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Little Women the musical AUDITIONS

Auditions are on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 21 and 22 at the Woodstock Opera House.  Please use the side door on Dean Street.  There are four audition sessions on each date.

  1. 6:30 – 7:15
  2. 7:15 – 8:00
  3. 8:00 – 8:45
  4. 8:45 – 9:30

Up to 8 people can sign up for a session in which auditionees will sing, dance, and act.  (The movement portion will be easy, but there are a few characters that must be able to dance.) The play takes place over a 5 year period and all characters need to age 5 years during the play.

Prepare a vocal selection (either a ballad or an upbeat number) of about  2 minutes in length.  Wear comfortable clothes to do movement in.  You will also be asked to read briefly.  There is no preparation for the reading.  Show us your stage presence with your musical selection.


Callback auditions will be held on Thursday, August 23 if needed from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Woodstock Opera House.

In general, rehearsals will be on Sundays from 6 – 9 and on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 7 – 10pm

Rehearsals will be held at the Woodstock Opera House from Sunday, August 26 through Thursday, September 27.  We rehearse at SARA from September 30 through October 25.  Tech week is October 28 – November 1 at the Woodstock Opera House.  There will be an eleven performance run from November 2 – 18, 2018.

Please note the following  cast commitments: 

  1. Saturday, October 20 at an Apple Orchard all day
  2. Friday, November 9  Daytime performance for schools at 10:00am
  3. There will be one or two other publicity events in October at which cast members will be needed.


Jo March – The protagonist.  Passionate,, adventurous and brave.  She has the idea of writing Little Women and eventually will be attracted to Professor Bhaer

Age     20 – 25

Vocal range:  E3 to A5

Meg March – The oldest of the March sisters.  She yearns for a great life and will marry John Brooke and will have twins.  Also plays the part of Clarissa in one scene

Age:    24 – 30

Vocal range:  A#3 – Gb5

Beth March – The second youngest of the March sisters who dies of Scarlett Fever.  Peace-maker, lover, and an optimist.  Plays the piano.  Also plays the part of Rodrigo II in one scene.

Age:    18 – 23

Vocal range:  A3 – G5

Amy March – the youngest, most energetic sister with a rather pompous air about her.  She later becomes engaged to Laurie.  Also plays a troll in one scene

Age:    16 – 21

Vocal range:   -1 to Gb5

Marmee March – The girls’ mother.  She is the strong backbone of the family.  She is courageous in spite of the difficult odds she faces.  Also plays a hag in one scene.

Age:    45 – 55

Vocal range:  Eb3 – Eb5

Aunt March – a formidable over-bearing ,matron and great-aunt to the March sisters.  She is the wealthy socialite in town.    Also plays Mrs. Kirk, the owner of a boarding house.

Age:  55 – 65

Vocal range:  E3 – F5

Laurie Laurence – the bright-eyed boy next door with considerable charm.  He loves Jo, but later becomes engaged to Amy.  Must be able to dance.  Will also play Rodrigo

Age:  21 – 26

Vocal range:  Bb2 – Bb4

Professor Bhaer – German Professor with proper manners but who worries a lot.  He is a border in Mrs. Kirk’s boarding house and he will fall in love with Jo.

Age:    35 – 45

Vocal range:  G2 – F#4

John Brooke – Laurie’s Tutor and rather a still man.  He marries Meg and changes.  Also plays the part of Braxton.

Age:    30 – 40

Vocal range:  C#3 – F#4

Mr Laurence – Laurie’s grandfather.  He is feared by everyone until Meg softens him.  Cannot be played as a caricature.  Must be a real curmudgeon old man.  Will also play a knight

Age:    60 – 70

Easy singing

Location: Woodstock Opera House

Created by:   aaron gomez
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT) Available Slot
08/21/2018 (Tue.) 6:30pm - 7:15pm  

Audition (8)

5 of 8 slots filled
Lily Muse
Bekah Douglas
Jade Strong
Can’t wait!
Nicole Douglas
Can't wait
7:15pm - 8:00pm  

Audition (8)

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Shannon Lee Day
Super Excited
Heidi Zapp
I can’t wait!
Erin O'Brien
Jordan Debbink
Larisa Bell
Je suis excitée! :)
Jessica Dawson
Ethan Sherman
Alex Fayer
8:00pm - 8:45pm  

Audition (8)

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Christi Nicholson
Kyra Peter
Rene Marzec
Pam Curtis
Kaylin Hart
8:45pm - 9:30pm  

Audition (8)

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Mary Rose Nicholas
08/22/2018 (Wed.) 6:30pm - 7:15pm  

Audition (8)

6 of 8 slots filled
Emily Robles
Sandra Stemple
Angela Peterson
Matthew Leptich
Tara Petrozelli
Sarah Kusz
7:15pm - 8:00pm  

Audition (8)

3 of 8 slots filled
Katherine Damisch
Donna Engelhardt
Ali Helland
8:00pm - 8:45pm  

Audition (8)

All slots filled
Tania Gibson
John Barnett
Makayla Meinhardt
Cassidy Skorija
Ariella Simandl
Matthew Stewart
Jane Charlotte
Kaylie Stouffer
8:45pm - 9:30pm  

Audition (8)

1 of 8 slots filled
Mary Grace Martens

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