EHS Class of 2023

Class Baskets for Seasons Change ~ Memories Remain Fashion Show

Each year Grade Level Gift Baskets are raffled off the evening of the event. These baskets are crafted using generous donations from students and families in The Eastchester School District. Keeping with tradition, we are graciously accepting donations to help fund these gift baskets. $10.00 per Student or $20.00 per Family 

All contributions will be acknowledged in the SEASONS CHANGE ~ MEMORIES REMAIN Fashion Show Journal and on our Facebook and Instagram. 

For your convenience, donations can be made multiple ways VIA this SIgnUp:

Check the Preferred Method of Payment (CREDIT CARD, VENMO, OR CASH/CHECKS Scroll Down and Click Submit & Signup by no later than THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2022



(service charge of $1.00 for $10.00 or $1.50 for $20.00 Donations)






CASH or CHECKS (payable to Eastchester High School PTA)

Mail or Drop payments with attached Slip to (see Related Files below):

Eastchester Class Baskets - 66 Ewart Street, Scarsdale, NY 10583


Send to EHS Main Office:

Mark Envelopes EHS Fashion Show Class Basket Donations


Questions can be directed to:

Michelle Castaldo at [email protected] 

Jennifer Berger at [email protected]

Date: 11/10/2022 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm EDT

Location: The Surf Club On The Sound
280 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805

Related files:

Created by:   Happy Zingaro
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2022/23 Grade Level

Credit Card Class Basket Donation (200)

($ Donation)

Enter Donation Amount ONLY (Do Not Change Quantity)

Paid: $1,010.00

Pledged: $50.00

Total: $1,060.00

45 of 200 slots filled
Jennifer Stern
Ryan 12th
Maria Tallent
James Tallent 12th
Melissa Ferrara
Luca (11th) and Elena (9th)
Rosanna Chirico
Christopher Chirico 12th and Alex 9th
Michiko Shigemura (2)
Haruhi 12th, Takumi 8th
Michelle Pisa
Thomas 12th & Joseph 12th
Jacqueline Fliszary
Jake (Grade 11)
Connie Giamei
Sofia 12th
Renee DiBenedetto
Tina Fernandez
5th & 11th
Jennifer Berger
3rd &12th
Joseph Castaldo
8th & 12th
Stephanie Sandarciero
Donna Puccini
Deborah Murtha
Kendall 12th/Emily and Jack EHS grads
Kathryn Quigley
Brenda Brown
Dana Ruggiero
Alexia Ruggiero -11th grade, Antonella Ruggiero-9th grade, Brianna Ruggiero-8th grade
Chrissy Geagan
Ryan 9th, Kayleigh 7th, Connor 2nd
Gina Gessa
Blake Gessa 9th Gr, Brooks Gessa 7th Gr
Lisa Nicolosi
Harrison 7th & Jackson 3rd
Dana Deasy
Ryan Deasy
Julie Meyers
Avery - 12, Quinlan - 9
Kimberly Blume
Leticia Monteforte
Sophia Monteforte (10)
Deborah Murtha
Kendall (12th). Emily and Jack Eastchester Grads
Kristine Provenzale
Frankie 12 Michael 10 Matteo 9
Jackie Holstein
Sammy 12th
Chiarina Giampa
Louis Giampa- !2th grade Giuliana Giampa- 9th grade
Jessica Lage
Nicholas Lage, 9th Grade
Joann Attisani
Nicole Petrone
10th & 12th
Patricia Dunleavy
11th, 8th
Valerie Monteleone
12th & 10th
Janel Cassino
Gianna 11th, Olivia 8th, Mia 6th
Maria Celis Jeanseaume
Audrey 12th and Max 10th
Joanne Ragosta
Artemis DiBenedetto
12th grade - Celia
Fran Lanzetta
Isabella - 10th
Laura O'Leary
stacy schneider (2)
jake schneider 12, chase schneider 8
Savitri Ramsingh
Erik Murdock 12th Grade
Patricia Pollicina
Ava 11th

VENMO Payment (200)


