Sunday Events

Give Thanks Sunday

Join us for a special morning of worship and a potluck lunch as we give thanks to God for all He has done in and through the people of Gloria Dei this past year. We will have one worship service at 10am, immediately followed by a potluck luncheon. Signup here to bring a dish for the potluck lunch!

Please bring your food item to the Life Center from 9-9:45am that morning in a dish marked with your name on all pieces (lid, pot/pan, carrier, etc.). If your food item needs to remain warm or be served hot, please bring it in a crockpot or pot/pan that can be heated. Please also specify in the comments if your item needs to be kept hot or cold and what type of dish you're bringing your item in. Disposable containers are preferred.

Date: 11/25/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm CST

Location: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Created by:   Erica Gremillion

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Bread/Rolls (16)
  10 of 16 slots filled
Marta Holder (2)
4 dozen rolls
Phuong Pfaff (2)
1 roll and 1 set of gluten free bread option
Robin Jenkins
Janet Low (2)
Large packages
Kat Sievert
Lauren Duhon (2)
2 loaves of beer bread
Cornbread (16)
  5 of 16 slots filled
Caitlin Owens (2)
Joe VanHoozer (2)
Eric & Susie Dagley
Butter (25)
  3 of 25 slots filled
Carol Lisk
Marta Holder (2)
2 pounds of butter
Gravy (33)
  31 of 33 slots filled
Georgia Slade (6)
Sandy Wilkerson (25)
giblet gravy
Stuffing (33)
  All slots filled
Molly Myers
Cornbread dressing - in foil pan will need to be kept warm.
Deb Hale
Helen Small (12)
13x9 pan
Sandy Wilkerson (19)
cornbread dressing
Mashed Potatoes (33)
  6 of 33 slots filled
Georgia Slade (6)
Sweet Potatoes (33)
  9 of 33 slots filled
Heather McGrady
Will bring in foil pan, will need to be kept warm
Karen Griswold
Large aluminum pan, will need to be kept warm.
Patsy Cherry
Bringing in aluminum pan that will need to be kept warm
Harvey Seyfang (6)
Wonderful Event!!!
Green Bean Casserole (33)
  7 of 33 slots filled
Jean Peltier (2)
will bring in large foil pan; will need to stay warm
Nancy Saint
Green beans w/tomatoes & bacon
Jennifer Stevenson
Joyce Hawkins Hawkins
Kirsten Solis (2)
Carrots (33)
  2 of 33 slots filled
Caitlin Owens (2)
Cranberries (33)
  6 of 33 slots filled
Deb Hale
Shelley McGregor
Cranberry salad
Pat Cooksey
Joe VanHoozer (2)
Cranberry Salad
Judy Westom
Cranberry Relish
Mac & Cheese (33)
  4 of 33 slots filled
Waylon Lesly (2)
Gloria Petri
Barbara Callahan
Other Sides (33)
  32 of 33 slots filled
Alice Hook
Fruit salad
Jim Donna Stoa (12)
Norwegien Potato Lefsa with butter, sugar and jelly
Marta Holder
Lutheran Lemon Lime Jello Salad
Janelle Jorgenson
Pistachio fruit salad with pecans and pineapple
Sharon Auers
Cynthia Jenkins
Corn Casserole
Sheri Robertson
Tator Tot Casserole
Al Scholz
Pea Salad
Karen Gastler
Cheesy potato casserole
Janet Low
Cherry Surprise Cake
Corinne Hartwell
Crockpot of cheesy potatoes
Louise Cass
Potato Casserole
Kathleen Roth (6)
Scalloped Potatoes
Alisa Hanford
Orange Jello Salad
Nancy Lowery
Corn Casserole
Fred Jarvis
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
Pumpkin Pie (16)
  6 of 16 slots filled
Erica Gremillion
Diane Halloway
Kay Huning
Kat Sievert
Brenda Bickmeier
Stephanie Knea
Pecan Pie (16)
  3 of 16 slots filled
Kelley Freise
Debbie Huff
Violet Phillips
Apple Pie (16)
  3 of 16 slots filled
Patricia Hoesl
Joanne Palladini
Fred Jarvis
Whipped Cream (16)
  6 of 16 slots filled
Patricia Hoesl
Carol Lisk
Janet Low (2)
Large Cool Whip
Kat Sievert
Brenda Bickmeier
I'm bringing cool whip
Other Dessert (16)
  13 of 16 slots filled
Victoria Weaver
Will be gluten free
Janie Arvey
Toll House Pie
Waylon Lesly
Banana pudding
Sheila Buck
Mississippi Mud Cake
Marta Holder (3)
4 dozen cookies
Cheryl Andrews
7-Up Cake
Fern Yung
Banana Split Cake
Tracie Chandler
Pumpkin crunch cake
Debbie Dalby
peanut butter fudge
Fred Jarvis (2)
Chocolate Silk Pie