Christmas in October 2018

Christmas in October UKHS/KUMC

Welcome to the Christmas in October Sign-Up Genius!

If you know who your house captain is, please sign up under that individual’s name below.  If you are not lined up with a house captain, please sign up under “General Sign-Up” and we will assign you to a project based on your skills and the needs of the home owner.  If you do not see your house captain on the list, sign up under “General Sign-Up” and you can move your name to your house captain later when that individual is added to the list. Seven of the houses will be done on October 13 rather than 20 due to the house captain’s availability.  Those houses are so indicated on the list.  We are asking you for some information to help us plan for the most rewarding day possible for you:  skill level, tool(s) you might bring, T-shirt size, food requirements, etc.  Providing your email and phone # will help us to communicate with you before and after the event.  Signing up early gives us a better count of volunteers, and thus more efficient planning.  Thank you so much for signing up for Christmas in October! This means a great deal to our many neighbors in Rosedale. You will find this a VERY FUN and REWARDING DAY!

Bob Spaniol

Created by:   Vicki Melin
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CDT) Available Slot
10/13/2018 (Sat.) Ahvy Whiteside  8:00am - 3:30pm  

4032 S. Minnie (30)

22 of 30 slots filled
Cherie Adair
Crystal Barrientos
Kim Dixon (2)
I will be bringing my son Zach
Rachael Goodman
Morina Goodman
Lai Xiong
Vang Yang
Carrie Ratliff
Liz Combs
kathy klostermann
Tamara Kratzberg
Kyle Benton (2)
My girlfriend Yen Nguyen is coming also. 2 shirts XL and M
teresa Plouvier
Josh Bunch
Kenny Dixon
Elizabeth Lewis
Josh Haith
Ahvy Whiteside
Maureen McGrath
Dan Mcgrath
Darrin Kistler  8:00am - 3:30pm  

909 Seminary (30)

20 of 30 slots filled
Teri Banman
Gloria Solis
Lisa Serig (2)
Including Craig Serig
Dacoda Hoggatt
Danielle Stoner
Travis Stoner
Shernita Allen-Hoggatt
Wendy Kampschroeder (3)
Bringing husband (Daryl) and daughter (Emma) shirt sizes: 2 medium, 1 small; skill level low-med/high
Clint Divine (2)
I will bring my girlfriend, Kere (medium)
Chuanwu Zhang
I may leave around 3:00 pm due to another event start at 3:00 pm.
Terrie Pierce (2)
Dale -XL
Cherie Rourke (2)
Small adult t-shirt for my son
Leigh Anne Scott
Darrin Kistler
Erin Stryka  8:00am - 3:30pm  

Work at RDA (40)

4 of 40 slots filled
Shalon Paige
Therese Hecht
Nick Newell
Erin Stryka
Karen Kessell  8:00am - 3:30pm  

1418 Shearer (30)

20 of 30 slots filled
Shirt sizes is 2XL, LG, MED, 3Xl
Laiecha Holstein (2)
available 12p-3p
Greg Kessell
Gayln Gorup
Linda Gorup
Barb Manning
Gina Barnett
Cathy Secretan
Beth Hitzelberger
Need to leave by 2:30
Jason Hitzelberger
Need to leave by 2:30 pm
Gayln Gorup (2)
My wife Linda Gorup will also be participating. She wears a large shirt too.
Karen Kessell
Samantha D'silva (2)
Bringing Husband Size small
Melanie Simpson  8:00am - 3:30pm  

4030 S. Minnie (30)

14 of 30 slots filled
Cristal Hernandez
Tania Torres
Clinton Christian
Beth Luder
Heidi Boehm
Justin Schmidt
Melissa Branson
Rick Branson
Doug Simpson
I will have to leave at 11:30
Daniel Rittle
Emily Daniel
madalyn simmons-williams
Sue Nutterfield
I can paint and/or do yard work, gardening, etc.
Melanie Simpson
Nancy Mack  8:00am - 3:30pm  

4025 S. Minnie (30)

17 of 30 slots filled
Tonika Crafton
LaQuanna Johnson
Terence Crafton
Brittany Coley
Jill Hagel
Mike Hagel
Noreen Thompson
Elizabeth (Liz) Barnes
It may be closer to 9:00 before I get there.
Av Rosen
Stephen Sack
Debbie Butler (2)
hubby-tshirt XL
Jill Clements
Jeanne Ventola
Nancy Mack
Maureen McGrath
Dan McGrath
Nick Hayden  8:00am - 3:30pm  

105 S. Cherokee (30)

20 of 30 slots filled
Nick Hayden
Michelle HeathFisher
Bill Godfrey
Drees Taylor
Jace Erwin
Laurel Gardner
Laura Stevens
Nora Strong (2)
I will bring my husband (large).
Meghan Woody-Fowler
Matt Miller
Ryan Morse (2)
Ryan and Kate Morse--S tshirt for Kate
Mollie Perryman
Mason Uvodich
Vassili Glazyrine
Steven Clary
Anita Moudgal
Mariah Jones-Greif
Lydia Evans
Ryan Gove  8:00am - 3:30pm  

11 S. Cherokee (30)

8 of 30 slots filled
Nick Hayden
Terri Thompson (3)
Bringing 2 others with low skills. Tshirt sizes - one L and one XL. We are available from 9 -1 pm.
Debra Brogden
Bekah Spengler (2)
Bringing husband - medium skill, large t-shirt
Ryan Gove
10/20/2018 (Sat.) Mike Kennedy  8:00am - 3:30pm  

2418 S. Mill (30)

16 of 30 slots filled
Erika Ekengren
Neil Phillips
Jordan Voss
Katie Joyce
Matt Moreno
Margaret Smith
Jared Robl
Ken Patton
Linda Redford (2)
Bringing partner (Roy). Shirt size Lg. Skill level moderate.
Brad Wine
Megan Haghnegahdar
Jonathan Bates
Samantha D'silva (2)
Bringing husband size small
Lauren Zabel
Charlene Plotycia  8:00am - 3:30pm  

2410 S. Mill (30)

9 of 30 slots filled
Krysten Bowman
Dustin Bowman
Brenda Dryer
Diana Garcia (2)
shirt size- XL/M
Henry Madriles