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Join TMU Villa Players for a comic fable written by the late Neil Simon. Set in the small village of Kulyenchikov, Fools follows Leon Steponovich Tolchinsky, a visiting schoolteacher who is eager to start his first job. However, Leon soon learns that the village of Kulyenchikov has a mysterious past and a troublesome curse that renders its residents unable to learn. It’s up to Leon to educate the villagers, break the curse, and maybe find his true love along the way. Will he succeed before times runs out? Join us in Kulyenchicov on February 8th, 9th, and 10th to find out!

Pay at the door (cash or check), festival seating

Please indicate in the comments section of your sign-up the types of tickets you are reserving (i.e. TMU Student, Gen Ad, etc.)

TMU Students- Free

General Admission- $5

Children under 5- Free

Location: Thomas More University Theater

Created by:   Villa Players
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EST) Available Slot
(Fri. 7:30pm - 9:15pm)

02/08/2019 (100)

66 of 100 slots filled
Alesha Miller (2)
general admission
Elizabeth Fahey
Angelika Watson (2)
1 TMU Student and one General Admission
Sue Gulley
2 General Admission
Rebecca Schmidl (2)
One student and guest
Natalie Beaulieu
TMU student
Kaleb Dettmer
2 TMU students
Ada Adams (2)
1 TMU student & 1 general admissions
Elizabeth Groh (3)
TMU student & 2 general admission
Joseph Switzer (2)
General Admission
Michael Switzer, Sr.
General Admission
juliauna howard (3)
3 TMU students
Seth Sherman
Note Taking
Chris Goyette
Alesha Rocks!
Joseph Waterbury-Tieman
Tmu student
Kailee Wilhem (3)
1 TMU & 2 General Admission
Geneva Renshaw
TMU student
Elizabeth Fahey
General Admission
Sofie Vietas (2)
2 general. Must be wheelchair spot and companion seat.
Sofie Vietas (2)
2 general. Must be wheelchair spot and companion seat.
Pam VonHandorf
Pam VonHandorf
Thomas Payne
1 TMU student
James Murphy (2)
2 students
Angela Miller (2)
Natalie Meader (2)
1 student, 1 general admission
Tom Mattei (3)
3 adult tickets
Kennedy Yurt
TMU Student
Amy Butler (4)
gen ad
Sofia Vietas (7)
Stanforth and company
Whitney Johnson
TMU Student
Austin Wood
Jami Johnson (5)
sarah rolfsen (2)
Natalie Beaulieu
Non tmu student
(Sat. 7:30pm - 9:15pm)

02/09/2019 (100)

All slots filled
Nathalie Gibson (3)
My Sister is cool. Also General Admission
John Cimprich (4)
general admission
Chuck Britt (2)
2 general admission
Jaiden Johnston
General Admission
Natalie Beaulieu
TMU student
Sharon Vietas (5)
gen. ad.
Myriah Carper
TMU Student
Matthew Shaw
one person, student
Michael Switzer, Sr.
General Admission
Reynae Lockhart (2)
General Admissions
Jim Devlin (5)
Jim Devlin (gen. admission)
Erin Maisel (4)
Erin Maisel general admission tickets for 4
AJ Bothe (5)
5 Gen
Michael Orr (2)
Gen Adm
Samantha Darpel (2)
Sam Darpel
Seth Sherman
Margaret Dredger
TMU Student
Timothy Leonard (5)
general admission
Loraine Muldoon (5)
Muldoon familu
Joseph Waterbury-Tieman
Tmu student
Braden Vicars (2)
TMU student
Barbara Mueller (3)
Barbara Mueller general admission
Rita Brown
General Admission
Josh Pusateri
TMU student
Charlotte Shores (2)
2 admission tickets
Pam VonHandorf (2)
2 tickets
Ariel Long
One TMU student
Alex Telles (2)
I'm being forced to comment here.
Anna Sheaf (2)
non tmu student
Megan Murphy
One ticket for Megan Murphy
Shane Murphy (2)
Hi Josh!
Amy Butler (3)
gen ad
Zachary Chin (2)
Thomas more student
Sam Johnson
Jami Johnson (3)
Penny Braboy (4)
General Admission
Rick McIntosh (7)
7 gen admission
Molly Blaut
Best seat in the house pulease
thomas Stange
i will be there!! :)
Sam Boyles
Myriah Carper (2)
2 kids
Ian O’Donnell
Ian O’Donnell
Jermiah Rademacher
Kennedy Yurt (2)
2 TMU Students
(Sun. 2:00pm - 3:45pm)

02/10/2019 (100)

75 of 100 slots filled
Chris Miller (2)
General admin
Angela Miller (3)
2 general and 1 child under 5
Liam Casey (3)
2 Gen & 1 TMU
Nancy Sterrett (10)
Andrew Seiler (2)
Andrew Seiler, Jonathan Frommeyer
Pam VonHandorf (2)
2 tickets
Amy Butler (4)
gen ad
Sydney Martin (2)
Going to support my girl Brittaney. Me and my plus one.
Joseph Herring (2)
2 General
Janetta Thompson (3)
Michael Donohoe
Glen Thompson (2)
Jeremiah Rademacher
Doug Brewer
TMU Student
Antwone Cameron (2)
Dean of Students
Johnny Lewis
TMU Student
Riz Sumra (2)
Friends of a cast member
Joseph Muldoon (2)
Josh Vietas is a handsome devil.
Caroline Wormald (3)
Can’t wait
Ethan Nyman
One student
Bonnie Markus (3)
Bonnie Markus
Brett Benzinger (2)
brett benzinger TMU student and guest
Scott Read
Brian Markus (2)
Abby Link
Thomas More Student
Aaron Michael Thompson
What up girl
Ruby Ford
TMU student
Russell Quisenberry
TMU Student
Jami Johnson (6)
Ethan Kohl
thomas more student
Michael Switzer Sr.
Lorraine Muldoon (2)
2 GA
Austin Wood
Susie Alcini (2)
Adult general admission
Elizabeth Fahey
TMU Student

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