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The Official Red Devils PJ5K Training Events Sponsored by FX Well and FX Physical Therapy

The first of three events in our pre-PJ5K series will be Run Gait Analysis and Injury Prevention Screening. This event will be broken down into three parts: running gait analysis, running movement assessment and exercise prescription. At Station 1, therapists will assess each runner's form, using video analysis software to determine proper running form and identify possible running flaws that could lead to injury; Station 2 will build on determining any flaws or deficits that could result in poor performance and/or injury by testing strength and flexibility. At Station 3, every participant will receive a personalized exercise prescription to help improve on strength, flexibility and running form flaws, as well as the official PJ5K Couch to 5K training program.

Date: 08/18/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: FX Studios Hunt Valley- 11270 Pepper Road Cockeysville, MD 21030

Created by:   Hillary Sorg

Available Slot

8:00AM-8:10AM (2)


8:10AM-8:20AM (2)


8:20AM-8:30AM (2)


8:30AM-8:40AM (2)


8:40AM-8:50AM (2)


8:50AM-9:00AM (2)


9:00AM-9:10AM (2)


9:10AM-9:20AM (2)


9:20AM-9:30AM (2)


9:30AM-9:40AM (2)


9:40AM-9:50AM (2)


9:50AM-10:00AM (2)


10:00AM-10:10AM (2)


10:10AM-10:20AM (2)


10:20AM-10:30AM (2)


10:30AM-10:40AM (2)


10:40AM-10:50AM (2)


10:50AM-11:00AM (2)


11:00AM-11:10AM (2)


11:10AM-11:20AM (2)


11:20AM-11:30AM (2)


11:30AM-11:40AM (2)


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11:50AM-12:00PM (2)


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