Perrysburg Boat Club

Work Hour Tasks

Created by:   robert brunner

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Sweep Deck and Bulkhead


Work boat needs cleaned, swept, trash disposed of, misc. parts put under control box, control box needs to be screwed down to floor. Brown vinyl seat needs cleaned armor guarded and put back on boat. (now on work barge) Lines need to be hung on railing


New No Wake buoys need to be put back on the pallet near the porta Jon and moved to Mike’s barn for storage, other misc. stuff can go to Mike’s for storage. Dave Dicke has the key and can help get it there.


10x10 pop up tent (in brown tent on deck) needs to be repackaged and put in black trailer.


Glass tables need to be cleaned on underside and top sides


Grey electrical lines and boxes need to be strung in brush behind the trailer and up to the deck for use as needed.


Solar lights need to be purchased and installed on T docks. Floor mounted low-profile lights should be added to dock corners, so they can be seen as boats approach the T docks at night.


T dock AYC membership docking signs need to be installed (if not already out). A solar light could be mounted above each AYC docking sign to light them and the t dock up to be seen rather than floor mounted lights.


Solar lights need to be installed on the row of no wake buoys just down river from maple street. Need cheap but bright solar lights assembled (glued as needed so they don’t fall apart from shaking on the buoy) and gorilla taped tot each buoy.


The T docks have filler boards that span the 6-8” gape between segments. They need to be repaired and reinstalled on 2 of the t docks. Parts are around lying in the brush around the black trailer or porta Jon.


There are new finger dock corner bumpers in the white trailer in boxes. They need to be installed on any finger not having one on each outward corner. Sheet metal screws (stainless is best see how others are attached) and washers are needed. They may be


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