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Created by:   Nicole Hosford
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Available Slot

BLACK plastic table cloth (15)

54" x 108" (to cover 8' tables)


LED Fairy Lights (battery operated) (10)

any colors will work!


Tulip Tie Dye Kit (6)

The kits should make 30 shirts. Found best price on Amazon.


Black Crepe Paper (3)

By the roll


Poster board (8)

Various colors


Frisbees (6)

3 of 6 slots filled
Beatrice Bradstreet
John Johnson (2)

Plastic beach buckets (6)

Various sizes ok


Large plastic bucket (2 gallon) (2)

The size you'd use to wash your car.


Car wash sponge (2)


Clothes line rope


Canvas boards (24-30 pack) (2)

Used for painting. Can be found in packs of 30 on Amazon for approx $24.00

1 of 2 slots filled
Katie Frasier

Roll of BLACK craft paper

48" x 50' Can find on Amazon or Oriental Trading


Glitter Glue (10)

6 oz bottles, various colors


Pink Lemonade Drink Mix (2)

19 oz. Powder can mix

1 of 2 slots filled
Annette Tamburrino

Yellow Lemonade Mix (2)

19 oz powder mix

1 of 2 slots filled
Beatrice Bradstreet

Fruit Punch (2)

19 oz powder can mix (or around that size)


Plastic Cups (5)

7-9 oz 100 count

1 of 5 slots filled
Beatrice Bradstreet

Paper towels (12)


6 of 12 slots filled
Cheryl Letendre (6)

toilet paper (3)

packs of 4 or more

1 of 3 slots filled
Cheryl Caronna

Foam Balls (8)

for water day and various games



Large container

Cheryl Caronna

Hula Hoops (4)

any size

1 of 4 slots filled
Beatrice Bradstreet

Black Spray Paint (2)


Grey Spray Paint (2)


Bright Blue Spray Paint


Bright Purple Spray Paint


Extra Large Paper Lantern

Size 20-30" if possible. (only need one to make an Earth)


Ziploc Storage Bags (4)

1 gallon size (sold 20 per box)

1 of 4 slots filled
Beatrice Bradstreet

Gold Fish (large box)

Original flavor


Bag of Pretzels (2)


Paper Lanterns (20)

Multi-color; Size of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” (can find on Amazon in packages of of multiple sizes)

All slots filled
Amy Domeika (20)
Got a package of 30

Latex Free Disposable Rubber Gloves (large)

box of size large

Cheryl Caronna

Latex Free Disposable Rubber Gloves (small) (2)

box of size small

All slots filled
John Mcguire (2)

Hot Pink Spray Paint

Cheryl Caronna

Napkins (2)

large package

All slots filled
Cheryl Letendre (2)

Sanitizer Wipes for Hands (3)

the kind in a resealable container

All slots filled
Katie Frasier (3)

Roll of Painter's Tape (2)

All slots filled
Mary Howard (2)

Case of water bottles (3)

Generally sold in 24-30 packs

All slots filled
Krista Georgens (3)

Lysol wipes (3)

All slots filled
Cheryl Letendre (3)

Beach Balls (6)

Various sizes

All slots filled
Katie Frasier (6)

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