World Showcase 2019

World Showcase 2019

BMMS & CLES Students and their families will come together for another year at Burleigh Manor Middle School to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our families and the diverse cultures that make up our community!  All BMMS & CLES students and their families are invited to attend and participate. 

This is a great opportunity for students and families to represent their culture or where they come from in the world by creating an interactive gallery walk presentation (tri-fold board or activity), a dance or performance to perform on the World Showcase stage or make food to share at our Taste the World event. 

Questions?  Please contact Sylvia Bank at [email protected], Andrea Stremmel at [email protected], or Margaret Glyder at [email protected]

Date: 02/21/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

Location: Burleigh Manor Middle School

Created by:   Andrea Stremmel
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Available Slot

Event set up - 5:00 - 6:30pm (15)

Assist with general set up for the event.

All slots filled
Mindy Brenner
Jopi Shen
Mikaela Lidgard
Min Zhang
Minnie Sodhi
Sari O'Bryan
Soyoun Choi
Beth Panageotou
Simmi Bhamra
Rita Yang
Nancy Strigle
Manasa Bandam
Lixia Chu
Benjamin Wang
Savitha Enner

Event clean up - 8:30 - 9:00pm (5)

Assist with general clean up.

4 of 5 slots filled
Andrea Bento
Mikaela Lidgard
Kata Vehar-Kenyon
My big strong husband will be there ;)
Joe Chen

Volunteer to serve food in the gym -6:30 - 7:30 (17)

Portion out servings and assist guests as needed.

15 of 17 slots filled
Sarika Amar
Pratima Kotha
Ching Wang
Contact me via text
Elysia Oudemans-Tilley (2)
(Brian & Elysia)
Alexandra Sedor
Matthew and Lizzie Sedor will serve their cookies
Trish Chang
Bamboo rice
Cindy Lin
Will help Tracy Yang with Bubble tea
Cheryl Jenkins (2)
Cheryl and Claire Jenkins
Manasa Bandam
Malika Naqvi
Ming Sun
Santhosh Venkateshwaran

Volunteer to serve food in the gym -7:30 - 8:30 (12)

Portion out servings and assist guests as need.

6 of 12 slots filled
Trish Chang
Savitha Enner
Wenge Ni-Meister
Abby Leard
Selvi Bala
Santhosh Venkateshwaran

Share a Taste/Share a Dish - World Showcase Cafe - Please contact Sylvia Bank ([email protected]) or Savitha Enner ([email protected]) with questions.

Food donations can celebrate a cultural dish, your heritage or a family or regional cuisine. Please be prepared to provide an ingredients list for your dish.

48 slots filled - more available
Yating Yang
Taiwan, R.O.C. ~~ 300 ct , Bubble Tea (Eric Chen 8th gr. & Brian Chen 4th gr.)
Lucy Fang
Fried Dumplings (Albert/Brad Cao 5th grade, Carolyn Cao 3rd grade)
Neeti Otal
Mindy Brenner
Chocolate Chip Mondel Bread
Srinidhi Gadiyaram
Mango Lassi
Andrea Stremmel
Mashed Potatoes!
Krish Ghosh
Panna Cotta
Santhosh Venkateshwaran
sweet paniyaaram
Jopi Shen
Taiwan spiced corn eggs - 40
Amanda Reyes
Pastillas de leche -Qty. 40
Ranyah Almardawi
Hummus and meat Pies
Lili Zhang
DoHwan Park
Julia Park, Korean dessert
Malika Naqvi
Pakistani Zarda Rice
Shari Youngblood
Madeleines -150 ct - a delicious cake/cookie from France (Tessa Gandou)
Mattew Yang 4th grade
Chinese Food
Sarika Amar
Mini Samosas
Mikaela Lidgard
Scones and Shortbread
Paula Swann
Biscotti from Italy
Rita Yang
Bamboo rice (Ting Yi Fang and Trish Chang)
Selvi Bala
Chicken Briyani (Rice dish with Indian spices)
ming pang
preserved eggs
Julius Kaindi
Elysia Oudemans-Tilley
Arroz con Leche (Guatemala)
Alexandra Sedor
Russian Tea Cake cookies
Hoyeon Lee
Kimbop or Bulgogi
Ritsko Kyperountas (Akis And Anna Kyperountas, Grade 4)
Japanese food
Anu Prabhala
Sev puri
Ming Xu
Mapo tofu
Manasa Bandam
Sweet dish(semiya payasam)
Mariama Kamara
Ackara (African banana fritters)
Maureen Ritter
Irish soda bread
Savitha Enner
Mini dosas with Indian mashed potatoes
Centennial Overlook (3)
We'll provide the names of the 3 vegetarian dishes shortly.
Centennial Overlook (3)
We'll provide the names of the 3 non-vegetarian dishes shortly
Laxmi Sarvanan
Masala idli
CC Cohen
Hummus and pita. And/OrFalafel to represent ISRAEL
Helen Xu
Chinese food
Cindy Yao
Chinese famous hot dry noodles
Simone Norrish
Australian Dessert - Lamingtons - qty 40
Robin DuMont
Pigs in a blanket- USA
Kimberlee Wilson (2)
Toasted Ravioli - St. Louis, MO
Ingrid Lopez
Tres leches cake (Guatemala)

