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Covered Bridge

2019 HS Covered Bridge Run

The 2019 Covered Bridge Run is fast approaching. The high school meet will be on Saturday, Sept 7. (see on MileSplit). The venue is Garrard Landing Park at 8000 Holcomb Bridge Road (see on Google Maps).  This park is located at the edge of Roswell where Holcomb Bridge Road crosses the river and enters Gwinnett County.

ALL PARENTS OF RUNNERS ARE NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE IN SOME CAPACITY.  This is a significant undertaking and we need more than 120 volunteers.  If your name is not on this list, please sign up today! You are guaranteed to have a good time and make some great memories.

We are anticipating over 1,000 high school runners which means we need to manage many people, cars, and buses. 

All volunteers will be contacted (probably email) by a member of the organizing committee to communicate more details about their role.  This should happen about one week prior to the meets.

All positions are designed to allow you the freedom to watch your child's race, but please take note of your child's race time.  The race schedule is as follows:

 Saturday morning High School Meet (5k course)
 7:50 am - Varsity Boys (top 10)
 8:15am - Varsity Girls (top 10)
 8:50am - JV Boys
 9:25am - JV Girls

Please wear your RHS Spirit Wear or anything green. We plan to have a special “ultra-soft" 2019 Covered Bridge t-shirt available for pre-sale. We will provide supplies/equipment for most of the spots where it is needed.

Thank you in advance for helping us make this Covered Bridge Run a fun event for the whole family.

Date: 09/07/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30am - 11:30am EDT

Location: Garrard Landing Park - 8000 Holcomb Bridge Road

Created by:   Roswell XC
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Available Slot

Event Organizer (2)

Live & breathe Covered Bridge

All slots filled
Stephanie Clark
Karen Brunner

U-Haul Captain #1 (Thur 3:30-5:30pm and Fri approx 9:30-11am)

Rent/provide U-Haul or similar truck (drive to RHS Thurs afternoon to load supplies and drive to Garrard Fri morning)

Emily Smith

Load the U-Haul Truck (THURSDAY 5:30 to 6:30) (6)

Load the truck at the "track shack" between the football stadium and lacrosse field. The main goal here is to get several people who are helping with set-up on Friday familiar with what we have on the truck.

All slots filled
Robert Turnbull
Kevin Sandlin
Angel Sandlin (2)
and Kevin Sandlin
Kassie Blocker
John Hinds

Truck and Trailer/Golf Cart Transport (2)

Need truck with hitch to obtain and deliver golf cart to Garrard by 10am Friday. Will need to pick up Saturday evening 8:00 pm.

All slots filled
Kim Protis
Erin Lovings

Pre-Race Phone Calls

Secure shuttle buses (American Coach Lines ATL), 12 portables (Event Services), ice (Village Ice), and coolers (Its my Party)

Casey Mellor

Set up Co-Chairs (FRIDAY 10am-2:30pm, as well as THURS 4pm UHAUL packing) (2)

Lead the team to construct the race course, parking areas, finish chute, tables, etc. Help with other pre-race activities.

All slots filled
Emily Smith
Jennifer Cartier

Set up FRIDAY 10am-2:30pm - males (7)

Please meet at Garrard Landing at 10am. Construct the race course, parking areas, and finish chute. Includes pounding stakes into ground.

6 of 7 slots filled
Robert Turnbull
Coach Evans
Coach White
Rand Haley
Dan Aehl
Emily Smith

Set up FRIDAY 10am-2:30pm - females (8)

Please meet at Garrard Landing at 10am. Construct the race course, parking areas, and finish chute, and assembling supply bins for each area. Need one person to coordinate sandwiches.

All slots filled
Christina Fabing
I will have to leave at 1:50 to pickup preschooler.
Jill Underwood
Can help from 10 am to 12:30/1:00 pm
Zila Villaca
Helen Wong
Kassie Blocker
I can stay until 12
Kristen Peebles
Audia Lobel
Rachel Forlines

Signs/Course Set Up (2)

Look at sign inventory from last year (2-3 weeks before meet) and determine what else is needed. Create more signs with sharpies/paint, etc. May involve runners.

