Fall 2022 Student Galleries

Glass Gallery

See Eric, room 226, for questions/scheduling or email [email protected].

Refer to the following CRITERIA for your signups:

1. You may signup for a week or two consecutive weeks of the 210 Gallery calendar except where two-week exhibit blocks currently exist. May not combine two-week blocks with adjacent single exhibit weeks.

2. All exhibit dates, unless otherwise noted, start on Saturday and end on the appropriate following Wednesday evening [4 p.m.].

3. Scheduled Uninstalls and Clean-up are on Thursdays.

4. Installs for the next exhibit occur on Fridays.

5. Make your special requests like painting the walls or floors to [email protected] upon signup, meaning asap.

6. If you want access to the gallery outside of regular gallery hours to install/uninstall, you must check out a key with Eric or Rick in the 226 Gallery Office.

7. When reserving a gallery exhibit slot, you are responsible for installing and uninstalling your work on Friday before the opening date and on Thursday following its closing.

8. If for some reason, you cannot fulfill your reservation, you must notify the gallery office a minimum of two weeks before your opening date.

9. All cancellations not falling within the allotted two weeks will prohibit the student or group from exhibiting in any of our galleries for the remainder of the academic school year. (210 Gallery, Glass Gallery, and Murfree Gallery at the Rutherford County Property Assessor's office)

Student Galleries' Availability Begins: Friday, August 19
Semester: Fall 2022
Dates: Fall Semester 2022 (Term Dates: August 22 - December 8)
Time: M-F 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Saturday – 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 

Created by:   Todd Art Gallery
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Available Exhibit Weeks

Week 1, Sat., Aug 20 – Wed., Aug 24

In-Aug 19|Classes Aug 22|Out-Th-Aug 25

Michael Baggarly, Kelsey Duncan, Kathy O'Connell, and Nick Satinover
Studio Art Collection

Week 2, Sat., Aug 27 – Wed., Aug 31

Install: Aug. 26; Uninstall: Sep 1

Michael Baggarly, Kelsey Duncan, Kathy O'Connell, and Nick Satinover
Studio Art Collection

Week 3, Sat., Sep 3 – Wed., Sep 7

Install: Sep 2; Uninstall: Sep 8

Sisavanh Houghton
Sisavanh Houghton and Painting Students

Week 4, Sat., Sep 10 – Wed., Sep 14

Install: Sep 9; Uninstall: Sep 15


W-5, Sat., Sep 17 – Wed., Sep 21

Install: Sep 16; Uninstall: Sep. 22

Morgan Layne
Gabrielle Sharrard | Melancholia

W-6, Sat., Sep 24 – Wed., Sep 28

Install: Sep 23; Uninstall: Sep 29


W-7, Sat., Oct 1 – Wed., Oct 5

Install: Sep 30; Uninstall: Oct 6


W-8 & 9, Sat., Oct 8 – Wed., Oct 19

In: Oct 7; Un: Oct 20 (includes fall break)


W-10, Sat., Oct 22 – Wed., Oct 26

Install: Oct 21; Uninstall: Oct 27

Misun Rollo

W-11, Sat., Oct 29 – Wed, Nov 2

Install: Oct 28; Uninstall: Nov 3

Adriana Pomatto
Oops, actually this will be my first showing.

W-12, Sat., Nov 5 – Wed., Nov 9

Install: Nov 4; Uninstall: Nov 10

Lashae Whyte

W-13, Sat, Nov 12 – Wed., Nov 16

Install: Nov 11; Uninstall: Nov 17

Solo B.F.A. Exhibit
Studio Art

W-14 & 15, Sat., Nov 19–Wed., Nov 30

Install: Nov 18; Uninstall: Dec 1

Solo B.F.A. Exhibit
Studio Art

W-15, Sat., Dec 3 – Wed., Dec 7

Install: Dec 2; Last Class-Uninstall: Dec 8

Kelsey Duncan
Ceramics Area Exhibition
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