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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Congregation Creativity Event

You are invited to join us for lunch and a creativity meeting to discuss the future focus of our missions at BSLC.  Your opinion is very important.  

Please rsvp below by June 6 and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

If childcare is required during the meeting portion, please let us know so we can arrange for supervision. 

Lunch will be catered by Freedom Ala Cart   you may make a lunch selection when signing up, Kids meals are available 

If you need more information, contact Laura at 740-938-4248

Date: 06/13/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 12:15pm EDT

Created by:   Laura Keller

Will you be attending the event?
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Child care needed (25)
  3 of 25 slots filled
Elisa Bok (3)
lunch selection: Turkey ( adult) (50) - Box lunch : Turkey sandwich
  35 of 50 slots filled
Dave Stuebe
Hope Boring
Scot Keller
Ron Maxwell
JoAnn Maxwell
Larry and Marianne Wiech (2)
Elisa Bok
Elisa Bok
Ann Linn
Cathy Albea
Cordie Christopher
jolene herman
Debbie and Randy Manella
Debbie Milligan
Ann Linn
Ann Linn
Ron Maxwell
Paul Pilat
Tammy Bauermeister (2)
Gorden Ratliff
Tim Edick (4)
Bruce Dacre
Butch Knowlton (2)
David and Kay Olson
Tisha Rinker
Lars Olson
Jill Poldemann
Lisa Lape
Steve Bumgarner
lunch selection: Ham ( adult) (25) - Box lunch; ham sandwich
  16 of 25 slots filled
Heidi Day (2)
Janet Pauley
Debbie and Randy Manella
Debbie Milligan
Sandy Reick
Gorden Ratliff
Andrew Kalnin
Davie Esau
John and Michele Noss (2)
Letha Chambers
Letha Chambers
Gosta Poldemann
Lisa Lape
Jo Hall
lunch selection:Salad ( adult) (20) - Box Lunch : Salad
  14 of 20 slots filled
Laura Keller
Letha Chambers
John Hohe
Karen German
Dave Stuebe
Sandy Reick
Sylvia Jaros
Lisa Grindle
Debbie Milligan
Sandy Reick
Lisa Grindle
Richard Shoop
David and Kay Olson
Steve Bumgarner
Kids meal (Turkey) (10) - Turkey
Kids meal ( ham ) (10) - Ham
  3 of 10 slots filled
Elisa Bok (3)
Responses:     Yes: 47     No: 11     Maybe: 0     No Response: 23

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 67     Maybe: 0

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 5     Maybe: 0

YES (47) -  

Jo Hall (1 adult)

Steve Bumgarner (2 adults)

Lisa Lape (2 adults)

Gosta Poldemann (1 adult)

Gus Poldemann (2 adults)

Jill Poldemann (2 adults)

Lars Olson (1 adult)

Tisha Rinker (1 adult)

Stacey Svoboda (1 adult)

David and Kay Olson (2 adults)

Butch Knowlton (2 adults)

Bruce Dacre (1 adult)

Tim Edick (2 adults, 2 children)

John and Michele Noss (2 adults)

Davie Esau (1 adult)

Andrew Kalnin (1 adult)

Richard Shoop (1 adult)

Tom Eggbrecht (1 adult)

Lisa Hall (1 adult)

Paul Pilat (1 adult)

Debbie Milligan (3 adults)

Debbie and Randy Manella (2 adults)

Lisa Grindle (1 adult)

Russ Smith (1 adult)

jolene herman (1 adult)

Sky Morton (1 adult)

Cordie Christopher (1 adult)

Janet Pauley (1 adult)

Cathy Albea (1 adult)

Elisa Bok (2 adults, 3 children)

Sylvia Jaros (1 adult)

Ann Linn (2 adults)

Tammy Bauermeister (2 adults)

Larry and Marianne Wiech (2 adults)

Sandy Reick (2 adults)

Heidi Day (2 adults)

Karen German (1 adult)

JoAnn Maxwell (1 adult)

Ron Maxwell (1 adult)

Patrick Maulden (2 adults)

Letha Chambers (2 adults)

Laura Keller (1 adult)

Dave Stuebe (1 adult)

Gorden Ratliff (2 adults)

John Hohe (1 adult)

Hope Boring (1 adult)

Scot Keller (1 adult)

NO (11) +  

NO RESPONSE (23) +  

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