All slots filled
Kathryn Mulkey
Vicki Tribick

Parking Co-Chairs - arrive by 5:30am (2)

Devise parking plan and lead parking team.

1 of 2 slots filled
Eric House

Direct Cars and Buses (5:30am-8:30am) (2)

Stand in front of Water Treatment Plant and direct cars/buses into correct lanes - runner drop offs, car parking, bus parking, back to Holcomb Bridge for shuttle lot

All slots filled
Karen Brunner
Warren Foster

Parking - Sat morning arrivals 6am-8:30 (you can leave to watch your child's race) (Best for JV parents) (10)

Please report to a Parking Co-Chair inside Garrard Park for your exact assignment (managing the queue of cars or directing into spaces).

All slots filled
Jean-Michel Carpet
Laura Stowers
Milette Esposito
Victor Esposito
John McPartland
Andrew Claerbout
Jenn Sickels (2)
Sam Unglo
Heidi Aehl
Dave Ehrhardt

Parking - Sat departures 8:30 to 10:00 (6)

Manage the queue of cars as they exit the park and get them in the correct lane. This is inside Garrard Landing Park this year. This post is well suited for varsity parents and JV boy parents who have already watched their kid's race.

5 of 6 slots filled
Bob Rodes
Jerry Freeman
Susan Ashmead
Doug Brown
Jason Matthias
Jason and Mary Ann Matthias can help w this

Parking- Saturday departures 10:00 to 11:30 (4)

Stationed at a lot and monitor the races for times when cars can safely depart

All slots filled
Melodie Watson
Randy Watson
Jeff Davis
Mari Ziobron (2)
Keith Ziobron

Information Desk/Event Support (answering questions, directing spectators)5:30am-7:30am (2)

Quick response to address unexpected issues that might arise

All slots filled
Liz Rains
Jenny Haley

Information Desk/Event Support 6:30am-8:30am (2)

Direct spectators, answer questions, communicate needs to event chairs

All slots filled
Mary Herbst (2)
Mary and David

Donation Collection Co-Chairs - - arrive by 5:30am (2)

Devise admissions plan and lead donation team. Distribute aprons and nametags.

All slots filled
Kathryn Mulkey
Scott Mulkey

Donations Collections 6:30 - 9:00am (6)

Collect donations from cars as they enter the park. Varsity parents can go watch race.

5 of 6 slots filled
Beth Roby
Will leave to watch open boys run
Wendy Rhodes
Melodie Watson
Melodie Watson
Meaghan Argay
Donna Clayton

Parking - School Bus Captain 6am - 11:30am

Manage school buses in horseshoe lot - arrivals & departures. Will have time to watch your child's race.

Paul Zeigler

Parking - School Buses. Arrivals 6:15 to 7:45, departures 10:15 to 11:30. Go enjoy races in between. (2)

Assist with school bus parking.

All slots filled
Rob Keiser
Amy Peyton

Parking - Shuttle Lot Captain 6am - 8:30am (2)

Manage the offsite parking lot ( Hop on the shuttle at 8:30 and come watch the races.

All slots filled
Pete Heslin
Allen Mueller-Hill

Golf Cart Drivers (6am-11am) (2)

Drive golf cart and respond to needs around the park.

All slots filled
Dave Cartier
Kim Protis

Supplies Chair

Coordinate supplies such as tents, tables, chairs (medical), coolers, volunteer aprons, name tags, etc

Carissa Williams

Lights Captain

Procure a 4000 watt narrow vertical mast (or similar) Light Tower. Light up the pavilion and finish area EARLY Sat am. Must be one of the first to arrive Sat am.

Kathryn Mulkey

Course Monitors Co-Chairs (2)

Lead course monitors and bikers. Ensure a safe, well-marked course. Distribute safety vests and nametags.

All slots filled
Rand Haley
Kate Stonebraker

Course Monitors - Meet at 7am at Pavilion (near playground) (18)

Keep the trail clear of spectators and direct runners which way to go. We should have enough monitors where parents can break away when their kid is running.

