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DOL Assembly

Made for Happiness Volunteers

Thank you for stepping up to be a leader at the Diocesan Assembly! 

 As a volunteer, you will be provided with a tee shirt that identifies you as part of the hospitality team.  

Specific tasks and assignments will be made in September and information sent to you via email. We will try to accommodate your preference for which of the jobs listed you want to do (i.e., greeter, usher, info desk, etc) but we will have priority jobs that must be filled.

Check the website for FAQ's about the day.

Date: 09/22/2018 (Sat.)

Location: Breslin Center

Created by:   Bert Schomberger
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Time (EDT) Available Slot
7:00am - 8:30am  

Breslin Shift 1 (18)

Vendor assist, volunteer ck in and info booth, greeters

All slots filled
Patty Koenigsknecht
Kurt Koenigsknecht
Betsy Koval
Denise Zakerski
Would like to work with Debra Lewis
Debra Lewis
Mark Danaho
I wish to work with my wife Lina Danaho
Lina Danaho
Janice Reed
Alan Reed
would like to work with Janice
Denise Waytes
Melissa Gast
Stacie Bittikofer
Kari Horaney
Lynn Collom
Jim Collom
Jennifer Pérez
Chuck Roboski
Heather Shoaf
8:30am - 11:00am  

Breslin Shift 2 (100)

Greeters, floor help, reconciliation guides

99 of 100 slots filled
Sister Rachel Benjamin
Requested to be with Sr. Laura Pressprich
Ellen Burns
Paul Dull
Rosa Dull
Nikki Harper
Lisa Larsen
Rita Zyber
Elizabeth Solsburg
Kathleen Moore
Colleen Dosch
Anne Rivet
Marie Richards
Sit down or little walking, mobility issues
David Hammer
Jennifer Hammer
Mrs. Jerry McDevitt
Annie Kitching
Beth Dawes
Meredith Roche
Theresa Owens
Beth Sampson
Michele Farella (2)
Sr. Laura Pressprich
Kimberly Salzano
Kelly Boyle
Casey Vandenberg
Marcia Hamstra
Joan Desjarlais
Mary VanPoppelen
Tony Rowe
Ryan Finnigan
Melissa Welsh
Sr. Sarah Burdick
Katrina Iamarino
Tom Dutkowski
Julie Lawrence
Julie Lawrence (with Husband, Bob Lawrence, XL)
Darren Thelen
Scott Wade
What is the dress code? What do I need to bring?
Marty Lucas
Jim Neumann
Maureen Buchel
Michelle Olson
Would like to work with Dean Olson
Dean Olson
Would like to work with Michelle Olson
Sharon Dichtel
Deborah Ambrose
If possible Reconciliation and Womens Conf table
John Koepele
Jamie Trierweiler
Sharon Miller
Neketia Alyatim
Gregory Kovel (2)
Want to work with my wife Michelle Kovel
Michelle Kovel
Want to work with my husband Gregory Kovel
Colin Coulter
marita martin
Colleen Morrison
Trish Morrison
Stephanie Normand
Steven Anderson
claire sudol
Christine Adamo
Eleanor Washburn
Jeff Ruddock
Paulette Stump
Kathy Coryell
Nancy Golm
Elaine Crosby
Mike Drzewiecki
Lori Drzewiecki
Kathy Risher
Julie Fech
Michelle Hildebrandt
Chuck Roboski
Bill and Melanie Kenney (2)
Kathy Droese
Brian Sheeran
Ashley Owens
Robert Lawrence
with wife, Julie Lawrence
Andrew Schmit
Vanessa Vervaet
Shelly Piecuch
Chris Piecuch
Bonnie Whelton
James Cook (2)
I'd like to work with my husband, James Cook.
Jennifer Cislo
Jessica Pung
Anson Ratke
Justine Dailey
Hilary Connors
Sarah Bushey
Brian Milam
Alec Sicree
Amy Cook
David Borzenski
Michelle McCartney (3)
Alicia Borrow, Connie Grohoski, Michelle McCartney from St John Vianney...1 large shirt and 1 XL
11:00am - 1:30pm  

Breslin Shift 3 (100)

Main entry shift -Greeters, floor help, reconciliation guides, family area help

99 of 100 slots filled
Renee Hornby
Margaret Verdun
sit down job if possible
Scott Staelgraeve
Therese Edwards
Mike Guyeskey
Sherry Mick
Chuck Mick
Allison Hayduk
Heather Parrell
Pam Austin
Lori Rozum
Abbey Anselmi
Andrew Verdun
Kerri Wilcox
Meghan Krusky
Karen Leone
Karen Leone
Deborah Thiede
I would like to be a greeter or on the main floor
Veronica Kinsey
Kim Smith
Sally Bartos
Kevin Wiley
Jackie Wiley
Becky Brown
Dennis Brown
Kateri Schmidt
Bob Vance
prefer greeter with Sharon Vance
Sharon Vance
prefer greeter with Bob Vance
michelle compo
Sue Thelen
Marie Sheridan
Anne Atkin
April McCaskey
Sarah Martinez
Judy Schutte
Karen Downing
Dan Chamberlain
Jennifer Williams
Kasey Cronin