Presentation - World Showcase Gallery Walk - BMMS Media Center - Please contact Deepa Kandadai with questions at [email protected]

We encourage all types of displays. Interactive displays are encouraged but not necessary. Please list name of presenter, grade and country represented. Please note if food will be a part of your display.

16 slots filled - more available
Paula Swann
Italy-Max Swann (6th grade)
Rita Yang
Taiwan, R.O.C Lucas Yang 8th and Benjamin Yang 6th grader/ Ryan & Avery Chang 6th & 4th/Hannah Fang 8th
Sri Paleti
Belgium, presented by Bestie Squad 4th grade CLES
Javza Natsag
Mongolia - Oyujin Damdinsuren
Lili Zhang (2)
Lili Zhang
DoHwan Park
Sara Lee and Julia Park, Represent Korea
Joe Li 4th
Chinese Culture
Limei Gao
Chinese Paper cutting
Rama Gopal
Sheranda Campbell
African American Great Migration
ming pang
preserved eggs
ming pang
Jaylen Yan
Chinese culture
Matei Maniu

Performer - World Showcase Stage - BMMS Cafeteria - Please contact Sri Paleti ([email protected]) or Anna Borovikov ([email protected]) with questions. (18)

We encourage all types of performances. Poetry, singing, dancing... Please list name of performer, grade, country represented. *Depending on responses, children may be asked to perform only once in order to guarantee everyone gets an opportunity.)

All slots filled
Deepa Kotta
My daughter, Tanvi Kotta (8th Grade, India)
Chinese Martial Arts. Performers: Cindy Zhan, 6th grade BMMS, Michale Yang, 4th grade NES
Kalpana Terala
Dance performance
Sindhuja Punna
Kuchipudi Dance
Carolyn Cao
Paper Cutting Girl (Chinese Traditional Dance)
Lada Borovikov
Valenki (Russain lyrical dance)
Kalinka Dance Ensemble
Moldova Folk Dance
Arseniy Borovikov
Quadrille (European square dance) interactive lesson
Neeti Otal
Simmren Otal (Punjabi Folk Dance)
Ritsko Kyperountas
Japanese/Greek traditional song performance
Nithya Parepally
Veena (Nithya Parepally)
kiranmayi soma
Dance Perfomance by 3rd grade
Vrunda Vivekkumar
Dance performance (8 participants)
Sriya Avasarala (2)
Sriya Avasarala and chakrika Batchu
Sana Sanwal
duo dance with Ishani Ghosh performing a mix of 2 songs, Lamborghini and Mom diggy
Sana Sanwal
performing solo dance
Bhavana Konka
Dance performance by group

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