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Gilbert & Sullivan’s TRIAL BY JURY



A Lamplighters original sequel

DIRECTOR:   Barbara Heroux

CONDUCTOR:  Baker Peeples

In an unusual double-bill, The Lamplighters present G&S’s one-act comic opera masterpiece TRIAL BY JURY, paired with our own imagined version of what happens after the trial is over.

Do Angelina and the Judge live happily ever after? Or … ???

Gilbert & Sullivan’s TRIAL BY JURY (1875) (“TBJ”) is a delightful little gem – 35 minutes long, through-composed, and funny as all get out.  It tells the story of a jilted bride suing her ex-fiancé for breach of promise. She arrives in the courtroom in full bridal splendor, complete with a coterie of bridesmaids, and proceeds to make the judge and jury fall completely under her spell.  

TRIAL BY JURY DUTY (1991) (“TBJD”) picks up a month after Trial by Jury ends, and takes place at the Learned Judge’s stately country home, Montgomery Hall. The first Gala with a book by Mike Dederian, TBJD blends Mike’s unique sense of the absurd with spoofs of Jane Austen, the Brontes, and assorted pop culture icons.


*THE LEARNED JUDGE:  Patter/comic baritone.  Silly and self-important, and quite susceptible to female charms.  

*THE DEFENDANT:  Tenor. A happy-go-lucky guy who just wants to get on with his life – and on to the next girlfriend in it. (Or is there a hidden agenda here? Stay tuned for the second act …)

* COUNSEL FOR THE PLAINTIFF:  Baritone. Perhaps a bit of a shyster, certainly adept at courtroom dramatics. (Returns at the end of TBJD.)

* COUNSEL FOR THE DEFENDANT:  Ellie Law. Mezzo or Alto. Silent role in TBJ, becomes important in TBJD.

USHER:  Bass/Baritone.  Keeps order in the court.  

FOREMAN OF THE JURY:  Baritone. One of the chorus of jurymen, with a few solo lines.  

*THE PLAINTIFF:  Soprano. Charming and lovely – and she knows it and knows how to work it. (And she may have a hidden agenda … stay tuned for the second act.)

BRIDESMAIDS:  Four chorus women who aid and abet the Plaintiff.  

* These characters continue in TBJD.


JANE EYREHEAD:  Mezzo. Looking for work as a governess. (Also a member of the jury in TBJ.)

COURT CLERK: Speaking role in a brief prologue before TBJ, setting up TBJD.

JURY POOL: Five short speaking roles in the prologue, cast from the chorus. Three men, two women.

RUTH ROWBOTTOM:  Soprano or Mezzo, one of the maids at Montgomery Hall.

MRS. DANVILLE: Baritone. The Housekeeper. Drag role. Slightly unbalanced, harboring a dark secret.

GWYNETH, EMMA and KATE:  Soprano, Soprano, Mezzo – The Judge’s three wards.

SETH, REUBEN and REUBEN:  Tenor, Tenor, Baritone – Three Un-Stable Hands on the Judge’s estate

THE REV. CLARENCE POLTWHISTLE: Baritone, seemingly a Kindly Vicar, but harboring a dark secret.

VICTORIA: Mezzo with a good offstage scream. The madwoman in the attic. Victoria also, of course, has a secret.

CHORUS:  GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY AND SPECTATORS AT THE TRIAL; SERVANTS AT MONTGOMERY HALL; TOURISTS VISITING MONTGOMERY HALL. Since this is 19th Century England, the jury is made up of men only – except for one woman who has been chosen for jury duty through a clerical error, Jane Eyrehead, who will play a major role in TBJD. We need 11 men, tenors/baritones/basses, for the jury, 4 women for the Plaintiff’s Bridesmaids, and 8 to 10 women and 4 or 5 men for Spectators.   The chorus is onstage for all of TBJ and has a lot of fun music to sing.  They then become tourists, townspeople or servants at Montgomery Hall in TBJD.


Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
March 21, 2019 (Thursday 7:30 PM)

Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek
March 29, 2019 (Friday 8 PM)

Herbst Theater, San Francisco  (Please note that both of these performances will be recorded for Lamplighters CD Project)
April 6, 2019 (Saturday 2 PM)
April 7, 2019 (Sunday 2 PM)


Monday, October 29 from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Tuesday, October 30 from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

AUDITIONS ARE HELD AT THE LAMPLIGHTERS REHEARSAL HALL, 469 BRYANT STREET (between 2nd and 3rd Streets in the South of Market area of San Francisco).  Please use this sign-up program to book your audition time. No phone calls or emails, please!


Please come to the preliminary audition with two contrasting songs in English, preferably from opera, operetta or classical music theatre, that you feel will show off your voice well. You will probably be asked to sing only one song. An accompanist will be provided. Bring your music in the key in which you will sing it.  

You may wish to include a selection from Trial as one of your audition pieces.  Here are the excerpts we will want to hear at callbacks; it will help us greatly to hear many of you sing one of these excerpts at your preliminary audition if you are interested in being considered for a role.  (page numbers from the Schirmer score)

Plaintiff -- 39-40, 70-71, 74-75

Defendant -- 12-17, 63-67, 73-75

Counsel -- 45-47, 57-59

Usher -- 8-11

Judge -- 23, 27-32

Also bring your headshot and resume, and your calendar so that you can give us any conflicts that you may have during the rehearsal period. If you are needed for a callback, you will be notified.



REHEARSALS will begin the week of February 3. and will be held Sunday – Thursday evenings. Some Friday and Saturday rehearsals may be scheduled as opening night approaches. A tentative schedule will be available at the auditions, and more detail will be provided as soon as available.

THE VOCAL SCORE of Trial by Jury is available at music stores and online sources. Cast members are required to purchase their own scores. Cost is around $15.

Scripts and scores of Trial by Jury Duty will be supplied by the Lamplighters.    

As with any period production, cast members may be required to provide special undergarments that may be necessary (e.g., women, Merry Widows; men, dance belts), as well as tights and footwear. Also, it may be necessary for men to alter or eliminate facial hair. Cast members may be asked to donate a few hours to help with costumes, sets, mailings, etc.?

Non-Equity; Non-AGMA; Stipends for leads will range from $200 - $700.00, depending on size and difficulty of the role and whether double cast. All chorus members will be offered expense reimbursement up to $150 to help offset costs such as purchasing tights and footwear, travel and lodging, etc.?

Location: Lamplighters Music Theatre
469 Bryant St, SF, CA 94107

Created by:   Dennis Lickteig
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