Genesee Hill Elementary

Deliver-a-Drink for Staff Appreciation!

Everybody has that perfect, favorite drink that can make their day! ....Make the day for one of our fantastic GH teachers or staff, by providing their drink of choice on Tuesday morning MAY 8th (unless otherwise stated).  If it's possible for you to deliver a drink directly, that's wonderful!  If you need to drop off your drink, a cart and volunteers will be just inside the front doors of the school to help you get it where it needs to go! 

We have a VERY large staff, so this will take many friends..... please pass the word along!  A big thanks for all your help to make Staff Appreciation Week a success!

A few suggestions on where to find some of the drinks listed:

Smoothies/Fresh Pressed Juices: Emerald City Smoothie is just inside LA Fitness (Alaska & Fauntleroy) open to the public; Fit Bar (2222 Calif. Ave); Starbucks sells a couple kinds; Odwalla (and similar) are found in produce section of grocery stores.

Kombucha:  Sold at grocery stores in refrigerated case (Met Market has a large selection) and Pharmaca. 


Date: 05/08/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 7:30am - 9:00am MDT

Created by:   Brynne Burkhalter
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Available Slot

Gerrit Kischner, Principal

Soy Latte

Sam & Ali Lazar

Liz Dunn, Assist. Principal

Nonfat Vanilla Latte

Sam & Ali Lazar

Constance Thomas, Assist. Principal

Mango Kombucha

Zoe Wagnild

Pam Jones, Admin. Secretary

Large non-fat chai tea latte

Christine Kraynek

Cindy Stancik, Main Office

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Lindsey And John Imbier/Glick

Lorene Hipp, Main Office

Double short Latte—no sugar

Christine Kraynek

Sue Heffernan, Nurse

Any kind of fruit smoothie

Alexis McFarland

Jennifer Watts, Counselor

Pineapple Italian Soda

Sophie Coffinieres

Danielle Bronson, Music

Starbucks tall flat white

Stephanie Holloway

Margaret Lewis, Long-term Sub Dance

Any kind of Latte

Anna Lynch

Shawn Cudney, PE

Any kind of tea (caff or decaf)

Sam & Ali Lazar

CJ Sealey, PE

Any kind of healthy smoothie

Sam & Ali Lazar

Brock Wuth, Technology

Sparkling Limeade

Chrustine Estep
Sam & Ben Grimes

Theresa Njoku, Librarian

Any kind of smoothie

Chrustine Estep
Sam & Ben Grimes

Ulonda Pugh, Kitchen/Lunchroom Manager

Starbucks Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher

Joia Tatola

Charnita Staley, Kitchen

Hot Chocolate (made w/ water—no milk)

Chrustine Estep
Ben & Sam Grimes

Dave McNaughton, Custodian

Large plain Americano

Lindsey And John Imbier/Glick

Lucas Jeffery, Custodian


Amy Leiboh

Billy Bui, Custodian

(END OF SCHOOL DAY DELIVERY) Any kind of Smoothie

Amy Leiboh

Lisa Barajas, IEP Manager/Teacher

Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappuccino w/ extra shot

Christie Sims

Monique Morgan, IEP Manager/Teacher

Emerald City Smoothie PB & J w/ soy protein - 32oz.

Elsy Davison
Elsy & Jerechai

Elisha Naylor, IEP Manager/Teacher

Chai Latte

Christie Sims

Ruth Solnit, IEP Manager/Teacher

Black iced tea w/ splash of lemonade or Arnold Palmer (half tea/ half lemonade)

Cheri Carl

Dana Cochran, Math Specialist

Fruit Smoothie (likes ones with mango, peach, or pineapple)

Robin Lutton

Gina Frazzini, Reading Specialist

Iced Soy Latte

Noirin Lynch

Emma Klein, Reading Specialist

Double shot Iced Latte

Lindsey And John Imbier/Glick

Tracy Armour, Instructional Assist.

Any flavor Kombucha

Brooke Gosztola

Sherri Estep, Instructional Assist.

Starbucks Grande Blonde (or reg) Flat White

Casie LaBella

Jenny Freeman, Instructional Assist.

Iced Americano with cream

bethany siggins

Craig Garretson, Instructional Assist.

Iced Chai Tea Latte

Christie Sims

Jewel Howard, Instructional Assist.

16oz. Mocha

Christie Sims

Michelle Mullin, Instructional Assist.

Double Tall Iced Americano with cream

Christie Sims

Andrea Christy, Speech Therapist

Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato or Iced Coffee w/ Almond Milk from anywhere

Noirin Lynch

Aranza Santana, Instructional Assist.

