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Moraga Community Service Day

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Created by:   Eliot Smyrl
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NON-PERISHABLE FOOD DONATION: Community Drop Off/Food Donations for Homeless, Low Income & the Food Insecure.

(9am-1pm Sunday only) School Locations-Drop Off: Joaquin Moraga, 1010 Camino Pablo; Camino Pablo, 1111 Camino Pablo; Los Perales, 22 Wakefield Dr; Don Rheem, 90 Laird Dr. Questions: Contact Jennifer Baier: [email protected]

10/02/2022 (Sun.) (200)

19 of 200 slots filled
Mike Mccluer
Swapna Shenvi
Mark Hoogs
Chamber Board
Gian Panetta
Chamber Board
Rich Render
Marcia Petit Austin
Marty Brinckerhoff
Barbara Preston
Kiana Joshi
Connie Chiba
Karen Rose
Barbara Maco
Gina Sharp
Susette Johnston
Catherine Weihl
Steve Hammond
Chamber Board
Jen Lenfestey
Chamber Board
Ana Wolbert
Anne Murrin

PAINTING FLOWER POTS: Painting personal, warm messages & art onto pots to later be donated to local Seniors & shut-ins.

(ages 5y+, supervised) (10am-2pm Saturday) Paints are latex/washable, but dress accordingly. Location: Check-in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo, then Hacienda, Casitas. Questions-Andy Boggeri: [email protected]

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (100)

19 of 100 slots filled
Erin Hastings (3)
Kit Turley (3)
Stephen Robinson (4)
9yr old, 7yr old and two parents
Vivek P
Dad supervising Kid
Janet Brandi
Virginia Vu (4)
2 adults , 2 kids (9yo & 5yo)
Jennifer Porcella
Isabelle Porcella
Brian Lovrin (2)
8yo + parent

CAMINO PABLO ELEMENTARY - School beautification project

Weeding, litter pick up, and light pruning around the school. Bring gloves. 10 am to 1pm Sunday. School Location Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo then, -Camino Pablo Elementary, 1111 Camino Pablo. Questions-Larry Jacobs, [email protected]

10/02/2022 (Sun.) (30)

21 of 30 slots filled
Alexis Goett (4)
Peggy Hall
Marty Brinckerhoff
Violet Fok
Finley Cattell
Keira De Los Santos
Pamela Galley (2)
Meredith Sargent
Julia Foster (4)
Julia, Chris, Sienna and Lucas
Jay Lee (4)
Jay Lee and Sunny Park ( w 2 boys-10 and 14 y.o)
Tim Freeman

LOS PERALES ELEMENTARY - School beautification project

PLEASE CONSIDER CP OR RHEEM, Weeding, litter pick up, and light pruning around the school. Bring gloves. 10am to 1pm Sunday. School Location Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo then, -Los Perales, 22 Wakefield Dr. Questions-Larry Jacobs

10/02/2022 (Sun.) (34)

33 of 34 slots filled
Gita Kesiraju (2)
Lauren Peters (2)
Caroline Stevens (4)
Erin Hastings (4)
Mifay Liu (2)
Vivek Patil
Swapna Shenvi (2)
Myriam Martinez (4)
Vicki Winslow (4)
Ping Chouw (5)
Kira Williams (3)

RHEEM ELEMENTARY - School beautification project

Weeding, litter pick up, and light pruning around the school. Bring gloves. 10 am to 1pm Sunday. School Location Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo then, -Don Rheem, 90 Laird Dr. Questions-Larry Jacobs, [email protected]

10/02/2022 (Sun.) (30)

17 of 30 slots filled
Ashley Coates
Our Roadrunners are now age 25
Ken Coates
Go Roadrunners!
Sam Sperry
Steve Woehleke
Peggy Woehleke
Erik Blackburn (2)
Steve Hammond
Chamber Board
Andrea Miles
+ Roadrunner Soren Miles
Jill Austin
LeeAnne and marie austin
Meghan Donnelly
Meghan, Genevieve and Caitlin
Devinger Molly
Molly, Patrick, Thad & Teagan
Jen Heindl (4)
Steve, Jen, Riley & Addison

DONATE BLOOD to those in need and save a life!

