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Volunteers Needed!

Hello Marshfield! Volunteers are needed for Grad Nite Live - our annual all-night, substance-free celebration for the Marshfield High School's graduating class! Many volunteers from town are needed, and there are lots of fun ways to get involved. This event takes place on Saturday June 8, 2019. Together we are keeping our kids safe. Thank you for signing up to help!

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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
04/28/2019 (Sun.) YWCA Barn. Contact Marie Kurmin   

Painting Crew - April 1 thru June 1 (30)

Days/Times vary. Contact Marie Kurmin. [email protected]

11 of 30 slots filled
Celeste Maglio
Kim Sampson
Carole Tierney
Marie Kurmin
of course :-)
Joanie Pozerski
Karen Daley
Patrice Hanlon
Nicole Will
Marcela Martinez
Corene Smith
Michelle Joyce
05/01/2019 (Wed.) YWCA Barn    

Senior Picture Wall Chair/Co-Chair (2)

Need coordinators of senior pictures for wall collection. Part of decorating crew. Contact Marie Kurmin for details [email protected]

All slots filled
Laura Hanson
i’m so excited to do this!!
Marcela Martinez

Senior Picture Wall Creators May 1 - June 1 (15)

6 of 15 slots filled
Eileen Curto
Lori Moeykens
Karen Daley
Nicole Will
Laurie MANN-Strenge Mann-Strenge
Corene Smith
06/07/2019 (Fri.) MHS Set-Up  2:30pm - 10:00pm  

GNL Decorate/Set-Up (40)

Include cell & time you're available in comments

10 of 40 slots filled
Karen Maschio (2)
4 - whenever
Celeste Maglio
Will be there by 4:30
eileen curto (2)
Nancy Braun (2)
Jackie Lowe
I can lend a hand from 6-9pm
Cindy Sullivan
Sue Kirdahy
Available 4-7 617-699-4362
MHS Cafe - Food Set-up  3:00pm - 9:00pm  

Food Crew (6)

Please include cell ph #

3 of 6 slots filled
Stacie Murphy
Happy to help from 5-9 pm
Susan Leary
Would love to help but the earliest I can get there is 5:00.
Kathy Merritt
MHS Cafeteria  4:00pm - 6:00pm  

Drink Donations (30)

Drop off cases of water/seltzer, gatorade, soda (heavier on water)

All slots filled
Kim Sampson
Ann McDermott (4)
2 cases water, 2 cases gaterade
Tara McGlame
4 cases of wTer
Ellie Eastwood
2 cases of water & 2 cases of Gatorade
Patrice Hanlon
2 Cases of Water and 2 Cases of Gatorades
Nicole Will
2 cases of water and 2 cases of seltzer
Laurie MANN-Strenge Mann-Strenge
Waters and gatorade
Corene Smith
Jen MacDonald (3)
Marcela Martinez
Karen Ashmont (2)
2 cases of water
Kristin Weisser (4)
2 cases of water and 2 cases Gatorade
Allison Donnell (2)
Water and soda
Darby Cardillo (4)
2 cases water 2 cases seltzer
Annette Zawacki
2 cases of water
Ann Lonergan (2)
Water / seltzer
06/08/2019 (Sat.) MHS Set-up  8:30am - 5:00pm  

GNL Decorate/Set-Up (20)

Include cell & time you're available in comments

7 of 20 slots filled
Joanie Pozerski
Celeste Maglio
Mark Forrester
Can do 8:30a-11:30a (have to be at baseball game)
Jackie Lowe
Sue Kirdahy
Available 10-2 617-699-4362
MHS  2:00pm - 4:00pm  

Artwork Auction Co-Chair

Assist Auction Chair, some at home advance prep, and a few hours Sunday morning after dismantle

Bonnie Chabra

Artwork Auction Crew (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Megan Peck
Kathy O’Donnell
MHS Cafeteria  7:00pm - 10:30pm  

Food/Snack Donations

Drop off baked goods, pretzels, chips, veggies/fruit, granola bars, etc. in the cafe during the Preview, or after until 10:30 pm.

20 slots filled - more available
Trish Reardon
Cookies, candy coated pretzels, chips
Nicole Will
chips, pretzels, granola bars, etc.
Laurie MANN-Strenge Mann-Strenge
Pretzels and chips
Corene Smith
fruit/cheese & crackers
Dawn Marmaud
chocolate chip cookies and brownies
Karen Maschio
3 batches of 7 layer bars
Marcela Martinez
Darby Cardillo (5)
Combination of baked goods and chips/pretzels
Kathy Merritt
whoopie pies & lemon bars
Gail Hume (3)
Nicole Eagan
Cupcakes (3 packages)
Carolyn Coyne
Debbie Fithian
Chips, brownies, watermelon
Erin DeGiacomo
I’ll bring chips, etc and brownies
9:00pm - 5:00am  

Food Crew (6)

No parents of seniors. Please include cell ph #

2 of 6 slots filled
Lisa Petrillo
Request to work with Pam Galler
Pamela Galler
with L. Petrillo & P. Milano please
06/09/2019 (Sun.) MHS  5:45am - 8:00am  

GNL Dismantle Crew (40)

Senior parents, your help is appreciated here!

25 of 40 slots filled
Eileen Curto
Michael Tierney
Mike Tierney
Janet Kastrud
Joanie Pozerski
Laurie MANN-Strenge Mann-Strenge (2)
Gail Dooley
Laura Clancy (2)
Bobby and I do this each year (5years)
Karen Maschio
Lori Moeykens
Kate Tracey
Carol Ann Wheeler
Michelle Joyce
Michelle & Brian
Kim Nelson
Gail Hume
Carolyn Coyne
Eileen Gallagher
Patti Simms
Matt Dodd
Alisa Pozner
Betsy Ross
Debbie Fithian
Erin DeGiacomo
debbie abdallah
07/01/2019 (Mon.) GNL Steering Committee 2020   

GNL Leadership Positions (4)

Looking for people who want to get involved with GNL and help secure its future! Contact Bill Bowers: [email protected] or Michael Maresco: [email protected]


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