Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

Worship Reservations - July 24/25

5:30 pm Saturday/11:00 am Sunday

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COVID STATUS - Fully vaccinated people are not required to wear face masks. 
CDC continues to recommend face masks for those not yet vaccinated. 

Location: Sanctuary

Created by:   Gaye Hank
PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Available Seats
(Sat. 5:30pm - 6:30pm)

Number attending including yourself (150)

64 of 150 slots filled
Steven Lunning (2)
Ellamae & Kristen Hoggat (2)
Handicap seating and hearing device
Suzanne E Gregory (2)
Dawn Johnson (2)
Chip Wilson (3)
Wilson Family
Steven Cox
Kim Wolf (2)
Mary Love-Patton
Destiny Townsend (3)
Townsend family
John & Rose Perry (2)
Jerry Bergdale (2)
sally mask (2)
Kirby & Sally
David McDonald (2)
Worship Assistant
Bud Rech (2)
and Sweet Chris
steven behr
Sophie Rainville
Lon Oakley (2)
Matt Dillon (2)
Stephen Schur
Xavier Rodriguez (2)
Brad Guilmino (2)
Linda Raabe (2)
Margot Rucinski (2)
Lynn Miller
Kathy Cucolo (2)
Dave & Judy Kibler
Elizabeth Morrow
Robert Johnston (2)
Cindy Rich (2)
Cindy Rich & Glo Green
Steve Johnson (2)
Hayden stewart (4)
Shirley Schulze
Rebecca Gidish (3)
Rebecca, Ronijn and Abrielle
(Sun. 11:00am - 12:00pm)

Number attending including yourself (150)

84 of 150 slots filled
Eleanor Nanod Henry
Virginia Guerrero (2)
Steven Cox
Pastor and family
Chip Wilson
Video Tech
Ron Njus (2)
Amanda Castillo (4)
michael ceyanes
Stefan Swanson
Harvey & Darlene Cox (2)
Valerie Amos
Donna Weidemann (2)
Ken and I are on welcome team
Sumerlin Larsen-Lesperance (3)
Rich, Helen & Grace
Bobbie Bateman
Sue/Greg Johnston
Sue/Greg Johnston
Beverly Stuck
Ronnie Ganske (6)
Mona Klein (2)
Mildred Holm
Becky Rodgers (2)
Rodgers Family! (Will need the Handicapped Row due to knee cart for my foot)
Rochelle Leneave
Karen Palafox
Rick Krenz (2)
Carol Ruder (2)
steven behr (2)
Jay and Taun Miner (2)
We are both on welcome team
Denise Barnes
renee perry
Johnnie Jordan (6)
With John Dellis and Wesley, Susan, Meadow and Ellison Craig
Sharon Ezell
Kent & Leni Kirkman
June Cliffe
Marie Schaper
Joanna Kelley
Cori Rodriguez (5)
Bruce & Wendy Taylor (2)
Benajeane Jones
Linda Seewald
Richard Neal (4)
Kim Ruder
Ruder Family
Ruth Frantz (2)
Catherine Kent (2)
Rebecca Gidish (3)
Constance Hassan’s (3)
Chloey and Shane
Susan Carmichael (2)
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