
Indian fried pakoda

Tracy Swift (3 guests)
Bringing homemade cupcakes and Gluten Free/peanut free cupcakes

Anna Kim (3 guests)

Eunice Lee (4 guests)

Leslie Zimmerman (5 guests)

Elizabeth Pitter (2 guests)

Yeneida Reyes-Mateo (2 guests)

Leigh Ann Harvey (1 guest)
Katy has to work but I'll come by and at least fill out forms. I will also be bringing spring rolls.

Lori Douglas (3 guests)

Vincent & Chinwe Nwizugbo/Dubem Nwizugbo (3 guests)

Tyler Bierfreund (1 guest)

Saravanan Kuppuswamy (4 guests)
Chicken curry

Marither Won (2 guests)
Jordan and I will bring a dessert.

Veenisha Patel (2 guests)
Chickpea and orzo salad

Julie Summers (4 guests)

Susan Breslin (3 guests)

Amy HONG (4 guests)
Bulgogi (Korean BBQ)

Anthony Chun (5 guests)

Sharon Meesun /philip Park/yoon (3 guests)

Eunice Kim (2 guests)
Korean Vermicelli w Marinated Beef and Colorful Vegetables

Jennifer Natchus (4 guests)
Side Dish

Lily Xie (1 guest)
chinese DUMPLINGS!

Erin Ohm (1 guest)

Lori Wang (4 guests)
chinese cold noodles

Janet Lundy (4 guests)
We will bring Mac and cheese

Lakshmi Nagamohan (4 guests)
Will bring chips and salsa.

Emma Menardi (1 guest)

Julie Lee (4 guests)
Breaded chicken tenders

MAYBE (3) +