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Elevation Church


Howdy Church!
It's time to dust off your Boots and Bolo ties! Get ready to have a Hootin' and Hollerin' good time at this year's Elevation Church, "Old West" Picnic. Same place and time as last year but this year we're going Country! Dress to impress in your Western best and brush up on yer line dancin' skills. Be ready to Boot, Scoot N' Boogie!

The church is providing Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with the fixins. Sign up below to bring a dish and volunteer to help. Also, don't forget to sign up to bake a pie for the blue ribbon pie contest! Pie flavor of yer pickin'! 



Date: 08/14/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 12:30pm - 4:30pm PDT

Location: 123 Recreation Drive, Auburn, CA 95603

Created by:  Jill and Kyle Phillips

Will you be attending the event?
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Set Up (4) - Come a little early to help with tables and decorations.
  All slots filled
  Kelly Slusher
  Lu (Elena) MacBride
  Linda Loftus
  Michelle Liden
Tear Down (4) - Stay a bit after to help us take down decorations and get food put away
  3 of 4 slots filled
  Lu (Elena) MacBride
  Rachel Hooten
  Amy Downing
Face Painters (4) - Need 2 teams of 2
  3 of 4 slots filled
  Rashelle Rivett
  Hannah Pierce
  Megan Pierce
Ice Chest with Ice (5) - We'll provide bottled water!
  All slots filled
  Michael And Monica Everhart
Agua fresca (mexican drink)
  Jessica Quintana
  Shannon Dittemore
  Rick And Danna Bergseng
  Robin Soares
Potato Salad (5) - Enough to feed 7-10 people
  All slots filled
  Arlene Krafft
  Troy Chapman
  Shannon Dittemore
  Cory Howard
  Jodie Owen
Green Salad (7) - Salad of your choice! About enough to feed 12 People
  All slots filled
  Jill and Kyle Phillips
Chinese Chicken Salad
  Jessica Quintana (2)
  Cheryl Swift
3 bean salad
  alicea martinez (3)
Blue Ribbon Pie Contest (8) - Pie of yer pickin'! Bring along your best pie for the contest!
  5 of 8 slots filled
  Lu (Elena) MacBride
  Jodie Owen
  Bill Calleri
  Amy Downing
  Joshua Jones
Dessert (7) - Dessert of your Choice! Let us know what you'll bring in the Comments/RSVP!
  5 of 7 slots filled
  Tina Taylor
  Janet Elster
  Troy Chapman (2)
  Michelle Liden
Corn on the Cobb - 16 cobettes (4) - Ready to eat in a Crock Pot or Wrapped in foil.
  All slots filled
  Michael And Monica Everhart (2)
  Rashelle Rivett
  Mary Appert
Pulled Pork in Crockpot for Sliders (5) - Cooked Pulled Pork (8-10 lbs)
  All slots filled
  Danelle Funk
  Tina Taylor
  Natalie Martinez
  Bekah Hamilton
  Amy Downing
Baked beans (2) - In a Crock Pot
  All slots filled
  Grace Rodgers
  Linda Crawford
Will also bring a big green salad
Corn Bread (4)
  3 of 4 slots filled
  Tom Weber (2)
  Jessica Quintana
Gluten Free Corn Bread (2)
  All slots filled
  Anna Robertson (2)
Coleslaw (4) - Will also use for pulled pork sliders.
  All slots filled
  Karen Shore (2)
  Janet Elster
  Tara Boatwright
Desserts for the Food Sensitive (4) - Make what sounds good! Please label! (Ex. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc.)
  All slots filled
  Danelle Funk
  Kelly Slusher (2)
  Kimberly Schuette
Watermelon (3) - If possible, already cut up and prepared to eat
  All slots filled
  Julia Lindbloom
  Lina Drake
  Arlene Krafft
Responses:     Yes: 42     No: 1     Maybe: 0     No Response: 3

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 129     Maybe: 0

YES (42) -  

  Jamie Posthumus (3 guests)

  Robin Soares (4 guests)
Soares Family

  Mary Appert (4 guests)

  Katelyn Ponte-Krygowski (2 guests)

  Jody S Rake Rake (2 guests)

  Joshua Jones (2 guests)

  Kimberly Schuette (3 guests)

  Michelle Liden (6 guests)

  Tony And Monica Gavia (2 guests)
Some type of salad

  Rick And Danna Bergseng (5 guests)
I will bring BBQ

  Amy Downing (8 guests)

  Linda Loftus (2 guests)

  Bill Calleri (3 guests)

  Jodie Owen (2 guests)

  alicea martinez (2 guests)

  Cheryl Swift (4 guests)

  Anna Robertson (4 guests)

  Cory Howard (6 guests)

  Shannon Dittemore (4 guests)

  Jessica Quintana (5 guests)

  Troy Chapman (4 guests)

  Tara Boatwright (6 guests)

  Megan Pierce (1 guest)

  Hannah Pierce (1 guest)

  Rachel Hooten (1 guest)

  Lu (Elena) MacBride (2 guests)

  Arlene Krafft (3 guests)

  Cinder DePalma (1 guest)

  Rashelle Rivett (3 guests)

  Linda Crawford (2 guests)

  Natalie Martinez (2 guests)

  Janet Elster (5 guests)

  Kelly Slusher (1 guest)

  Tina Taylor (2 guests)

  Karen Shore (2 guests)

  Julia Lindbloom (1 guest)

  Tom Weber (1 guest)

  Lina Drake (3 guests)

  Michael And Monica Everhart (3 guests)

  Danelle Funk (5 guests)

  Jill and Kyle Phillips (2 guests)
Jill and Kyle Phillips

  Grace Rodgers (5 guests)

NO (1) +  


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