All slots filled
Susan Himmer
Ginger Greve (2)
Todd & Ginger
Stephanie Guglielmo
Deide Watson (2)
Eric and Deide
Cari Begin
Cari Begin
Robin Jenkins
Robin Jenkins
Ann Dee Torino (2)
Ann Dee Torino & Deidre Kinoshita
Theresa Cordell
Leah Burdett
Shawn Shepard
Ilka Mendoza
Robert Moreno
Cindie Pate
Jennifer Griffith
Kevin Griffith
Allison Vrolijk

Lead Bikers - meet at pavilion at 7am (2)

2 bikers will ride in the front of the fastest runners to show them the way (for all 4 races). Mountain or hybrid bikes.

All slots filled
Jim Clark
Gary Webb

Tail Bikers - meet at pavilion at 7am (2)

2 bikers will ride at the rear to serve as clean up and signal to course monitors / lot containment monitors that each race has cleared. Mountain or hybrid bikes.

All slots filled
Leah Burdett
Brian Burdett
Lori Mills

Finish Chute Co-Chairs (2)

Lead finish chute team

All slots filled
Emily Zeigler
Maura Roberts

Finish Chute Males 7:45am-10:15am (4)

Assist ailing runners. There can be a good bit of heavy lifting (runners).

All slots filled
Edward Robertson
Stephanie Schuette
Jamie Schuette
Bill Goff
Wayne Forlines

Finish Chute Females - 7:45am-10:15am (4)

Clip timing chips off runners shoes after they cross the finish line. Assist ailing runners.

All slots filled
Leigh Maier
Alison Nay
Stephanie Brown
Kathleen Foit

Medical Chair

Lead medical team and partners (PT Solutions and Neurosport PT). Watch for needs in TeamApp chat room designated for medical.

Raquel DeCamp

Medical Tent (5)

Address the needs of ailing runners at the finish line and various locations on the course. This is a specialized position for parents with a medical background. Watch for needs in TeamApp chat room designed for medical.

All slots filled
Kim House
Am a doctor
Ronalee Cuen
Arlene Dijamco
Vicki Tribick
Cynthia Turcios

Water Captains (could be some heavy lifting) 6:30 am arrival (2)

Set up hoses (should have enough in track shack) and fill big water coolers

All slots filled
Kelly Andrews
Janette Andrews

Water Table 7:45am - 10:15am (need 1 adult; could also be good for siblings of runners) (3)

Ensure we have a constant backlog of filled water cups at the finish line

All slots filled
Sandria Johnson
Malachi’s mom and 2 brothers
Kathy Kent
Shana Lerner
plus younger brother

Runner Packets & Awards Chair

Obtain awards from Coach Evans before event. Add leather cording to each individual medal and label if needed. Obtain team packets from Perfect Timing early Sat am and distribute to coaches as they arrive. Also ensure the awards logistics run smoothly.

Dawn Webb

Runner Packets & Awards Support

Assist with packets and awards. Hand out packets to team reps when they arrive (6:30 to 8:00am). Also support the awards ceremony (9:45 to 11:00am).

Shannon Wiggins

Concessions & T-shirt Sales Co-Chairs 6:30am - 11:30am (3)

located at pavilion near playground - you will be able to watch your child's race

All slots filled
Kim Phillips
Vicki Manus
Brandi Willis

Concessions & T-shirts (6:30-9am) (2)

located at pavilion near playground

All slots filled
Lynne Unglo
Tran Smith
Tran Smith

Concessions & T-shirts (9-11:30am) (2)

located at pavilion near playground

All slots filled
Dena Turnbull
Dee Gillespie

Emcee / DJ

Make PA announcements, entertain crowd with a great play list. Possibly announce awards at the end of the meet.

Michael Brunner

PA Equipment Captain

Provide speakers, amplifier, microphone, etc.

Michael Brunner

Generator Captain

Procure a generator for the emcee/dj tent

Kathryn Mulkey

Course Maps

Create/edit route with coaches if needed (on power point)

Stephanie Clark

Course Maps

Print copies for coaches packets, as well as some extra large ones to put around the venue (possibly laminated and on stakes)

Stephanie Clark

Porta-Potties (8am - 10am)

Add toilet paper to 10 portables when needed

jennifer jenacova

Clean-up Supervisor (10:45am - 12) (2)

Lead the HS students in cleaning up the venue and making modifications for the MS meet that will run in the evening.

1 of 2 slots filled
Emily Smith
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