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Saint Michael Fall Festival - Pretzel Making

Pretzel Making

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 09/10/2021 (Fri.)

Time: 1:00pm - 7:30pm CDT

Location: St. Albert's Parish Center in Albertville

Created by:   STM FallFestival

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Any time between 1:00 and 3:00 (50) - We are just looking for an estimated time people plan to attend.
  31 of 50 slots filled
Melissa Michalek (2)
Eric Lenneman (2)
Ken Lenneman
James & Marie Shovelain (2)
Kristy Hegrenes
Daughter Sarah will be doing it. I’ll come later.
Diane Grochowski
Can only stand for a hour
Gayle Weber
Cheryl Williams
Jennie Herbst (5)
Jennie, John, Tim, Claire and Catherine
Sarah Hansen
Courtney Jorgenson (2)
Harlow and Roman
Hugh Hanson
John Ilkka
Rachel Dietz
Doug Hammerseng (2)
Doug and Peggy
Michelle LeMonds (3)
one adult and two kids
Brenda Kelley
Ava Carbone
Becky Oberle (2)
Any time between 3:00 and 5:00 (50) - We are just looking for an estimated time people plan to attend.
  45 of 50 slots filled
Ethan Senesac
Brenda Poff (3)
Brenda, Preston & Aubrielle
Kim McKane (3)
Ella, Ben and Lexi
Dawn Skogsberg (2)
Sue Berning
Lon and Julie Voigt (2)
Possibly 2 grandchildren may join last hour
Ryan Kurth
Jeanne Van Drasek
Jami Meilahn
Chuck Dwinnell (2)
Cora Braun
Leo Gagnon
Sarah Warzecha
Gale Kessler (2)
Aaron Martin
Jasper Vetsch
Megan Kurth (2)
We will be there 3:30-5:30
Ava Blank
2 kids, 1 adult
Peter Schneider (2)
Kara Lewis
John Ilkka
Karen Dehmer (2)
Sonja Van Keulen
Will have my K, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grader with.
Kirsten Dehmer (3)
Probably get there around 3:15/3:30
Janel Dehmer (5)
Nick Spaulding
Nick and Izzy Spaulding will attend.
Melody Kelly (2)
We might come a little after 3, but can stay til 6.
Any time between 5:00 and 7:30 (50) - We are just looking for an estimated time people plan to attend.
  11 of 50 slots filled
Janna Webskowski
Marcie Mattson (2)
Karsor Nyandibo
Angela Lenneman (2)
Karen Gozel (2)
Carson McCann
Logan Alessi
Jack Bakke
Responses:     Yes: 60     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 120     Maybe: 0

YES (60) -  

Becky Oberle (2 guests)
Layla Oberle

Ava Carbone (1 guest)

Brenda Kelley (1 guest)
I don’t think I will be able to attend, but Karly will be there.

Melody Kelly (2 guests)
1 adult + 1 tween

Nick Spaulding (2 guests)

Janel Dehmer (5 guests)

Michelle LeMonds (3 guests)
Michelle- Avery and Tommy, Possibly others

Kirsten Dehmer (3 guests)

Ann Bistodeau (1 guest)

Doug Hammerseng (2 guests)

Jack Bakke (1 guest)

Logan Alessi (1 guest)

Karen Dehmer (2 guests)

Rachel Dietz (2 guests)

John Ilkka (1 guest)

Dillon Sahr (3 guests)

Kara Lewis (2 guests)
With Daniel Lewis

Terese Gammell (2 guests)

Hugh Hanson (1 guest)

Courtney Jorgenson (2 guests)

Peter Schneider (2 guests)
Bennett and Andy Schneider

Ava Blank (3 guests)

Jasper Vetsch (1 guest)

Megan Kurth (2 guests)
Ellie Hunsley

Sonja Van Keulen (5 guests)

Aaron Martin (1 guest)

Sarah Hansen (3 guests)
Approximately 2:30

Gale Kessler (2 guests)

Sarah Warzecha (3 guests)

Leo Gagnon (1 guest)

Cora Braun (3 guests)
Henry and Sam

Chuck Dwinnell (2 guests)
Chuck and Ellie

Jennie Herbst (5 guests)

Rachel Dietz (2 guests)
Rachel and Ava

Cheryl Williams (1 guest)

Jami Meilahn (3 guests)

Gayle Weber (1 guest)

Diane Grochowski (1 guest)

Jeanne Van Drasek (1 guest)

Kristy Hegrenes (1 guest)
Daughter Sarah will be doing it. I’ll come later.

Carson McCann (1 guest)

James & Marie Shovelain (2 guests)

Karen Gozel (2 guests)

Angela Lenneman (4 guests)
Super Excited!!

Ryan Kurth (1 guest)

Ken Lenneman (1 guest)

Lon and Julie Voigt (2 guests)
Possibly 2 grandchildren may join for last hour

Sue Berning (1 guest)
We can be there at 3:30.

Karsor Nyandibo (1 guest)

Marcie Mattson (2 guests)

Lori Sagehorn (1 guest)
I can be available for any shift/shifts you need me to help fill, just let me know when you would like me to be there. I’m open to multiple shifts as needed.

Maureen Nyflot (2 guests)
Mick & I can help from 1-3; we may need to leave earlier to watch our granddaughter

Eric Lenneman (2 guests)

Dawn Skogsberg (2 guests)

Melissa Michalek (2 guests)

Sarah Hansen (3 guests)
Will arrive about 4:00

Kim McKane (3 guests)

Brenda Poff (3 guests)

Janna Webskowski (2 guests)
I will bring my high school son.

Ethan Senesac (1 guest)

NO (2) +  

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