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2019 HAS Holiday Potluck & Meeting

2019 HAS Holiday Potluck & Speaker

Pot Luck
Astronomy Trivia
Astrophoto Peoples Choice contest
Speaker - Rob Pettingill - Bulletins from Chile - 2019 Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program
Door prizes

Date: 12/06/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm CST

Location: Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055

Created by:   Jim King

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On HAS! Smoked Turkey & Sliced Ham
Mike Edstrom
I will be bringing these items
On HAS! Utensils, Plates, Waters
Side Dishes
  33 slots filled - more available
Rene Gedaly
broccoli rice casserole
Phyllis Troxell (12)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Trevor Arnold
Red beans and sausage
Robert Hall
Mark Watson
John Carter
Howard Leverenz
Kim Sasser
Rosemary Armstrong
Richard Moen
Squash casserole
Hai Nguyen
Sage sausage stuffing
Daniel Roy
Soup in crockpot
John Chauvin
Stuffed Jalapenos
Eric Utrecht
macaroni salad
Doug McCormick
Orv Wiens
Mike McCurdy
Mashed potatoes
Lisa Gladstone
Paul McCallum
Josephine Rousse (2)
Kat Pedersen
  18 slots filled - more available
Joe Khalaf
Will bring a pie of some sort
Trey Fischbach
Susette M. McNeel, CPA, CGMA McNeel, CPA, CGMA
Dawn Anderson
Bobbie Taylor (3)
Ed Fraini
Chris Barcus
Chex Mix Dessert
Lou Visciotti
Chocolate Chip cookies
Fred Cyrway
Tatiana Eliseeva
Karla Zielke
Ramon Lagos (2)
Rob McKee
Pecan Pie
Maggie Howe
Wendy Andreen
one dozen iced Christmas cookies
Kitchen Crew - Help set up potluck items. Remove food wrapping and such
  3 slots filled - more available
Joe Khalaf
Orv Wiens
Ojas Wadivkar
Clean up Crew - That's everyone! Please take home any leftovers
  3 slots filled - more available
Don Selle
Joe Khalaf
Daniel Roy
Responses:     Yes: 44     No: 11     Maybe: 4     No Response: 431

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 60     Maybe: 8

YES (44) -  

Wendy Andreen (2 guests)

Kat Pedersen (1 guest)
Merry Christmas!

Josephine Rousse (2 guests)
W/ Kat Pedersen

Paul McCallum (2 guests)

Michael Galindo (2 guests)

Lisa Gladstone (1 guest)

Brian Cudnik (1 guest)

bill spizzirri (1 guest)

Mike McCurdy (2 guests)

Rob McKee (2 guests)

Doug McCormick (1 guest)

Ramon Lagos (1 guest)

Craig Shine (1 guest)

Eric Utrecht (1 guest)

Karla Zielke (1 guest)

Bobby Marinov (2 guests)

Tatiana Eliseeva (2 guests)

Elizabeth Demaris (1 guest)

John Chauvin (1 guest)

Daniel Roy (1 guest)

Fred Cyrway (1 guest)

Hai Nguyen (1 guest)

Richard Moen (2 guests)

Rosemary Armstrong (2 guests)

Lou Visciotti (1 guest)

Chris Barcus (1 guest)

Kim Sasser (1 guest)

Ojas Wadivkar (1 guest)

Orv Wiens (1 guest)

Ed Fraini (2 guests)

Bobbie Taylor (2 guests)

Howard Leverenz (1 guest)

John Carter (2 guests)

Dawn Anderson (1 guest)

Susette M. McNeel, CPA, CGMA McNeel, CPA, CGMA (1 guest)

Mike Edstrom (1 guest)

Trey Fischbach (1 guest)

Joe Khalaf (1 guest)

Mark Watson (1 guest)

Robert Hall (1 guest)

Trevor Arnold (2 guests)

Phyllis Troxell (2 guests)
Jim Bulger

Don Selle (1 guest)
Should be a fun night!

Rene Gedaly (2 guests)

NO (11) +  

MAYBE (4) +  

NO RESPONSE (431) +  

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