(8am-1:30pm Saturday) Location- St Monica’s Church, 1001 Camino Pablo. Questions- Andy Boggeri, [email protected]

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (50)

38 of 50 slots filled
Peggy Hall
Joan Evans
Harmony Newbury
Connie Chiba
Mike Mccluer (20)
For people who signed up directly with blood donor
Karen Rose
Mike Mccluer (7)
Additional people who signed up on the blood drive co site
Mark Fenske
Scott Parker
Gina Sharp
Steve Hammond
Chamber Board
Hannah Mattioda
Chamber Board
Krissy Ward

LADY BUG BAGS: Assemble hygiene bags for homeless & disadvantaged women - distributed by The LadyBug Program thru Monument Crisis Ctr & other Orgs

(ages 10y+) (9am-1:30pm Saturday) drop-ins or all day welcome WHERE: (Check-In JM, 1010 Camino Pablo) event across the street in St. Monica's Fireside Room (1001 Camino Pablo) Katie Bidstrup, [email protected]

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (55)

46 of 55 slots filled
heather Tzortzis (3)
Tina weber (2)
Tina & Gigi Weber
Gita Kesiraju (2)
Anika and Gita
Brenna Butler (2)
Brenna & Morgan Butler
Mifay Liu
Mifay #2
Pamela LarsonHauser
Annette Knox
Swapna Shenvi
Jiya Rao
Jan Iwata
Tejal P
McKenzie Kahn
Cindy Shafer
Rachael Schonfeld
Kathy Chao
Amy Chen Yee (2)
Kaitlyn and Amy
Diana Zhu
Amy McLellan (2)
Amy and Madeleine
Liz Ludwig
Liz and Violet Ludwig
Robyn Bunkers (3)
Robyn, Olivia, Izzy
Kristin Webster (2)
Colby Webster
Heidi Madsen (3)
Hannah Mattioda
Chamber Board
Catherine Weihl (2)
Cathy and Avery
Jill Austin
LeeAnne austin
Camila Baxter (2)
Kim Baxter
Heidi Tend
Vickey Campbell (4)

CAMPOLINDO SUSTAINABLE GARDEN: help weed, spread mulch & move pavers.

(10am-2pm Saturday) Tools provided. Wear sunscreen, sturdy shoes. Water & a hat are good to bring. WHERE: Campolindo High School. Questions- Brent Rubey; [email protected]

10/08/2022 (Sat.) (30)

5 of 30 slots filled
McKenzie Kahn
Elaine Simmons
connie chiba
Deanne Pearn (2)
and Emilie Dolge

COMMONS PARK: Planting shade trees adjacent to the Bandshell

(9am-1pm Sunday) (If you prefer to donate $, MAIL A CHECK: Town of Moraga, ATTN: Parks & Recreation Dept., 329 Rheem Blvd, Moraga, CA 94556). Location-Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo, then Commons Park, Bandshell. Qs-Andy Boggeri, [email protected]

10/02/2022 (Sun.) (30)

10 of 30 slots filled
Roger Gregory
anthony schoemehl
Rich Render
Diego Domínguez (2)
Ian Jones
Laura Arvindan (3)
Karen Rolfes

RESIDENTIAL ST MARY’S GARDEN: Remove shrubs & debris, weeding & general cleanup)

(9am-Noon, Saturday). Bring Sunscreen, gloves, water & handtools. Location-Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo, then East side of St Mary’s Road and Carter Dr. Questions-Janice Lieu, [email protected]

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (12)

3 of 12 slots filled
Janice Lieu
Gillian Gray
Brigitte Tabacco

SAINT MARY'S LEGACY GARDEN Work Party! Please bring a water bottle, sun protection and wear shoes & comfortable clothes.

(Noon-2pm *FRIDAY* 9/30) Come join our fun garden crew and get your hands dirty at Saint Mary’s ½ acre campus garden, the Legacy Garden.

09/30/2022 (Fri.) (20)

1 of 20 slots filled
Dianne Harlow

COMMONS PARK: beautify, trimming dead twigs from Manzanita Bushes (Bring hand pruners, water, gloves, sunscreen)

(9am-Noon *FRIDAY* 9/30) Location-Commons Park Entrance, St Marys and Moraga Road. Questions-Bobbie Preston, [email protected]

09/30/2022 (Fri.) (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Mike Mccluer
Renata Sos
Bobbie Preston
Janice Lieu
Jan Trzesniewski
Elaine Lind
Dianne Harlow
Louise Severy
Steve Hammond
Chamber Board
Brian Lovrin

FIRE ABATEMENT & Clearing Fire Trail in Moraga (Note: Heavy physical work, removing thick brush and trees; site has poison oak and sun)

(9am-3pm Saturday) Location: Fire Trail Gate at the top of Donald Dr. Questions: Karl Davis, [email protected]

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (50)

8 of 50 slots filled
Steve Woehleke
Mike Mccluer (7)
Kiwanis members signed up separately

STAFFORD ROAD: Weed whack/Weed/Hoe/Rake up/Sweep

(9-11am, Saturday)Check in JM, 1010 Camino Pablo, Qestions? Rena Munson 925-247-4451. Bring gloves/water/sunscreen/weed whacker/lopper/s/rakes/broom/large lawn/leaf bags.

10/01/2022 (Sat.) (8)

4 of 8 slots filled
Susette Johnston (4)
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