WST Meet #6 HOME vs Bustleton

Please RSVP yes or no for meet by July 21st. Thank you!

Date: 07/23/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 5:15pm - 10:00pm EDT

Location: Mary Barness Swim Club - 2501 Freedoms Way Warrington PA

Created by:   warrington Dragons

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Responses:     Yes: 39     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 58     Maybe: 0

YES (39) -  

Joella Bragg (1 guest)

Lauren Magliaro (1 guest)

Allison Damico (1 guest)

Erin Goodling (1 guest)

Maura Kelly (1 guest)

Bryce Berger (3 guests)

Audrey Daniel (1 guest)
Abby Daniel

Ethan & Jake Edwards (2 guests)

Riley Reteneller (1 guest)

Lorena Pirraglia (1 guest)

Karen Cassidy (1 guest)
Riley Cassidy

Caleigh Fink (1 guest)

Karen Hauck (1 guest)
Jane Hauck (Damien cannot make it)

Maria Grasso (4 guests)
Paul, Luke, Joseph and Anthony Grasso

Shannon Goodwin (1 guest)

Kelly Schollin (2 guests)
Dylan and Kyra Schollin

Beatrice Pollard (1 guest)
Ella Pollard

Tate Family (3 guests)
Jimmy, Jack, & Keegan will there

Kristin Lubinski (1 guest)
Noah Lubinski

Josh Hiltpold (1 guest)

Molly Malone (1 guest)

Peter Jorgenson (1 guest)

Evan Parkhill (1 guest)

Erin Urban (1 guest)
Cayleigh Urban

Josh Bradley (3 guests)

Dawn Mcfadden (2 guests)
Maura and Connor

Rachel Thierolf (2 guests)
Cailyn and Dara

Jennifer Fiander (1 guest)
Lila Fiander

Michele Matsick (2 guests)

Gwyneth And Addy Seery (2 guests)

Haley Scholer (3 guests)
Heidi, Haley and Richard

Laura Centafont (2 guests)
Alex & Andrew

Genevieve Peranteau (1 guest)

Anna Stavchanskiy (2 guests)

Cameron Oneill (1 guest)

Walker McElrath (1 guest)

Erin Showaker (1 guest)

Natalie McCarey (1 guest)

Abbie DiGregorio (1 guest)

NO (2) +