91 of 200 slots filled
Erin Baker
Ellie Baker 11th and James Baker 7th ($50 via VENMO)
Tina Fernandez
Nicholas(11th), Andrew (5th) and Anthony (class of 2020)
Nicole Engelbert
6th grade - Nicholas Engelbert
Donna Puccini
12th Levia Puccini
Carrie Milaccio
Olivia Milaccio - 9th
Marisa Junta
Caterina Junta - 6th grade
Bernadette Mannion
Sean 2024 Brian 2025 Andrew 2022
Kathy Balaj
10th grade, Michael Balaj
Julie Sullivan
11th- Kiera Sullivan
Maria Faber
Tommy Faber 12th, Gianna Faber 9th, Ryan Faber 4th
Noako Shibayama
11th grade - Aika Lankard
Arlene Mackin-Hyland
Kelly Hyland 11th grade
Patricia Guldner
Jeremy-12, Elizabeth- 8
Angela Poli
Samantha Grade 12, Gregory Grade 8
Keisha Cassese
Jayden Cassese-9th Grade, Camryn Cassese 7th Grade
Amy Erdman
Madison Erdman - 9th
Deborah Solymar
Antonio Ramos 12th, Nicholas Ramos 8th
Andreana Bellach
Matthew (11th)/Daniel (8th)
Gina Cozza
Nicholas 12th grade and Anthony 8th grade
Maureen Moser
Gregory (12), Mary (10), and Paul (8)
Tina Kearns
Grade 10
Joseph Dadamo
Class Basket 11th Grade
Doreen Russo
Class Basket- 12th Grade
Viviana Porpora
Class Baskets 11th & 9th
Regina Thomson
Class Baskets 11th & 9th
Vanessa Ferrotta
Class Basket 12th Grade
Valerie Saccomanno
Class Basket 11th Grade
Danielle Calbo
Class Basket 11th Grade
Bernadette Wingertzahn
Class Basket 11th Grade
Class Basket 12th Grade (Kamryn Keating)
Anna Capriotti
Class Basket 11th Grade
Julie Pisano
Class Basket Grade 10 - Sal Pisano
Rita Petriello
Joseph Petriello 2023 & Michela Petriello 2026
Bozena Valencic
Eva Valencic 12th Matteo Valencic 9th
Alisa Lentini
Julianna- 11th grade, Alexa 1st grade
Bryn Leonardo (2)
Jayna Leonardo 6th - Julia Leonardo 2nd
Valerie Quinn
9th grade - John & Michael Quinn - $20
christina mazza-travaglino
Class Basket - 11th & 8th
Stephanie Sandarciero
Class Basket - 12th Grade
Theo Sakalis
Class Basket - 12th Grade
Margaret Papademetriou
John (12th) and Nicholas (9th)
Mane Ozkurt
Adem Ozkurt (12) , Leyla Ozkurt (9), Arin Ozkurt (4)
Christie Muccino
Andrew Morrone/9
Maria Underwood
12th-Grace Underwood
Randi Vecchione
Frank Vecchione 9th, John Vecchione 7th
Michelle Saputo
Gabriel & Domenic - 8th / Marcello - 6th
Jen Cronin
Connor Hare- 7th grade
Marguerite Gleeson
Emma (8), Ryan (5), Gleeson Family
Patti Reid
Grade 12
Zoe Raynes
Jake Raynes (12th grade) Lucy Raynes (8th grade)
Jacqueline Kelly
Emma Kelly (11th) Ciara Kelly (9th)
Angela Colagiacomo
Class Basket 7th & 5th grades
Cara Solano
Grade 12
Donna Love
11th grade
Angela Thornton
Bailey Shaw- 9th Grade
Brenda McDonagh
Kiera- Gr9, Thomas Gr 7, Meghan, Gr 4
Rose Novak
9th Grade, class of 2026
Yuki Tatezawa
Pamela Wampler
11th gr Alexandra Ziomber & 3rd gr Hudson Ziomber
Kristen Beades
7th and 10th
Sara Catalano
Grade 12 and 9
Michelle Forzaglia
11th Emily Forzaglia 7th Kaitlin Forzaglia
Lauren Mascia
Erin Murray
Class Basket - 9th & 12th - $20
Leza Telesco
Class Basket - 9th - $20
Debra Samayoa
Class Basket - 10th & 7th - $50
Kim Smith
Class Basket - 10th - $20
Heather Mancuso
Class Basket - 10th - $10
Zana Correa
Class Basket 11th Grade - $20
Shannon von Hassel
Carter 11th and Morgan 6th
Amanda Charles
Donovan Charles 9th
Erin Sheehan
2nd and 4th
Theresa McGinley
Caitlin 2nd
Sue Goss
9th, Toby Goss
Meagan Henry
Connor Henry Grade 2
Jody Cohen
10th and 7th
Stacyann Melillo Keiler
7th grade Keiler Family
Tracey Naclerio
11th grade - Julia Naclerio
Teresa D’Aversa
Gabriel D’Aversa-Herbert (12), Olivia D’Aversa-Herbert (10), Michael D’Aversa-Herbert (7)
Mary Ellen Parisi
Tenth Grade
Dylan Jeannotte
12th, 8th & 5th
Brenda Brown
Family grade basket: Molly Brown: 12th, Chloe B: 11th, Ian & Ella B.: 10th
Stephanie Cullaj
Teresa Bernardi
Meagan Bromley
Fashion show basket - Connor Henry grade 2 - $10
Judy Sheahan
Family Basket - $30
Eva Ross
Family Basket - $20
Jean Westcott
Grades 5 & 7 - $25
Kerry Flatley
Lisette Bruner


Drop to 66 Ewart Street

14 of 200 slots filled
D. Gannon
Class Basket 8th grade - Brandon Gannon- $20 check sent to PTA and given to Sal
Alicia Waters
Kylie 12th and Declan 9th
Janine Renzo
Class Basket 12th - Alexis ($10)
Regan Yankowski
Class Basket - 12th ($20)
Laurie D’Onofrio
Grade 12 Sophia D’Onofrio - $50
Rachel Muzichenko
9th - Eva
Chris Fioriello
Grade 12 Emily Fioriello
Kristjana Bujaj
Kristjana Bujaj - Class Basket K & 4th ($20)
Diane Wade
Class Basket 12th & 8th - $20
Joan Colasuonno
Claire Colasuonno Grade 11
Patricia Ziomber
Olivia (12th) and John (9th)
Chris Fioriello
Class Basket - 12th - $10
Charles Lin
Class Basket - 9th - $20
Rachel Muzichenko
Class Basket - 9th - $20
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