Hope Church

Hope Church September 20th Service Registration

Please RSVP for either our 9:30 or 11am service! When you arrive, you will notice an adjusted seating plan to accommodate reasonable spacing between family households.

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up! It is required to sign up a slot for each family member who will be attending service with you.

Please sign up your children and your JR High students separately! Hope Kids will be starting service downstairs together once again and JR High will be dismissed after worship! 

We cannot wait to worship with you and your family, in person, once again! 

Date: 09/20/2020 (Sun.)

Location: 5707 Wolf Rd.

Created by:   Rachel Kloes

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Seating

9:30am Service - Gym Seating (135)

133 of 135 slots filled
Hal Kooistra (2)
Josh Kloes (2)
Tom Zieman
Vicky Meier (2)
Worship Team (6)
Seth - 1, Ben - 1, Jon - 1, Eddie & Jen (2), Ken - 1
Kimberly Rose Conte (2)
Kathy Marchmont (2)
Alexander Ramirez (2)
Theresa Ramirez (3)
In front
Darrell Divinity (4)
Douglas Kading
Kayu Cuchra (2)
Michelle Obrien
Silvia Jacomee (2)
Michaela Giovannelli (4)
Natalie Sabos (2)
Natalie and Tony
Roberta Vinyard (2)
Francielle Daly (3)
Ernesto Lima (5)
Carin Rodemoyer (2)
Timothy DeYoung (2)
Irene Mahoney
Tina Johnson-Hawkins (4)
Fran Evers
please sit me together with irene mahoney. Thank you.
Loxley Zaba
Stefanie Garcia
John Quirke (2)
Roxanne Aguirre
Jose Gamino (4)
Thomas Kidwell
Hospitality Team (3)
John Anderson - 2, Antonio Romero - 1
Rachel Paul
Abby Prado (3)
Mary Liszek (2)
Marcy Herrera (4)
Disa Magee
Rebecca Slowik (4)
Benjamin Arias (3)
Rachel. Thank you.
Kevin Neander (2)
Bruce Stefancich (3)
Constance Power (4)
1/4 is child-to go to children's church
Doug Jamieson
Rod Guerrero
DeAundra Washington
Erika Gomez (2)
Erika Gomez
Lainey Hately
Michaela Giovannelli
Paul Daly (4)
Karen Dvorak
Jennifer McGrath (2)
Jenn and Dee
Jeanette Rodriguez
Pat Karlovsky
Samuel Escobedo
Kathleen Kadan (2)
Jon Aldrin
Eric Borjas (4)
Melody Kral (2)

9:30am Hope Kids (17)

All slots filled
Jordan Arias
Alexander Ramirez (2)
Natalie Sabos
Francielle Daly (2)
Genesis & Priscilla
Jennifer Robia (3)
Jenn, Lucy, & Benny
Alex Liescke (2)
Elaina & Asher
Disa Magee (2)
Luke and Giuliana magee
Rebecca Slowik
AJ Power
A.J. Felix
Erika Gomez
Natalia Gomez

9:30am Hope Youth - JR High (10)

9 of 10 slots filled
Alex Liescke
Darrell Divinity
Brenda Anderson
David Anderson
Francielle Daly
Rachel Paul
Disa Magee
Jake magee
Rebecca Slowik
Kevin Neander
Erika Gomez
Aaron Gomez

11am Service - Gym Seating (135)

85 of 135 slots filled
Hal Kooistra (2)
Josh Kloes (2)
Tom Zieman
Vicky Meier (2)
Worship Team (9)
Seth - 2, Ben - 1, Jon - 1, Eddie & Jen (2), Ken - 3
Alfredo Arroyo (2)
Nicole DeMory (2)
Terri Cruz (2)
Jim & Terri Cruz
Becky Nelson
Josephine Dombkowski (3)
Danielle Penna (3)
David MacKinney (2)
Wendy Moore (2)
Susan Tinucci (3)
Shelly Donavon
Victor Burbulys (3)
Carly Lekousis (2)
Hospitality Team (8)
Adam Reyes - 4, John Anderson - 2, Sharon Hubbard - 2
Roberto Morales (2)
Stephan Delabar (5)
Kim Ogle (3)
Michelle Jimenez
Laura Hess
kelley labonte
hailey labonte (3)
David Smith
Karen Soto (3)
Larry Forney (2)
Mary Breau
Clara Rauf (2)
Jon Aldrin
Monica Gonzalez
Philip Wagler (2)
Jan Macon

11am Hope Kids (20)

18 of 20 slots filled
Jordan Arias
Alfredo Arroyo
Nicole DeMory
Terri Cruz
For Mason King
Danielle Penna (2)
Wendy Moore
Jennifer Robia
Alex Liescke (2)
Elaina & Asher
Vicki Kloes
Karen Soto
Jared Soto
Philip Wagler (4)
Elizabeth, Liam, Franklin, Lyle

11am Hope Youth - JR High (20)

5 of 20 slots filled
Alex Liescke
Danielle Penna
Vicki Kloes (2)
Brian & Janiya
Zion Crockrell
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