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2019-20 Annual Membership Application

Welcome to the BC High Mothers’ Guild, an association of mothers and guardians of BC High students. We serve the school community by hosting a variety of events and offering different types of support to mothers and their sons. Our goal is to not only provide a community of fellowship and friendship, but also to create opportunities for women to engage with each other and the school in support of BC High’s mission. 

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Annual Membership


265 slots filled - more available
Susanne Maroney
Michelle Kelliher
Alicia Savage Cain
Sue Calcagno
Karen Wallace
Susan King
Joanie Martin
Jennifer Anderson
Kim Osborne
Amy Brink
Heléna Bauk
Eileen Flaherty
Michelle DeVee
Kathleen Harold
Kami Ward
Rosemarie Fiore Cellai
Jaime Tuzik
Lynne Toland
Marie Cairo
Claudia Noury-Ello
Sonia Carter
Christine Dion-Schirripa
Stephanie Gordon
Amy Matthews
Maura Curran
Elizabeth Hayes
Erika Riley
Stacia Kates
Marianne Broderick
Lisa Mahoney
Deanna Boyle
Deanna Boyle
Shauna Downey
Christine Wilk
Anne Fox
Kerry Conley
Mary Henry
Kate Hamblet
Tonya Winter
Donna Simonelli
Lynne O'Connell
Kelly Gill
irene jay
Tara Esfahanian
Mary Hanifin
Mary Hanifin
ellen hanson
Kathleen McCormack
Layla Flaherty
Layla Flaherty
Michelle Hettinger
Terri Dena
Kathleen Brink
Karen Mullin
Ruth Evee
Annual Membership
Lynn Ann Averill
annual membership
Mary Kerrigan
Erin Waldner
Denise St. Mary
Suzanne Russell
Lisa McLaughlin
Sally Driscoll
Meredith Knowles
Monique Labbe
Jennifer Ryan
Frances Hayes
Stacy Murphy
gretchen robards robards
Sherry Kearns
Betsy Emsing
Kristen Roper
Robin Moody
Anne-Marie Connolly
Crissy Pruitt
Nadine Donovan
Jeannine Reardon
shannon armstrong
Mary Lee
Kim Giese
Carrie Sheehan
Siobhan Duggan
Mary Doyle
Shirley Straface
Kerry Lawson
Linda Cole
Lili Morales-Deras
Emily Duffy
Karen Cristoforo
Wendy Dunderdale
Annual Membership
Melanie Coogan
Melissa Burrill
Ann Marie Petrik
Cheryl DiTullio
Katie Goldner
Anita Parillo Shine
Barbara Morris
Juli Ford
Emily Flanagan
Kelly MacGrath
Tahni Morell
Susan Sullivan
Laura Oakley
Manette Donovan
Caryn King
Susan Galvin
Marianne Fitzpatrick
Laura O'Donnell
Kathryn Whittemore
Cera Adams
Kim Trapilo
Lisa Kent
Aprile Burnes
Laura Collins
Kari ODonnell
Rebecca Chin
Mothers' Guild BCH
Emily Loverin
Maarliese Zafiropoulos
Bruce Long
Nancy Hasey-Ross
Patrick Collins
Tammy Hobbs Miracky
Lynne Caljouw
Isuan Owens
Stephanie OKeefe
Kara Kennedy
Karen Keohane
Carolyn Shea
Jen Miller
Maggie Begley
Eileen Lynch
Sheila Paolucci
Antonetta Fopiano
diane woolf
catherine jerome
Heidi Montgomery
Debra Reedy
Stephanie Richardson
Alicia Rawson
Susan Baker
Insook Kim
Jacki Linnehan
Karen Cass
tracy Deforge
Nancy Roth
Annual Membership
Lisa Swanson
Liz Murphy
Anne Logan
Donna Potember
Carolyn Neidecker
Patricia Petrillo
Yong Cho
Maura Clow
Kim Kennedy
Melissa Devine
Joanna McCormick
Christy MacLetchie
Dorothy Ruse
Robin Hunt
Fe Topinio
kathy devaney
Claudia Cassamajor
Judy Berry
Diane Elenbaas
Karen Ewanich
Marianne Willett
Maureen Grant
Lisa Hurley
Terri Marino
Laurie Roche
Monica Pacheco-Tougas
Jian Wang
Sharon Marble
Bebe McCarron
Natalie Brandt
Ellen Rogers
Ellen Rogers
Karalyn Bromage
Patricia Richardson
Kristen Pepe
Heather Schuhwerk
Lynne O'Connell
Andrea Coughlin
Susan Clinton
Pamela Masters
Martha Lane
2019-2020 membership
Dale O'Reilly
Pascale Van Dam
Teresa Dasco
Mary Corcoran-Connell
Bonnie Miller
Ashley Fawcett
Andrea Dargie
Ann Daley
Jean Jay
Rebecca Costa
Betsy Morse
Lisa Soricone
Deanna Magill
Sheri Eldridge
Noelle Brindamour
Jennifer Marnik
Erin Lambe
Sandra Borgerson
Maureen Oates
annual membership
Carolyn McKenna
Carolyn McKenna
Jeanne Wolf
Laurie Fearing
Anne Bulger
Kara Kurtzman
Lisa Mahoney
Kelly Lewis
Kim Hayes
Karen Andrew
Miriam Manning
cheryl banks
Pamela McGrath
Kerry Mclaughlin
Regina Dres
Rose Rizzo
Christina Bell
Meg Kaster
Saima Khan
Saima khan
Andrea Larkin
Michelle Ferullo
Florence Richardson
Jenny Ipuz-Cantalupa
Dori Pulizzi
Katie Alitz
Karen Cass
Kate Johnson
Koren Brodin
Kara Connolly
Michelle Maguire
Carly Capozzi
Sarah Carolan
Meaghan Chapman
Katie Carroll
Chioma Osuji
Lynne Andaloro
Deanne Keegan
Kristi Byrne
Deb Martin
Kelly Curran
Maria Paniagua
Dues 2019/2020
Betsy DiSciullo
Lucie Rancourt
Nancy Mcdougall
Helga Barroso
Leea Regan
Janet Atkinson
Colleen Golden
Cheryl Pinarchick
Sheila McCarthy
Joanne Kinneen
Juliet Cofie
Mary Berninger
Hazel Dunn
Danielle Degnan (5)
For the five years my oldest has been at BCH
Caroline Brennan
Julie E Hart Hart
Valerie Mason
Beverly Loughnane
Patty Lee
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