Emerald City Smoothie PB & J w/ soy protein - 32oz.

Elsy Davison
Elsy & Jerechai

Megan Parrera, Instructional Assist.

Iced Latte

Erika Rasmussen

Amy Taylor, Tutor/Monitor

Starbucks Grande vanilla latte

Noirin Lynch

Tunisia Braxton, Tutor/Monitor

Starbucks Very berry hibiscus Refresher

Noirin Lynch

Joy Lacher, Tutor/Monitor

Frozen caramel frappaccino - no whip

Erika Rasmussen

Tara Calvo, Tutor/Monitor

Sparkling Water

Brooke Gosztola

Julie Fisk, Tutor/Monitor

Grande chai latte (w/ almond or coconut milk)

Cameron Findlay
Cameron Findlay

Hillary Fleener, Tutor/Monitor

Large drip coffee w/ cream

Casie LaBella

Jennifer Hill, Tutor/Monitor

Flavored Kombucha (Synergy Trilogy if you can find it)

Robin Lutton

Becky Anderson, Tutor/Monitor-Washington's class

Tall Americano

Cameron Findlay
Cameron Findlay

Molly Carson, Tutor/Monitor

Sparkling Water

Brooke Gosztola
Adam will bring all mine

Teresa Texley, Tutor/Monitor

Mocha - no whip

Erika Rasmussen

Mandy Cook, Kindergarten

Tall Vanilla Latte

Sara Seabourne

Katie Funke, Kindergarten

16oz. Cappuccino

Stephanie Holloway

Shiloh Henderson, Kindergarten

Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Hot Chocolate

Joia Tatola

Marilyn Mears, Kindergarten

Smoothie w/ banana, berries, and/or apples

Suzanne Eiler

Tara Ritzman, Kindergarten

2 Pump Caramel Latte

Liza Anderson

Michael Washington, Kindergarten

Whole milk Latte w/ extra shot of espresso

Kasey Huebner

Candace Granfelt, 1st grade

Starbucks Almond Milk Latte or Any Tea

Lindsey And John Imbier/Glick

Beth Grasel, 1st grade

Hemp Milk Latte

Liza Anderson

Renee Marroquin, 1st grade

Chai Soy Latte

Olivia Eiler

Erin Munavu, 1st grade

Any fruit flavored kombucha

Kirsten Iversen

Julie Pietsch, 1st grade

Almond Milk Latte

bethany siggins

Alison Aylesworth, 2nd grade

Tall iced americano w/ splash of cream & sugar

Keely Bazakas

Elaine Bailey, 2nd grade

Double shot Nonfat Latte

Liza Anderson

Jackie Frazier, 2nd grade

If cold: 16oz. 2% Latte / If hot: 16oz.Caramel Frappacino w/ whip

Liza Anderson

Emily Mitchell, 2nd grade

Guava Kombucha

Keely Bazakas

Sam Turner, 2nd grade

Iced flavored Latte (likes white chocolate, coconut, almond, or vanilla)

Anna Lynch

Nicole Bankhead-Williams, 3rd grade

Triple Tall Americano w/ 1 inch cold soy milk & vanilla syrup

Elsy Davison
Elsy & Jerechai

Vincent Della Pella, 3rd grade

Black,iced tea - no sweetners

Michelle Comazzetto
Juliet will deliver

Stephen Katz, 3rd grade

Quad shot Soy Latte

Amy Huey

Jennifer Kwintner, 3rd grade

Olympia Coffee - drip w/ Coconut or Almond Milk

Liza Anderson

Diane Sophusson, 3rd/4th grade

Plain black tea (English breakfast/ Darjeeling/ Jasmine) no fruit or sweetners

Casie LaBella

Per Junkerman, 4th grade

Kombucha (likes trilogy or mango but any kind is good)

Jenny Ho

Michael Philp, 4th grade

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (or something similar)

Joia Tatola

Shirley Smith, 4th grade

Any kind of Kombucha

Brooke Gosztola

Dorothy Wells, 4th grade

Venti Latte

Jeff, Katie And Keegan Chapman

Leslie Addington-Ferris, 5th grade

Non-dairy smoothie or Soy Mocha

Dawn Bly

Lauren Fuller, 5th grade

Caramel Latte

Casie LaBella

Quinn Nelson, 5th grade


Julie Pietsch

Kay Yano, 5th grade

Double Tall Mexican Mocha

Amy Huey

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